Friday, January 29, 2010

The Intro of this blogo :P

I have no idea why i even write:) so just for a lil intro to my blogosphere , m writing this 1.
1st of all i would like to say that i used 2 have a blog once , in which i have written much more of nonsense as compared to this so it doesnt really matter hehe:)
N this return ya comeback :P is due to 2 of mah friends only :) as they made me visit their blogs :P hehe , so once again :) I am so so here .

Dont ask me why do i write coz i know not ^^
But really i cant even write what i intend to :((

uwaan sucks na , n well :) most of my friends dont even read this anyway ;) , i dunt know if i should pick up names of anyone when i write in my blog coz , there will be just too many names , but there ought to be some that i cant neglect coz i dont think m ever going to see the again. Hope they have a better life now :)
N by this blog , i wish to rather express my thoughts out to err anyone who may care to read hehe:)
So read if you like , its all upto you :)
N feel free to express anything , if you see any mistakes or feel a difference with my thoughts you can say it out na :)


my thought never end ..... goes on n on ..... so i stop this here now :) ^_^


Thursday, January 21, 2010

.....Take a look at the path that you have come through....

What do u see ?:)
Lol it so happens to be my question always doesnt it hehe :) M sorry about that na , it so happens that i can only continue from a left over of a thought n never make a proper start , :) , ^__^

How old are you?
just look at the fact , so many years have passed nah :O , oh gosh , now you wish you had all that again doncha :) , i know :) , well its not your fault nah , we always have the bes times when we are younger , n we are so so much more innocent then nah :) sins are commited least by a baby , n as he/she grows up , it starts changing , 1 by 1 mistakes are made , knowingly or unknowingly ,we change as time passes > Its usually that part of your life that may detemine you character n lifestyle , :)

The environment you live in makes you what you are , n the situations makes you you :) , there can just be many types of that nah :) depends for each of us nah :) some part at home n some at school , it all makes a big impact on your life nah . Teachers who look after us when in school as lil kiddies need great respect nah , n i do believe they ought to get more salary than a +2 teacher nah , unfortunately , it aint so , never will be i guess . Think of the pain those teachers have 2 take nah , n for the teachers teaching at higher levels they can do anything they wish n let the student decide what he/she wants 2 do in class na , but those re primary teachers have to look after all the kids like they were her/his own . Well its a different story if they dont care properly , but it will affect them :) , they need proper love n care n needs 2 be lead in the right path , if not they will turn out to be something no1 would ever wanna see them as na .

I thought , when i started writing this , i might actually be saying about friends , who have come n gone in your lives , but it so happened that i got a little deviated n went on to teachers ^^ , all the same , they are as important aswell . N the funny thing is that most probably most of the teachers are hated haha =__ ,whose fault? I really donno na , its all about them in some way =)) , if you respect them n do as they say, your life will be better , i guess :P , =)) Well exceptional people are there aswell but no deal . For eg : the V.P of our college , hes so damn strict , so what , all the students are afraid of him still nah , n i too like my friend feel that , the college is atleast this composed because of his presence only , else gosh wha would it have been? :o
Already its a hell in the cell , n if children were left to their wills :O , cant imagine the outcome :)
We always end up cursing him for everything , n ya none sees him smile even :O , n the fact that the college sucks cannot be overlooked :P , whats the deal ha? Just because someone once upon a time misbehaved or did something wrong , doesnt mean that everyone has 2 pay the price for it nah ,yeah i cant say totally that there aint no mistake on our part , it was wrong to call for a strike for possibly the worst n dumbest reason ever in the history of this world =)) , for an excursion?:P
n what happened? got a 10 day suspension haha , n any gain? nah na , only pain ^^ :P
But No college day this year ?:O Are they of their senses or what? :P
Is this a college? :O or a school? :P if they treat us like school kids all the time :P , give a school day nah =))

It doesnt matter what the name is nah :P , there are lota kids out there in this lil hell , whose got a lota talent n skill nah , if their talents are left to rot like this , what use of even going to a college?
You all have heard na , all work n no play makes jack a dull boy , wanna proof ?? Come to my college n see , what all work is all about , all are dull -__- , no1 even gets a chance they seek nah ,
I feel sad :) ...... no cultural activities n sport duh , pity thee ,..... n i am studying there? :O
Crap , i may not be interested in most of the stuff , but still i would like to see my friends do what they are best at nah :) , kuz engg s not what all are meant for , n there were 103 colleges in kerala way back when i joined ?:O oh gosh look at how much the count would come out to be , for me engg aint no passion or dream , it never was , never will be , its always been my worst nightmare , ....
So , if you can watch yourself , n your future , take a look at what you really seek , n somehow just go for it :) , kuz thats where you will be best at :) N you know it yourself ,.....

