Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A dream ...

This is just a dream that i had today or say was having til dad woke me up today morning.
I got lab exams today n , i duno y , i am writin this instead of stdyng 4 it .
Adjust wid d spelings , typin thru fon :s
already woke up late n dint stdy , bt tis just 1 dream thats kinda spcl 4 me , cause i saw sm very imp people in it.
So hav ta wryte b4 i forget it :]
Its kinda short , but its got d cntent of my lyf itself .
So here goes ,
some1 very imp to me got admitd in a hospital . When i reachd der , the doc cald me to tok smtyn . Then in his rum , he tol , of some1 , who i had lost due to tiny misunderstandings that got so darn complex , cause i dint undrstand er . Doc told , she was here , she tol him smtyn , she was crying.
Once she had a bf who meant so much to her ,that she didnt care about d rest , bt then things changd , he dint seem to care nymore n she was hurt . Then it was u , that she cared about , and u dint even seem to care much , she cried a lot and she left , tellin me to tell this to u , that at that time u wer the only 1 she cared about , bt u dint care n was intrestd in some1 else . That hurt er n she left.
I felt lyk , darn me , i was so dumb n imature then doc , i dint know wat i was doing , i dint knw wat i wantd then ,bt before i chose somethng i usd to ask er stupid qts that hurt , bt i dint knw that it wud hurt . I tried to tel that m sorry a lot of times , jus coz all i need is a bff , n i dint wana luze sum1 so imp to me . Bt she wudnt :( , nt er fault , i knw she cudnt . I can say sorry , but it wunt heal the pain that i caused . I knw i hav been bad , bt nt intentionaly , i nevr knew wt i was dng n wat i wantd . I jus kpt bein frank to all , always telng wat i flt , gud or bad . I wantd to tel er m sory , bt the dream got interuptd :(, i just wish thngs were bk lyk it was , bt unfo thngs wil nevr b d same again :( .

Many a times , v mis out on the gems ryt in frnt of us , lukin 4 gold , :( , n me , i just kpt gng hw fate wantd me to , i dint take ny decisn of my own , always folowd others wil whch was forcd on me. Bt i always tried to flow without hurtng ny1 , smal steps by my side , bt i thnk even that hurt .

The main prob wid me is that i thnk for n against at d same tym , whch actualy prevents me frm doin nythn i want.
I realy wana tel er dat m sory , hopin that she wud feel bettr , but then again my othr thought makes me feel like , deep down inside me , i knw that u cant ever forgive me .
what d hel am i suposd to do nyway?
Even idk :[ ,
makes me feel useles nw :( ,
m sory , realy sorry , u may tel me nythng to do :(
ima do dat :[ , bt plz forgive me :(( .
I dont knw if u may even c this , i dunt realy xpect u to c dis , bt i realy wish u to c it :( .
If u undrstand , oly u wil :] ,
dunt wana write yawr name hea <3 .
Miss u a lot na ,
remember 1 thng ,
whenever u need me ,
u wil always have me ,
i wunt let myself be bound again by fake ties ,
that r atractive to have <3

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Experience it......

♥ what seemed so real once ,

was rubbed away like an illusuion ,

the visions i had of life ,

was nothing more than a dream,

from which i woke up now,

but i wish i never woke up

u can deceive me ,

u can fake at me,

u may hurt me,

u may break me,

but remember one thing,

it can happen to u too,

that is when u will experience,

the pain i felt,

the pain that never died,

just cause u dint care,

to listen or understand ,

what i had to tell u ♥

Rise up......

♥my dream is to fly ,

ova d rainbow so high,

my dream is to fly,

with u by my side

rise up from the fall,

n be urslf again ,

break free from the pain,

n show urslf again

ur dream is to fly,

but u tend to cry,

ur dream is to fly,

but u dunt wana try ♥

The you in you that you dont see.....

♥ u hav money,

u wil hav lota frnds ,

u wil hav a luv,

u hav lota tym ta waste,

u hav ntn to worry,

u liv in a palace ,

n u drive a ferrari

when its gone ,

u r on ur own,

u will loose awl d fake frnds,

u will loose ur money luvin lover,

u wil have no tym to even think,

u dont know wat to do,

u live in the streets,

n u dont even have a cycle,

bt u wil hav a friend with u,

n u had always ignored dat person♥

Cheer up......

