Friday, March 24, 2017

A community for writers: Lettrs

   I write, every now and then.Thought thoughts flow in a lot, I used to hesitate to pen it down, cause taking a blog and typing it in each time on phone wasn't so easy. Whether it was here or on my wordpress site, I was lazy because just words alone never felt enough, maybe a few pictures or a nice background. So I literally stopped writing altogether.

   That is when I found an app called Lettrs. I found in a silly way and wished, if only I had found it sooner. My friend had a dp on whatsapp which made me curious and I asked her what is that? And she said Lettrs, are you on it too? She knows I write, so that's probably why she expected that, but I wasn't but from then onwards I was.

I have so much to write about Lettrs, and what it means to me & how much it has changed my life in just over 6 months.

Lots of people have found the site cause of this beautiful short film as well :

You'll wanna join too if you watch this video. I can relate my life to it now :)

Also there is something in the works, maybe soon enough Lettrs will become more than just a place to write, as it is there are some really amazing people there, Paulo Coehlo is just one among them.

This is the future :

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Redmi 2 Prime : User Review

I haven't written anything in a really long time, so please bear with me if I'm rusty. So now I'm gonna be writing on my 2 month old Redmi 2 Prime.

              If you haven't heard of it before, it's from a Chinese company called Xiaomi. Oh wait, Chinese? Are they any good? Aren't Chinese phones supposed to be really bad and unreliable? Let me answer you those questions first before I get to the phone. As a matter of fact, your thoughts and concerns used to hold true till a few years ago, and it still does for a lot of Chinese phones out there, but Xiaomi shouldn't be clustered with that group of phones. They are the #1 phone making company in China and there's a good reason for that too. And in India, they provide phones at budgets that can rival phones that are a class above them. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments.

                     Long gone are the days when buying a brand like Nokia or Sony Ericsson was the safest bet to get a good phone. What used to be Nokia has now pretty translated into Samsung, although the reliability levels of the Nokias of old are not quite matched by anyone, even the newer Nokias ( or Microsoft) fall way short. After the great success of Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung has become a household name. And they provide phones at all price ranges, but the downside is, if you're not buying a flagship, the rest are shit compared to the competition available. As the prices of iPhones, Samsungs, HTCs and LGs soar up higher than ever, there pops up new new companies trying to cash in like the One Plus One and Xiaomi.

              Now on to the Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime. The budget smartphone segment used to be a cluster of overpriced shit phones, that's until the Moto E came. And boy was it a hit, thanks to the hard work done by its big bro Moto G in the next price segment. Truly the best thing that happened to the entry level (sub 10k price range). When the Redmi came in first, it was quite the competition, but then Moto definitely had a better brand name and commanded more trust, so buyers took a certain tilt to that. The second generation of both the phones were also equally placed. But the introduction of the Redmi 2 Prime changed everything. Probably the first phone in the segment to sport a 2gb ram, which along with the 16gb ROM was a minor upgrade on the 1gb ram and 8gb ROM of the regular Redmi 2, but this came at the cost of just a mere increase of 1k. These 2 minor upgrades, instantly propelled the Prime to best in class specs. Alternatives did pop up soon, like the Lenovo A6000 Plus , which is almost identical in specs but with a bigger screen a slightly higher price tag.

    So after 2 months of use, I really found the phone to be an awesome piece of business, coupled with the fact the the Redmi 2 Prime was one of the first phones to adopt the "Make in India", and is locally made in India. If you are not familiar, all Xiaomi phones run on Miui OS, which is a highly customized UI, which gives an iPhone like feel, with all applications on the home screen and no app tray. Many may not like it, but it's one hell of a customisable UI. I myself was a fan of MIUI from the Gingerbread days ( Android 2.3), it used to be the best custom rom available back in the time along with the now all so popular CyanogenMod. Xiaomi was born out of MIUI.

