Monday, December 30, 2019


June 6, 2018 

You've left me feeling unlovable,
Now I'm pushing people away, 
To be alone and isolated, 
To feel more miserable, 
Wishing it would all end soon, 
After all the beauty, 
The end result, 
Simply tends to be same. 


June 7, 2018

Just when you're going to, 
Tell something to someone,
You hold back and let it be,
When you see them happy,
Fearing what you say,
Will take it away

Knowing that happiness, 
Is something they deserve, 
Your words will only take it away, 
Cause words of pain,
Can change the flow, 
Now I'm left alone,
Unable to talk to anyone, 
Cause it'd be crime,
To take what they have, 
Just cause I don't have. 


The only scary thing now is,
To turn into someone, 
Who I am not. 


The fact that I'm writing so much here means,
This is bad 😂😂
I shouldn't be writing so much,
I really wouldn't be,
I think I don't even want to,
But I don't have a choice, do I,
After all, this is all I've got,
To write and write,
Cause I can't talk to anyone,
Nor do I wanna,
Strangers reading stuff is better,
Cause I don't care,
If they judge or not,
Nobody told you to read it,
Heck I ain't even tagging anything,
To direct to to people and their attention,
I just want to keep writing,
Cuz I'm beyond full,
With these emotions that kill,
Chipping away at my life. 


June 9, 2018

Feels like Bane,
Repeating his lines,
Might tottaly makes sense,
I was born in pain,
Raised and moulded by it,
I wasn't happy until,
I was devoured by pain,
You think pain is your ally,
You merely adjusted to it,
I've been so wrapped in pain,
That now I am pain itself.