♥ look at u ,

u r so lost,

look around u,

u aint as lost u thnk

look at d sky ,

look hw d starx shine 4 u,

look at ur mum,

luk hw she smiles at u

smiles n tears r urx,

bt watx urs is myn,

u dnt knw y? ,

we r friends na

cant u smile 4 me,

cant u cheer up ,

look at ur friends,

they r wid u na ♥

Growing up......

♥ there was a man,

he had a baby once ,

he lukd afta d baby lyk his own ,

he wantd to protct his baby ,

but the baby was naughty n neva lisnd to him ,

but the baby was sweet en kyute ,

er smile meant the world to him ,

her voice was d sweetest in the world ,

N he luved er a lot ,

time passed n the baby grew up ,

the baby spread er wings n left with er new found love,

leaving him there awl alone,

he first cried n then smiled,

he knew the baby wil always b hapie ,

kuz she was his baby ,

n he belived the baby's choice ryt,

kuz d baby went 4 her hapines ♥

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A new sem , halfway point

Allright , so ......now m in 3rd year ....the 5th sem of engg is underway :) .....
half of college life is over ...... now at halfway point i still have no clue what i plan to do next....

i am so blank , what now??
time has passed away so fast ...... in another couple of days i will finish engg , right now it may seem like its goin to take ages .....
its more like wen ur curious to know something , every minute will be like ages , n when your in a hurry to complete something or to reach somewhere in time , its like minutes are like seconds :)

Life goes away so :)
what we like goes away so fast n the hard times stall upon us .....
time is equal , but we just want the good times to stay on n never end n the bad times to go away fast, but it doesnt happen so .....

i wish i had all the old times back again :)
i never wanted 2 grow up :)
i never wanted to live my life on my own , i always wanted to be with my parents ....
i wondered what i will do after some years , what will i do? what will i be?
but then y??? y me??? y should i ???

people are all concerned about their own lives , parents about their children n so on ......
but for what??
why do i have to study ???
to do what?
the various answers i hear are like for a family, for a job, to feed them , for a life etc etc ...
y have a life???
whats in a life???

think :O .....
the world doesnt even have any chance of supporting life if things go at this rate ......
then what??? goin to mars n moon ???? :\
what are people thinkin??? :O

even in such crisis , one is concerned about all this whats happening around :\

nyway rest i will say in another post \:
m mixing up too many thoughts .....

so the point is that ... college life is meant to rock ....
but i got myself into such a place that its worse than a school :\
n all these restrictions here makes things really hell
now all these anti-ragging stuff makes things like :\
1 look or 1 word at a 1st yr student == ragging , what the hell ???
i know i wont get messed upto into that cause i dont talk to anyone an i dont care , but my friends are getting into trouble nah , for all the wrong reasons

is this a college or what??

n classes are worse :\
they surely teach everything thats 1 thing good, but its like school still :\
n then asking qts every period wats with that??? :\
i have no clue :\
it makes life sick :\
hate going there :\
no play ground or anything
they even dont like college day :\
last year it almost got cancelled :\
how pityful :\ ,
too much force is always bad , strict is not discipline is it?
are we not old enough to be ??? .... under such circumstances who will ever get mature? ??
they treat us like babies :\
n bunking isnt even possible :\
even if u manage to get out of class , where to go????
no place to go n do anything
its a prison or what??
children at this age will wanna do lotta stuff, but when supprressed they feel rebellious , its natural

just cause they are all old people,doesnt mean they gotta be so mean to us , they also passed through this phase once , they mustave done worse than what we are doing
then why the hell are they depriving us of what they could do???

injustice...... :)

they are only making themselves be hated by all ....
okies 1st years will like them cause of the protection they get at that time , what happens the next year ha???
juniors should respect seniors n not threaten them :\
what is this?

where is this so called justice???
when we were ragged , where the hell were they then???
huh :\

what a pity ......

To be forgiven or not to be?

