Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another post using my phone

So here i am again writing another post using my phone. I really have no clue of what i an going to write this time , m just writing coz m got nothing better to do right now na
what should be the topic, even that i don know na, just going to spill my life out here in the middle of nowhere, so what should it be?

I wanted to write about my friends na but have not been able to na . So that i think will be best when written from the pc na.
Every one of them has taught me Atleast one thing or the other na so all of them mean a lot to me na .

Now i might aswell try to divert myself to something nice na . For example the case of the tigers being hunted down even though they are so less in number. Like who cares na people are not the least bothered of theM na . Animals are also living creatures and they too have a right to live in this planet na . We have no right to take their lives na. And especialy in india where tiger is supposed to be our national animal its getting extinct how pityful na. I just don know why people do this na.

Think think :) are they coming and killing us or what? No na then whats wrong with these people? Why do they have to do this na
1 by 1 all the other species of animals that existed in this planet is vanishing na and soon there wont be any others left na.
What can i tell na . We aint hunters na so we cant do anything much but still we can spread awareness na about this.

So my dear friends please do tell anyone you know who may be into this to stop this right now na.
N yea i know that none reads what i post but what more can i do na . I have to say my views somewhere na hoping that someone somewhere might see it sometime na.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love ish Eternal :)

As you awll know it :)
Its what cannot be explained but it sure can be aswell :o i dunt know how to put it out thou :)

that sweet n serene feeling , that keeps you going on n on :)

>:D< But what people of these times dont realize it what love actually is ,:)
1st of all , its not gf-bf thingy :| , er atleast it used to be in the past i guess , but no a gf-bf thingy doesnt really have much importance in most cases :) as , who knows who really loves whom nah , of course it sure can exist , thats just one side :) , but a rare thing , all just got a lil attraction n then wat :| , in the end some one gets hurt as a break up takes place :| , whats the real reason huh? she says he doesn love me anymore , n he says well the other way :)


stay safe:P

dont try this on net =))
:P lolx :P

action performed on net n in real life are totally insane n may be injurious to both physical n mental health :)
stay safe :P please dunt try this at home or at school :P

>:S< hehe:) ^__^

thas a happy ending :P


my dear freinds stay happy always:)
friendship is the best way of love:) .m need more tym 2 write on this :) m wandered off again hehe:P
oopsy sorry ;;; :P


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thoughts ....etc :P -II

Here i am again , .....taking up from where i left :O , i know its totally impossible for me to continue from wherever i leave :\ so here i am , i dunno where exactly , i think i better start writing from some where na :| , oopsy i left writing this blog midway -__-

i forgot that i was even writing it . dum dum me -__-

what do i even write:O right now m totally blank :O

n hell yeah <3>
n well it was all about general knowledge :O , er did i know anything ? ah who knows that nah :| let it be :P , if ny1 wanna asnwer any qt of that :P here , wheres the hq of UNESCO anyway? :O i forgot that i think -__- wrote geneva :| , kuz thas the only name that comes to my mind :| it was one hour exam :) n after that the showed a lil demo of CISCO n Microsoft stuff :) , well its kewl i guess:) , had nothing to loose anyway , so 1 basic course ==48hrs ha :| , so 512hrs == ? ;O how long would that be? Anyways dad always wanted to push me into some other course side by side with this , so lets see when the result comes nah , 90% fer a scholarship ha? i bet m wont even get 80% duh , but lets see , results on 10th ie wednesday , i cant be there anyway so might aswell go on saturday :) oh crap i just remembered that i have a pending assignment to do :P

n wat the hell -__- now my friend has reminded me that teacher had told to study something :O ah crap who knows :\

so the story ends hea:P my blogs becoming more of a dairy day by day , let it be :) ^__^ need an outlet anyway:) ..unclosed ;;;; :P <3

Friday, February 5, 2010

Thoughts that m can never relate - I

Well :)
I really dunno how to begin writing unless i have a real concept to think of :O @__@
everyday i think a lot n always wanna write it out in my blog , but thoughts move 2 fast as you know , it wont even care to wait :|

I always get these passing train like thoughts when m walking around nah :( , so i always forget it :(
Now thinking of the past :)

I do live in d damn past :( , i hate thinking of it , it so so hurts me a lot :(
The past cant change anyway n it sure aint coming back to yea na :(
I know i should not bother about it at all but i cant ignore na :(
All of those lovely time in the recent past , n all those lonely times before that , n the worst in the start ^^

Never can i forget what i was , how i used 2 b treated n even now , i am still what i am , always been :) , always will remain ....