                  So going to the pros and cons:
       It's definitely one of the best phones in its segment.
       It's highly themeable and has a pretty simple UI, though the downside is that it's pretty heavy on the ram.
       If you're are a fan of SD cards and removable batteries, you'll have an extra reason to get this phone.
       It's dual sim, and both slots support 4G ( both micro-sim)
       It's got a screen size of 4.7" which is actually perfect for most people as it's not too big or too small. And  its 720p or HD resolution,
       The speaker is on the back side though, but trust me, its loud.
       The back cover can be swapped, as you've choices and it easily changes the color of the phone, its plastic though and its a pain to open the back.
       The cameras are 8MP and 2MP respectively and both are really good for its purposes.
       The battery is really good too, can last upto 2 days on a single charge if not used heavily.
       A major downside is that, if you're one that bothers too much about seeing the Android version, you'll be disappointed seeing it's still on Kitkat, but that doesn't really matter since its MIUI and it pretty much has most of the Lolipop features added on to it.
     One of the problems I felt on it was, the ram usage and phone slowing down or freezing after a few days, in such cases a reboot will suffice, don't bother installing and extra app to clear up cache, also the "Security" app in phone does a good job of cleaning up the phone. (It's not an antivirus as the name is sort of misleading)
       And I just found one of the best features of the phone yesterday, the Lite mode, it's just perfect if you're buying this phone and gifting it to your parents, it so damn awesome, with huge ass app icons and fonts and brings a whole lot of simplicity to the phone.

    So if you are planning on buying the Redmi 2 Prime, check it out here :
Right now an exchange offer is going on on Flipkart, exchange your old working devices and get a brand new Redmi for as low as 1,500 INR.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Ain't you being selfish,
Just like all the rest,
Why can't you understand,
Is all you ask of me

I used to pay heed n do,
Whatever was asked of me,
Unless my mind's away,
In a world far far away,
Or my fingertips be glued,
To a fancy touchscreen,
Sliding left and right

And still I'm selfish,
Not claiming I'm not,
For when it comes to something precious,
Aren't we all?

Trying to understand you,
And all around me,
For almost all my life,
I find myself a puppet,
With no life of my own,
No respect for thy self,
For I ain't doing anything,
That is always in this mind,
Trying to break out on its own,
And yet I'm selfish

When you ask of me,
To do this or that,
How often have I been blunt,
And given a straight red?
It's always been a yellow or green,
Even though my mind was rosy,
Yet now I'm selfish

When it comes to my life,
I've never had a say,
My likes and dislikes,
Were just brushed aside,
For the greatest honor in this world,
An elusive Engineering degree,
Without which I'm nothing,
But just a shame,
And still chasing the one that got away,
I'm still tagged selfish

You can't always get what you want,
Wouldn't life have been boring that way?
And if you can't get it,
Why waste your life on it,
When you know you ain't gonna get it anyway?
Is it bravery or plain stupidity,
My minds in a state of chaos,
Figuring out this dilemma,
Constantly trying to fight on,
And failing miserably on the other side,
A fight that I've long lost,
Even before it began,
Isn't it a fitting end,
For I'm selfish, after all.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bad experiences are good teachers

     "Welcome to the real world kid...", those were pretty much the words that keep ringing inside of me nowadays. It doesn't feel like I've been here for long, but in reality, its been over a year since I've shifted to this great metro city, that is Bangalore. I guess I never had too many friends here or there or anywhere for that matter, and life was pretty dull and boring at the start. I just had to spend time with the one person I knew here, but then again you shouldn't troubling anyone the way I used to do. Nobody will be rude to their guests after all. Anyways that being said, I don't trouble em no more. And thanks to the friends I've made from the Anime Club here, can go for the occasional meets and have a little bit fun on weekends. It's blissful after a whole week of boredom and nothingness, so I guess I should thank them well the Bangalore Anime Club. Before I drift away any further from what I came to write, lets get back to the whole damn point.

            This month of June hasn't been so good for me after all, at least on the road sense. The first was the accident. It must have been around 10:30 at night, and it was going to be my first day of lab practice. I was pretty tensed and all absorbed in that thought of what I'll do there, I don't even know the LAB topology yet. And I was crossing the road, the roads had service roads on either sides, the one on my side had lots of shops and all so it was always two way, but the one on the other side was always seen as a one way, or at least that's what I thought, or everyone for that matter. Then again who the hell cares about rules anyway? People go through one ways on the wrong side when the night falls and when there's nobody to keep check. So I was crossing this road, and I was just looking towards the left, just measuring how fast they were coming, and since I had friends with me on the right and since I never saw any light from the right side I dint bother to check that side again before jumping on to the road. Before I knew it, I was hit, and I turned right I saw an auto, and WHACK , my head hit the glass i guess, maybe it broke, I don't know. All I remember is falling back on my back and hitting my head, the impact was pretty less, thanks in part to my bag and maybe cause it had a jacket also inside of it. And since I got a freaking blood phobia, I was going blind, the whole world seemed to spin right round. Anyways the auto guy fled without stopping even though one of my friends tried to stop him, and it would seem that guy was driving on the wrong side, without headlights and talking on the phone at the same time. Something was bound to happen, but then again, the mistake was on my part too, I should've checked the other side too even if I knew nothing should be coming from that side. And maybe he should've stopped, in case the injuries were severe, to take to an hospital at least? Oh hell no! Who cares? Let him rot in hell or just die or whatever. And the next day at noon, I was crossing another road, the signal just turned red and an old couple were crossing the road from the other side of the road, n guess what, a van hit him n went. He also didn't bother to stop, luckily nothing bad happened to him.