To be , or not to be is the question :)

You are the one to answer as per your views whats right n whats wrong :)

It so so seems that there was once upon a time a stupid boy ... well not exactly stupid in that sense , but still stupid , he wasnt so aware of the world because he never cared much about the world. I have seen people who all got ambitions and dreams to fulfill , but he never had any , can you imagine? A boy with no dreams to be anything , i really font know why he was so , but he was so i wish i knew the reason ..... there are time as small kids that you wish i wanna be so n so , for eg i wanna be a police man n beat up everyone :P etc hehe as you see in films , in those lil infant ages you are bound to be inspired by such stuff that you see on tv :) Maybe he had something like he wanted to be a racer .... as in F1 .......
Leave the past ..... the main thing here is not about his past or so , but still just giving you background info ... :P ....anyway coming to the 21st century ......
he loved computers n electronic gadgets i think , it so seemed ....
his parents would always say your wasting your life in front of that stupid thing just pushing a car forward, n what do you gain by doing that???
does that question have an answer?
i dunt think he had any , or maybe he was just to scared to say out hes just playing for fun , but then its his fault only , he plays too long , so he deserved it ......
and well when he got internet facilities he used most of it to watch videos n songs n movies , till actually knowing about social networking sites ......
keep in mind , he wasnt so so a social being as in the society as he was afraid , he always kept himself to himself n never used to talk to strangers unless someone wanted 2 talk to him , even so , its weird that most of the time when people ask him his name ,he just replies n doesnt even bother to ask their names back , ie in most of the cases , at times he does but usually nopes .
So when he heard of this.... he wants to show the world through it that he exists ......
so he joined up ..... not one a lotta them but then in the end sticks only with 2 of them ......

He made lots of friends , but neveh had a chance to meet any of them even once in real life ........
he really wanted to meet them but they were all too far away ......
he had lots of freinds but oly a few got close to him cause he let only the ones who wanted to share their feelings with him get close as he too wanted 2 share with them , thinkin its not good to tell to people who aint intrested ......

