About Me

            What exactly do I write here that exactly matches who I am? I am a kid, who just writes out to be heard, since I hesitate to speak them out loud. Most of what I write here consist of the stuff I fail to do, the thoughts that clog in my mind, and my wish list as you can see. Kind of attended a B.Tech course much against my will and cause of that I've got a job as an App Developer. 

  I like to explore different stuff, try to or rather wish to learn lots of stuff, but usually don't take the efforts to complete them. Loves using Photoshop to edit random images to put up as Profile pic on FB, loves photography but doesn't actually go to a professional level or don't even measure close, spends a lot of time on Internet , surfing sites like eBay and Goal.com. Loves playing PC games and watching Animes, always try to keep up with the latest releases of Fairy Tail and Naruto every weekend. Studying is more or less a turn off, in fact gets too distracted. 

  As for the nature, prefers texting to actual talking, rather gets too shy to speak out and feels more comfy expressing in the form of text messages. Loves making new friends but hates loosing even one of them for any reason, which kinda actually put me in the backseat at interacting with people nowadays, which has considerably reduced. Tries not to hurt anyone, but at times end up doing it at an extreme level. 

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