......jeez , the end -__-
i think it doesnt have any end , but i dunno where i am going to continue with this , so an inappropriate exit is needed hehe :) ^__^

~~~ Choose your destiny ~~~

.......exits ....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

~~ Its my life , .... n its for you ~~

This ain't a song for the brokenhearted
No silent prayer for the faith departed
And I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd
You're gonna hear my voice when I shout it out loud

It's my life
It's now or never
I ain't gonna live forever
I just wanna live while I'm alive

see those line s^^ :)

life aint never ending nah , i sure has its own end ^__^
Its all about living it to the fullest nah , as you grown up n up u face more n more problems in life, its only natural na , as you are meant to face it all nah , kuz one day you woold have to anyway nah :)
You never realize that you have grown up so much till you come across a situation nah , well let it be nah you have to be strong nah :)
People come n go in our lives nah , its not our fault is it ?:)
Some come as friends n some as lovers , well it doesnt make much of difference nah , atleast for you people :)
Coz as per me there sure is :) ^__^

It always hurts to see a friend of mine hurt nah , i feel really bad when i see something like that na . I always try to cheer them up saying what is right as per my thoughts nah , i dunno if i am so correct o not nah but i do believe that , its how things are nah :) so when i see a broken friend , i tell em that , leave this , you should not waste your time for some one who doesnt deserve you nah :)
All of us are special nah in our own way , we aint same are we? , Of course there are people , who think similar , n act same :) but there will b atleast 1 thing thats different :) I have had friends who i love so mch , it so happens that most of them dont really care , they dunt really understand nah :(( , When i try to help them nah :( they always hide things from me :( , when i share my probs with you n if you dont with me , what am i for you ?:((

There , the word friend doesnt have any meaning nah ,it should have been more of just an acquaintance coz friends are meant to share their joys n sorrows nah . That the true relation...............

Thou my friends are gems for me , i may be like a stone for them ^__^ but i dont give a damn anymore , it so happens that the world is like this ^^ I have to just let it be nah , kuz i cant change a damn thing about it nah ,n yeah i dunno if any of my friends would ever read thi , who cares na , i just have to say sorry to all of them , for all the things i have done to them :(( , i could never do anything as per my world of my thoughts of a friend :( , so it was always bes for me to be left alone nah , i should have stayed away :(( , makes no sense now . Life has changed a lot , n so have i , thou the base of me never changed , i have jst changed my outlook , kuz inside me , i will always be me , n nothing can ever change that ,even if a steam roller falttens me down , i will still be me nah :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Love ya Friendship ? what makes it different?

Well well well ^^ , what do you know , do you think friendship n love are different? uhm well why do u think so ? :O

I dont think there is much difference nah :O or maybe there is ^^ , according to me friendship in all by itself is love na ^^ I dunno how people here take it nah , maybe thats what makes someone expect something from someone else nah , i think so , maybe i did expect a lot from each n all of my friends nah , at some point of time ^^

Thou i believe that , u should never expect anything from anyone :) , still when people become my friends nah i expect anh :)
after all i always try to help all my friends nah , i always try to help them in any way i can anh , n when they aint there nah what would i feel nah? Thats what is wrong with me na :( I am really very sensitive nah :( get hurt a lot n thats coz i m so , i cant do nothing about it now . After all that i have been through , atleast i m happy that i am like this and not like all the others who have faced all this kinda life ^^

N now look at this , can you lobe anyone without actually knowing that person?Thats what , friendship is the begining nah , it turns to love :O , they say , why dont they realize that its been love all along ^^ n some people say , friendship can turn into love n never the other way , y is that huh? Its possible too you know , i know so ^^

true friendship is true love :) , i believe so ^^ , nothing is better than that nah ^^

n a real best friend can always help you nah , it may hurt at time thou , u may never realize it untill its too late nah , that is the problem with most people :(
I always try 2 help all , but they always take me wrong nah :( n then they turn their backs on me :(
That pain you will only understand when you too are in the same situation :(

When you try to help a friend n they think something else n fight with you n go away :(
you stay helpless nah :( , unable to explain anything :( , some people may care to listen , but some wont even :(

gosh :(
I get hurt when my friends do this to me nah :(

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So here i am again , trying to blog on a rainy day , my whole body paining . Another day at college, life in college seems to be getting worser n worser as the days go by , dunno y , now this is also happening na , in our first year we were all together n now , look at this , what the hell is happening here ha? Maybe the unity between us has made them think of a perfect plan to split us up na , the fact that the strike was made by our batch is the key point ha. Now grabbing on a thin line of hope they are taking advantage of the situation and we are just letting them do this to us?