......he had many friends over the years , n somehow got closer only to people who came to him....
there is 1 really weird thing ya know .....he hate love n love stories n the word marriage , just cause when he was younger his parents used to say will get him married off n so n so n it all made him hate that thing , n as he grew up he really hated it more n more cause of his observant nature n seeing how happy people are alone , you dont really need to be in a relationship to be happy if you got friends who can keep you happy always , esp a true friend who always shares all his/her problems to you :)
Anyway in one of these sites,he found how good people can be n so tried to find out what it was really like , but his 1st experience left him totally broken,he never wanted 2 be in it again , n he was sure that nothing will last again for him, he saw many people , n he never realised that lots of people loved him,or did he? i dunno if he knew or not, maybe he just dint want that to happen, cause for him his friends n their happiness was most important,he hated to loose anything thats important for him, n he considers his friends as most important ,n when his friends left him,he always felt broken .... the memories of th good times he had in the past with them haunts him always ......
So when he ackonwledged that he was in love with some1, he found that someone else loved him , n well what could he do ?? the worst thing of it was, he was sure that, this relation will never last , n worst case he wasnt even so sure if there actually was any relation in it at all , how stupid na? But then there used to be a concept in him , that if you fall in love with your best friends ,you may end up loosing them too,n he never wanted that to happen .....So it went on .....
then that relation dissolved slowly ..... n he was sure it was over ...... but .he was sure of the existence of it only when she told him ...... its over now ..... .n he told her that they can still be best friends n prove that statement of people wrong, " Friendship often ends up in love n never the other way " , so it turned up so that he managed to make something happen .....,but was there really an relationship??
thats another question at you :)
Then time passed by he has 1 really awesome best friend , they both were like so so besties :) , he musta been a stupid, it seems ,if he lost her , someone like her , so precious :)
They only one who really cared other than his bro n sister ... :)
but he took her like his best friend only , it so happened that she had once left him when she had a bf n went, but she did come back , n he dint hesitate to accept her back as his best friend , thats how he was :)
the forgiving nature is what was always the best thing in him , even though lot of enemies exploited that of him ,he still has that forgiving nature , if you ask him why , he would say ," You will only realize the situation when you are in that position" .......yeh really :) , you will only realize , it applies only for the people who really wanna prove their innocence or really wanna change :)
think of some 1 who has always been bad , eg Angulimala ...... remember?
he used to be a bandit ...... till he met Buddha deva , after that he changed na , but the people wer not willing to accept him or forgive him for his mistakes ,...... imagine that situation, then you will realize better :) .....
And he sees good in everyone no matter how bad they treat him , he believes that people can change for the good , n he always gives them a chance to prove themselves, but people misuse :) still he remains himself only :)
Yet he is illy n sensitive , a bit too sensitive , when lots of problems come to him together, no matter how small they are , he really gets tensed up n keeps them in mind n blows them up like a balloon n then explodes due to the pressure on him , i wish i could help him control his this silly nature .....
there are somethings that hurt him very fast n some that he dont care about.....
n the second time ...... he was with her, there came another girl, who was just doing something that usually only a boy does, n that is proposing w/o no reason :O , aww shucks really :O
m shocked , he was aswell , there was a probability that it could be a boy or a girl trying to play with him , .... at that instant of proposal he was too shocked n accepted without even thinking a word, how silly na ...... then later on he thought about n thought to undo this , tried to tell him/her that he wasnt interested in that right now n that they could just remain as best friends , she was too adamant , u know like a boy .....
i usually see these kinda stuff done by boys , saying she would kill herself if she doesnt get her , he was scared , so he suppresed his feelings n agreed , yet he tried to get out of it for 1 month , no use he failed badly ........ so it went on .......
n his best friend was pissed of it i guess , he dint realise it . he was too dumb nah.....
he was trying to find a way out of it , then the only relief in his acceptance was that , she had told him she was a school girl in last year ,so he was kinda expecting her to leave him anyway when she joins college n thought of her proposal as a childs play by an immature lil girl , he never really considered it as 1 that was goin to go on , ..during this time ....., there were lots of quarrels b/w him n his best friend , he really dint know wat to say to her , he took out all the anger on her :( poor girl , i feel so sad for her, how could he do like this??? was he right??? he told her that he could only take his anger on her cause shes his best fren , yet .. one day she left , maybe cause it was too much for her , .....
maybe she loved him so much ... n he was a stupid talkin to her about another girl :(
will someone be able to stand this??
he never realized it :( sad anh
i really wish to kill him if i could get him , loosing a best friend for no reason .....
what did she do to deserve this??
was it her fault that she loved him ??
was it his fault that he dint realize her love??
or was it that,he dint wanna be in a relation with her so that he never lost her ??
who knows what was in his mind , he really lost her na .......
will she ever forgive him for his mistakes??
she must have moved on ..... must have got a new bf , cause she that good
but he wants to apologize n wants his best friend with him once again
will she forgive him ??? or will she just ignore ??
as per human nature , very few people really forgive .... like he does....
he never keeps any hatred towards anyone ,n never seeks revenge cause he believes that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind , ..... :)
he doesnt wanna make it a relationship or anything ,but he just wants forgiveness for not realizing her love ...
he just wants her to know that hes really sorry for what happened .....
what will you do if you were her ?
what would you have done if you were him ??

will she forgive or not?
does he deserve it or not??

..... the answers are unknown......
readers please answer your views : ^__^

FB stats postings part 2

Some more of my status posts :) ^__^
just posting here so that i dunt loose my own thought :\
i always tend to forget whateveh that comes to mind in a few minutes na :)
it always so so happens :)
so once again m posting some of the postings ,i dunno if you will like or not
but i just dont wana loose them :)

♥ m nt scard ta tel nythn at ny1x face,m tel wat i need ta,hu eva it maybe ,if i lyk m acpt,if i dnt,i wil surely say i dnt wana til d end ,evn ta dad,thou mst of d tym dn i luze to him ♥

♥ too much of nythn is alwax bad,maintain dat balance bw thngs n it wil al b betr na,m nt alwax sad nor hapi,nt so sweet or bitter,m nt d bst or d wrst,m jux me,take me d way i am,kux i aint gng ta change ♥

♥ wen 2 ppl lub each othr truly , wateva dat cumx in bw ta hurt is jux a test by god 2 c,if dy kan realy b 2gtr undr ny calamity,simple qt,wil u stil luv em if nythn hapnx ta em?i wil 4 sua ♥