          That was one thing, which kinda made a small mental block for me to cross the road these days, its the second time that I'm getting hit, and both in Bangalore and both in and around the same place. Any an accident wouldn't have made me write a blog like this, that too so so restless I was to write but lack of Wifi in the PG prevented me from writing, since phone's tether wasn't working either.

    Last Sunday, the 15th was another bad day with the roads and autos. I had gone to meet my best friend who was in Bangalore for just 2 days. In his place he was having a small drink-party and well since he kept asking me all the time, I did bother to taste a sip of beer, which I kinda felt like just Wine, which kinda is weird. Anyways they had some other fruit flavored ones which neither of them liked and the guy who was giving me a free ride to a bus stop had them in his bag. And cause of the gutters and bumps it started leaking, and he wanted it ditched cause he had his lappy in  his bag. And I took em and dropped them off, well it was all wet and so it kinda spilt on my hand, and there weren't any taps to wash off anyway so had to let it be. I got bus reached my stop and was walking off as usual to my place which is like about a kilometer or so. Then this auto guy kinda calls out to me asking if I want a ride and I just waved him no. He kept asking where I am going and I just pointed to the direction and kept walking ahead while chatting on phone. Again this guy drives ahead and comes and stops in front of me and catches me and tells, I've seen you here in HSR and I told yeah I'm in Teachers Colony only. So he was like he will give a ride cause he's going in that direction only, and I was like " Oh maybe he's a nice guy and will give a ride without over charging or anything like the rest of the autos which do around this time of the night". And I got in, and halfway he asked me if I've any money and I was like yeah, how much do you need? And he was like give me what you wish to and I was like okay, I'll give and then he stops in an empty deserted area of the road. I kinda got out and took out my money, since I don't use a wallet, I took out all of it. There was about 570 Rs n I was like I don't have change, and then that jerk snatched my 500rs note and put it in his jacket. I told him to give my money back, ad he wouldn't. He kept threatening me that he'll take me to his region Marthahalli n he'll teach me a lesson or something. And then I stupidly told him I'm a student and how the hell can you do something to a kid? Then he was like students drink or what?? Dafaq? I wasn't drunk or high and on top of that I was just walking on the footpath. He kept threatening that he'll take me to police station and they'll fine me 2000 bucks. Since I don't know all this shit, I was pretty tensed and scared. What if he has some freaking tie-up with the cops? I kept thinking stupid things, I wanted to call my friends and he was like he'll throw my phone over the tiny cliff over there. It was brand new and I was scared about that too. And he even kept telling I'm shaking and all n whatever crap he could. I was pretty hungry though for I had nothing the whole day. In the end I just couldn't do anything, although I wanted to beat the hell outta him. It's pretty sad I look like a kid, and I din't have a single id card with me at that time. I feel like a useless wimp for letting this happen n loosing 500 bucks for nothing. Going to a police station and complaining would be like a real headache and to get back that 500 I might even have pay 3 or 4 fold the amount I lost. Pretty bad right, not being able to do anything and not filing a complaint. Anyways just in case, I'm not exactly sure if I missed an alphabet but this is all I could make out of that jerk's auto number KA 02 A 3056. Well people just stay on the safe side, cause nobody cared to bother, I tried raising my voice but people just took a peep and went on ahead. No wonder, all these crazy violence and rape and shit happens and nobody gives a damn. After all it's none of their concern right, why interfere when you can just enjoy the live show. I'm still in rage, maybe this was a late realization that nobody in the messed up world is any good, and do not try to take favors off any random person, who knows what could happen to you. Just stay safe people that's all I can say, you're the only one who can look out for you.

   This is probably one such bad experience that will forever remain etched in my heart. After all only bad experiences can teach you good lessons. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fireball of Negative Energy


Warning!!! There's so much negativity in this post. If you can't handle nonsense I urge please leave immediately, this ain't for the meek hearted. And I don't want anyone complaining either for wasting their precious little time.