Isat wat unity is about? Aint we purpose to see through their plan and foil it? College was always boring and sick n now this makes it worse na
think you dumb kids think , don't let them take us down na
Quick together and solve it out before things are bad . This is our unity and we cant let it be ripped because of such little crap na
We should not fight na
Thats what i have to tell you all , ah who knws wat next na ,

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

~~ The Frustrating Life ~~

See this picture , now now dont think m showing you people pics for a guessing game or something :)
But just watch it closely, what do you see?

That my dear friend is the real question! Am i wrong? I bet not , coz i have felt so & i have also heard so from a lot of people na :)

So y do we really get lost in thoughts? :O Do you have any idea?
At times i feel its coz we dont get what we seek , dnno what people think thou , but mostly people are running after their dreams nah , or say seeking happiness , aint that so?

Aye , but where does this happiness exist? :O
Can we see it ? Can we actually get it? Its not a thing na , its more of a feeling , its something that only the deserving get na :)
As kids we all would have had lots of dreams nah, one would say I wanna be a Doctor , I wanna be a pilot , ...etc etc n so on na .....

We grow up , in some situations , in 8th standard itself we can break away into commerce , by taking economics instead of computers , doesnt make much difference then thou , but the real choice comes in 11th , choosing between Commerce Stream n Science stream . What do parents seek?
Actually they wanna see us all in a good position na , now in this generation mot parents push their kids to Engg or Medical , blah , thats the real drag ,the get forced into it nah ......

Some may like it , so leave them out :) , but for the rest ?? Why do they have to suffer?
They say the world is competitive now , oh yeah it sure is :| but y? for what? none knows ...

Seeing 3 Idiots made me see the me in me ^__^ , i always felt that
way :) , i am where i dont belong nah :) Everyone has their own likes n dislikes , its when they work on what interests them most that they can actually pull out their full potential ^^ , gosh who cares nah?

Even i have been getting advices :| that after doing engg , that i should go n do MBA :O
what for ? i dont get the big idea -__- , 1st of all all these commercial stuff dont interest me na , lets see what the future holds for me anh

I have never had any dreams or wishes so i just flowed along with the tide , never ever opposed till it wuz too late , i have never had interest in anything na , but when dad sent me to do animation , for the 1st time i felt awe that this was something that i really like to do , but what to do , i got dragged away from it na , .....

Now whats the situation ??

Just look at that picture hah , total frustration nah , dunno what mess i am even in right now , feels like hell . Wish to get it over with as soon as possible na. And people used to say school life n college life are prosperous moments of your life that you 'll cherish forever na . By the looks of it , I would rather not even try to remember those days na, being at the wrong place at the wrong time . I have always felt , my life is a mistake , n i am a mistake , n whatever i do ultimately turns out to be a mistake na, life hurts
living like this is more painful than lying on a deathbed wishing for the ultimate freedom , the freedom from living this life.

I may be wrong for you , but i dont care na , different people think differently n thats what amkes the difference , i cant expect you to think like me anyways so cheerio ^^

Sleeping in front of books n during lectures is an example of how boring that stuff is for you :)
Interest is needed na to be attentive :) , to concentrate , we cant force ourself to be interested na , it comes on its own
N subjects which we feel crap are always left aside , n we sure have to face the music for that .
N a bit of it depends on the teachers too , n oh yeah of course the college too :)
The activities n facilities available n the college also affect us na , for eg. if you are in my college , u would have quit it way ago ^^ , unfortunately i dunt have a choice , i am to blame for what i have done , n for being here :)

my thoughts never end ......

coz m always lost in thought when m alone .......
new things peep in , n i understand more n more .....


to be continued .......

~~ Life , the unthought of the reality ~~

Look at this picture ,
whats it that comes to your mind ?

M sure i cant say what you think of it ,
people have thoughts , but all sure may be different :)
I dont even know y i am wasting my time :)

If you can truthfully tell me , leave a comment :) ,
what do you really wish for? :)
Some say this is life , its full of ups n downs , oh hell yeah it is ^__^

but so what? Life has a purpose? maybe it does , i have never felt any for mine :)
The worst thing about this is that :| when i type/write i keep deviating from hat i really want to say na
coz everything in my life is connected , or it maybe that i feel so na , dunno y , .....

Ever wondered why you exist? Guess no one thinks so deep ^^
I dunno whats in the minds of all the people around me , all is unpredictable na
Life is complex , anything can happen , anytime , anywhere :)

People say enjoy every moment of it , but how can you enjoy when you are forced to do what you hate the most?
Can you?
Think about it .....^__^

Will write something more soon ^__^ \m/

~~~ Sankar ~~~

Monday, January 11, 2010

This Post is just to write about me :)

I'm Sankar ,
doing Engg. in SIST
In Computer Science branch ^__^

presently in S4

Friday, January 8, 2010

The College ^__^

Once again m back in this darn world of writin / typing ^^
n i dunt even know wat i really intend to type out here

But let it be about my college :P