♥ dreams are your wishes ,that u can make happen if u wish to :) , not the mythical ones lyk havin a dragon or flying with wings :P ,but to get to where u want n be wat u wana b,its ur strength to face all difficulties in d way dat matters,kuz in d end u will b happy even if the path is a bit painful :) ♥

♥ dun b afraid,u knw me,i knw u,dnt let lil thngs gv u away sum1,ntn can b acheivd wo gng thru a lil pain,stand strng na,v wil b k na,m sua na,u dnt nd ta do dis naw,kux v ah meanta b togetha ♥

♥ life is not perfect,it cant be 100% perfect but u can try to perfect it with will power,b strong n u can do nythin,belive in urslef,u r important 4 sum1 4 sure,realise it dat u aint alone,never will b,atleast m b there 4 ya always ♥

♥ i knw u luv me,u knw i luv u,den watx d prob? Keep runnin away n both ends wunt meet na,i alwax blvd in u,n i was ryt na,i knw ua d bst thng dat hapnd 2 me,n evr wil remain kux m lost in u 4eva ♥

♥ the darknex fallx, d moons hidin undr d clouds,y dnt u jus show ur face out n spread sum lyt,i mis u lyt of ma lyf,glow on na,n spread hapinex na ♥

♥ u've become a part of me , u wil alwax b ryt here, nw i cant seperate , myslf frm wat i've done ♥

♥ u use n throw away stuf, datx lifelex , bt wat if itx got a lil breath still? ♥

♥ to hurt or nt to hurt is ur choice , if i m ntn 4 u ,dn dnt evn read dis statx , if u go,dn it wil b endlex pain,n if datx wat u wan,ty ty,m take it as a gift n kp it 4evah ,lub jaw♥

♥ d day dint start so bad ha, 1st blood,then a cold ,nw a bang on d door , well high on xpectatnx nw 4 smtyn big to happn,even d sky seems gloømy n ready to kry wid me :) ♥

♥ ny1 kan make a promise,itx keepin it datx d real deal,dnt misuse words,i hav til nw kpt evrythn kux if i dnt,i wil b bugd by guilty conciense,unlyk u ppl,mebe m jux 2 primitive,bt my word standx over my lyf,u r n u wil b alwax wat u wer ta me,evn if i mean ntn 2 u ♥

♥ in this world the 1s who care are the real stupids :) , but i dunt mind being one :) , cause i dont care about everything , i just care about whats most important for me,i belive in phase changes,it happens,natural,that wont hurt me as much as u think,yet if u r hurt then plz stay away from me for ur own gud :) ♥

♥ faith :) , i stll belive in wat u told :) ...... cause wen deres faith impossible is nothing :) , its ur own words :) , if u belive then u can :) , if u dunt , then u cant :) , but i always belived n always will b belive :) , hope it doesnt become too late wen u start believing urslef aswell :) ♥

♥ its always easy to use n throw :) , once u get bored with ur stuff u may throw them away,idk,but i always protect my stuff,every single thing wateveh it may be,i dunt throw away or destroy wats myn,i never will,i will protect n keep them with me kuz its a part of me :) ♥

♥ love,care n affection was never meant fer me,n the last thing i need is pity n sympathy,stay away from me for your own gud,u may see me as gud,ur mistake,ppl who known me well knows hw bad i am,none cud bear me,i win\m/,m d real pain,always will b ur curse,sowei to hurt ny1,n dnt ask me y,u dnt wana knw kuz den u will hate urslef kuz of me ♥

♥ when there is faith , impossible is ntn ,n datx y i believe ,no matter hw many tyms i fall ,i jus wunt giv up wat i need , m awl urx ♥

♥ 2 souls bound by destiny,each conisderin them as bad,fightin to prove wats pointless,ie that dey r bad,considering deir own situations as d wrst ever,n dey got 2 ppl,1 a best fwen hus been der 4 long n den each other,yet dey dunt admit it ♥

♥ u may blow me or hold me,i have already given myself to u,nw it upto u,raisin me or crushin is upto u n i leave it to u,but just making it clear to u , i need u , yesterday,today n tommorw,n tommorow never dies ,not till my breath dies♥