       Oh yeah!! That's what I am right now. A fireball of negative energy. That too volatile. People should just distance themselves if they don't wanna get hurt. After all you cant just go and touch a fireball and expect not to get burnt, can you? The negative energy emanating from me is so strong that even I'm scared. Feels like its eating away on me from the inside. I just can't understand why? Have I totally lost cause now?

                   It was only on Sunday that I actually talked someone for the first time. You could say after a long time, and pretty much a long call after ages. And talked for the first meant, talking to her for the first time. Just another random stranger I just had a casual chat with. But that talk kinda endeared me to her, there could be lots of factors involved. Firstly, she spoke so much that I just had to speak something back in return and it was pretty comfy. Secondly, shes pretty much engaged, so I could just talk freely without giving much of care as to fear whether I would fall in love, or she would. You must be thinking I'm pretty crazy to be overly cautious about things like that. But I have my own reasons, something of a nightmare that still haunts me, and still manages to prevent me from being that happy go lucky guy. I may not be a Jain, but I still don't want to hurt anyone, well I do eat Chicken and kill mosquitoes if they bite. That aside, I don't wanna hurt anything alive. Especially not people, strangers or enemies, that should pretty much give the right emphasis on how much a friend means to me, maybe, maybe not.

                     I've made a couple of friends over the past few weeks and I've even talked to a few of them over the phone. Although that didn't make much or mean much especially cause, one was pretty much like me, and giggling all throughout just like me, and the other well pretty much sums up my other trait of not talking at all. If you don't talk, you just can't get me to talk. And above all that I never talk to people only these days, be it on phone or in real life. Maximum a few words with mom and dad, for that matter everyday since I'm at home. If I go back to PG, even that won't be regular.

             I was just trying to analyse, what this signifies. Feeling super guilty for I have no idea what. Maybe cause I cut the call without telling bye, or maybe cause I bothered to call after a while to check if she got home? Or was it the random dumbness I typed on WhatsApp, after all I chat better than I speak. Oh I'm loosing out on chatting too. Now I pretty much suck at it too, that I can't strike up a conversation with anyone. And I've been feel the widening distance between me and all my friends too. After all, if I had someone to talk to, I would've never let this fireball of negativity grow so huge that it's starting to leak out of control. I'm getting consumed by hate, hate for myself. I still have no idea, why I'm like this. Maybe if a few friends read all this nonsense, they'll ask me if I'm mad, well am I? Is that how you feel? Then maybe I am? I have no idea, as what it is being crazy and being normal.

             I've always tried to fit in everywhere I guess. Tried to adjust with almost everything, unless it involves food. I totally hate vegetables and all those South Indian meals, yeah even the ones served during traditional marriages. Oh yeah, I maybe born and be completely from here only, yet I can't tolerate that, if kinda makes me puke, the smell and the taste. So I would rather urge you not to try to force me to have those kinda stuff, because I get weird sensations in my head and I'll most probably puke it all out.Of course trying to fit in is something, but being frank and straight forward never let go of my side. One of my friends once said, I always sugar coat everything, maybe I did? I always spoke the truth, as how I felt it, but maybe back then I used to say it in such a way that it never hurt anyone. But that's not the case now, I'm too blunt. I speak straight forward and so blunt that I don't even know what kinda impact it has on others and I don't even realize if they get hurt or not until its too late. So being around this burning fireball of negative energy can only be harmful to you.

                  I thought I could use a girlfriend, but maybe I was wrong. All that I was looking for was actually a friend, one with whom I can just be myself. One with whom I can just hug tight and cry out all my heart, without having to bother how he/she might feel, without ever being stopped halfway in my tracks of what happened. There used to be people, but guess they all got too busy with life and have their own set of troubles that I can't afford to offload an extra dosage of negativity on top of them right now. Oh, how I wish I had someone who would soak up all my rubbish without battling an eyelash. Oh, how I wish I had a friend, not for namesake, but in actual meaning too. And to make matters all worse, I don't have even a glimmer of hope that I'll get a friend like that, I've been so consumed by negativity that I feel hopeless and no reason in life itself. Why do I have to live like this? Who am I even living this miserable life for? Is my guilty feeling for having hurt her cause of my desperation to have a good friend? Or is it because I really don't know why all of a sudden I'm getting the cold shoulder? I've so many questions, but I don't think I'll ever find out an answer, after all I've only myself to confront, only myself to talk to. Always been that way, and pretty much seems to continue that way.