♥ m nt xatly wat ny1 wan me 2 be , m nt xatly wat ppl thought m 2 b, m jus wat nature wants me 2 b :),m wat i am by my own decision , nuffin can change me nw,if i were to change dat shuda happnd 11 years ago,i am me d way i wana b,silent yet true ♥

♥ m nt d 1 who changes my decision ever, m always sticked to my principles n beliefs, if i dunt,then from then on u can say i dunt exist no more,the sankar in me will b dead then once n forall,kuz i belive, m nt dat gud but m stil gota giv awl a chance 2 prov dat dey aint bad ♥

♥ .....i knw its hard to prove nythin i can undstnd wat hapnd in d past n dats y i neveh blame ny1 fer hw dey treat me ,kuz its hard to not consider wat happnd once happenin again,but i put my faith in u :) ,if nythin happns let it den till den m dn kare of wat others say ♥

♥ the world has becum so so, that ppl r jealous,they think,if i dunt get it neither shud u. y?? ...true frenship,love n time are the oly things that i can never have even if i wish,kuz d rest of d things i can have if i gota will,but i dunt have a will m hapie wid wat m got :) ♥

♥ the truth wil b truth oly , n i dnt need to hide it anyway , bt dat dunt mean that the wrong ppl gota take d responsibilities 4 d wrng thngs, m so darn sowie 4 dis confusion,bt d reasn aint u,hop u undstnd ♥

♥ ppl do wateveh they want :) , i neve complained n ion care :) den pullin me into d mess? jux leave me outa it :),i really got nufin to say n i dun kare :) , unfo wateveh i do seems to b a mistake fer awll :) m so darn sowei,if i do or if i dunt both are my fault ♥

♥ i knw dat m nt alwax ryt,bt dn m nt alwax wrng na,plx fgv me if m did or said nythn wrng na ,m sowie din mean ta hrt ny1 ♥

♥ here ya go :\ , u dunt need to xplain uasef 2 d ppl hu kare kuz dey dun need it :\ n d rest dun kawe -_- hwssat ?:\ ....wat do i make outa dat -__- i still dunt mind :),kuz m hope 1 day u awl will undstnd wat i meant n idc even if it goes in vain ♥

♥ there may always be alternatives fer everythin livin ya non livin :) ,bt i dunt luk fer alternatives,i dnt need to consider kuz i knw were i stand, m jus 2 lucky meybe,bt if oly u 2 undstnd wat ur doin n do in d ryt way none will get hurt else dey will get hurt ♥

♥ all you ever wanted was someone who u truly love come to you :) , little things give you away to some1.....little things give u to u :) ....... ♥

♥ trust,faith n belief are awl d same :) n das wat m neveh seen in me :) , 2 bad m dat bad :) , but i dunt want yew 2 have dem n den kry :) bettah u dunt ahve it n dnt kawe abt me :) ,tas hw fwenship is lyk nah:) oly i need to kry ,y shud d rest sufr kuz of me :) ♥

♥ words come out in many different ways,m duno,i may nt say the ryt things or do the ryt things at d ryt tyms,its not kuz i dunt wanta,its jud tat i dunow wat is ryt at wat tym,m jus scared,none wud undstnd dat,not even a wrd i say kuz u havent been thru this ♥

♥ diff ppl do diff things diffrntly , there will always b differences ,but sumtyns are meant to b dun in a way,if not it causes the wrong effekt,m nt prfkt,bt m gt feelings 2,smtyns hurt,wish i xist wen all of u really undstnd it.bt i dunt wanabe,m jus a boy toy ♥

♥ awl d lil wrds i say makes no sense to any1,or they jus wanna pretend that they dunt hear me,u dunt realise hw much it hurts,if oly i cud make u see u thru me,unfo i cant,m nt here to be liked,bt to make u c wats d truth,hope u get it 1 day ♥

♥ 1st of awl undstnd ppl , n their nature:) ^__^ ,most ppl jus are doin stuff fer time pass n fer their own enjoyment :) ,watch yerself nah,else many will get hurt,cause u shud undstnd ppl nt by sweet wrds bt by the ryt wrds :) bot to please bt to correct :) ♥

♥ at tyms the lil things u say mean the most :) ,even if there is nufin to tok on ,jus say sumtyn :).... ,thas wat i really luk for to kuz m always been against the wall n unused to starting up a convo ...n i dunt blame ny1 its just me♥

♥ awl of u wantd ta grow up wen u wer yung bt i alwax wantd ta remain yung oly,idk y ,i neva wantd ta grow up,kux i was alwax hapie dat way n smhw flt hw it wud awl change smday,nw i knw i flt ryt ♥

♥ the curtainx raise,nw the show has begun , oh baby itx rainin rainin,the hizzin drizzlin,fall onto me,go thru me ♥

♥ the curtains fall,the power fails ,i see eternal gloom everywhere
the sky is so dull,the suns hidden itself thee
oh heavenly light fall upon thee wet soil n get em dried once again ♥

♥ .....let me flow ..... ...flow..freely..through..you .....so that you can feel me :) ...feel me just once and you will know :) ♥

♥ the sun goes down n comes up , but the moon may not always :) , it seeks its own tym to show up , n may even not come,dat dunt mean the moon is dead :),it will come back again to wher it belongs :) ♥ gunyt awl tcx:) >:D< ♥

♥ sometimes wat really hurts is things that are not really meant to hurt, but it awl depends on the perceiver , there wll always be a lota interpretations, take in d ryt way on d ryt situation n ntn will hrt, believe in wat u blv n never let it break no mater wat,n u wunt get hurt ♥

♥ dere will always be many qts left unanswered :) ..sumday..sum1 will know wat it was n y it was.....
the truth never stays hidden .....n thas d oly reason y i never hide nythin , cause resistance is futile :) ♥

♥ do u know y there aint no more gud ppl arnd?? :) its kuz awl of them have been pushed out beyond der limits dat really changed dem,fer deir survival dey had to switch to bein bad,kuz thas d oly way fer dem,but iono wat i am,gud or bad ,nyway nt d best ,m wat i am,n i aint scared of nythin,kuz survival is d last thin m concerned abt ♥

♥ hit me,kik me,kill me,do wateveh u want♥ ion kawe kuz if ders ny falw in me its kuz of wat i dint do n not wat i did ^^ , dere maybe sumtyns i do wen m outa normal senses,moi apologies fer dat,i dint do on purpose na,but well m alwas sowei fer wateveh hapns kuz of me :),kuz m jus 2 bad fer awl :) n i knw dat best :) ♥

♥ wat a bizy world ..none has nytime ..... not even to realise who really cares n who doesnt , n really care aint meant ta be said out,ppl shud undstnd it :)too bad m always gota say n yet ppl dnt undstnd :) , m jus a joke nah , Akhilesh Albie says v shud make ppl laugh :), ye bro ♥ tru dat , bt m such a mess to b anythin for ny1 ♥

♥ they awl think m weak ....jus cause i always let stuff be n dunt react ....the thing isat ... not awl can forgive everyone .... n i consider it my best asset that m can always fgv , no matter how much i get hurt :) kuz in life if u dunt fgv sum1, none will fgv yew either ♥

♥ oly 1 small qt do i have to ask ya.....
if ya really ever had any faith in me....
what is it that made you loose it ....
i jus wanan know that ... nuffin else..
coz in moi senses m neveh did nythin wrng ......
dat m sure .....if m did nythin off moi senses m sorry
but i wanan know wat it is....
so plz do temme ....so dat m dunt b so bad nymoe

♥ sumtyns cant b spoken in wrds so wat ..belive in yourslef ..... u will see then :) , trust n love cant be foreced upon any1 it has to come on its own ....n if it were true.... nuffin can break it ......luk arnd u n u will see hw bad d wrld is, n then u assume,but wen u realise d truth it maybe jus 2 late , but m wait foreveh ♥

♥ it aint always about u or me that really matters,some things are sometimes left untold , jus so that the ones we luv dont get hurt coz of us, but 1 thing, if you really luv sum1,u can always fgv n undstnd the lil flaws n feelings kept behind ♥

i guess thats awll fer naw :) ^^
awll this i posted after my last fb stats post :) ^__^