Thursday, January 10, 2013

Everything's Gonna Be Allright

Everything's gonna be allright,
Is all the words I get to spit,
Everything's gonna be allright,
Is all I say when I see you low

When the day starts to bloom,
You may be set to gloom,
But all I know is that in the end,
Everything's gonna be allright

When an incident turns against you,
You may be set to quit,
But at the end of the day,
Everything's gonna be allright

You may fight with your love,
You may fight with your buds,
But at the end of the day,
Everything's gonna be allright

You may want to quit,
You may want to give up yourself,
But you forget that in the end,
Everything's gonna be allright

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nothing Ever Changes


             Feels pretty stupid even writing about it, why should I, knowing that nothing is ever going to change in this country. The Delhi gangrape saga is going on, with people protesting against it, demanding action against the accused all over India, and guess what, it still doesn't make any difference to the peoples mindsets, in fact the lack of action on such a huge issue has made criminal minds confident that they can commit the crime and get away with it. The reported cases of rapes have been on the ascendancy since the incident it seems, everyday the newspapers are filled with more and more similar incidents. 
          What is wrong with these people? I just happened to see that news reporter eve-teasing video aswell. That kinda settles it, seems everyone has now fixed their eyes for a chance? What the hell??? Whatever happened to our country all of a sudden? Maybe it has been going on all around without the knowledge of others, the actions might have been suppressed till now, but now the shocking reality of the mob is coming out. 

        Who is safe now? I guess not a single human born a female : a little baby, a baby girl , a teen , a lady , no one is safe anymore in this wretched country. I feel pretty ashamed to be a part of this country now, which was once a great civilisation that others looked up to. The culture has eroded with time, eclipsed by the wild wild west, in the name of modernisation. 

Here is something I just read which actually made me write this post :

‎4-year-old is latest rape victim in Kolkata

Amid the candlelight vigils and protest meetings being held almost on a daily-basis in different parts of the country, including Kolkata, in the wake of Delhi gangrape case, it seems that the social mindset about rapes have not changed.

Fearing “dire consequences”, it took a mother four days to complain to the police that her four-year-old daughter has been raped and assaulted by a youth. The complaint was lodged last Wednesday night at Kasba police station in south Kolkata after locals came to know about the incident and protested in front of the local police station.

According to police, the girl was allegedly raped on December 31 by 26-year-old Debabrata Das, who is distant relative of the victim’s family and had an access to the victim’s house. Das, a resident of Kumarpara, was arrested today.

“We have taken the victim for medical test. She has been tortured and assaulted. There are marks of assault on her face too. But her mother lodged the complaint after more than 48 hours had passed. She told us that she and her husband were threatened against lodging the complaint,” said a senior police officer.

However, locals alleged that the victim’s family members were given money to “suppress the incident”. Locals came to know about the incident after the victim fell ill on last Wednesday.

Doctors claimed that she had been assaulted physically.

Over 200 residents then demonstrated in front of Kasba police station demanding immediate arrest of Das. A group of women also reached the police station and demanded a written assurance from police about severe punishment for the accused.
When officials expressed their helplessness in giving such written assurance, the crowd turned violent. Suddenly, the situation spun out of control as they attacked police vehicles and pelted stones at policemen as well as mediapersons. At least, six vehicles were damaged. Police have arrested four persons on charges of rioting.

I still can't understand why Govt is still sleeping ? Can't we breath freely in open air for these devils ? I would like to know from u all what kind of punishment will u suggest for these rapists ? Wake up my frns , raise your voice for the right judgment.

So what do you think ? A 4-year old raped? WTF!!! How much more insane can people get? Seems like people are loosing control of their minds and bodies and just turning out into wild animals and hunting down their prey without any consideration. Inspite of all these protests going on, people still seem to be hungry for more. I friggin have no words to put this out on paper. Nothing ever changes. I knew it all along, though I still had a faint hope that atleast something may happen, guess I was wrong yet again. This country is going to the hounds, the deadly virus seems to be spreading widely and rapidly, hitting one state after another, the gangrape virus is on the move, injected by the Indian Governments muteness. Those corrupt leaders only speak of what women should do to avoid being raped than taking action against it. They blame it on the clothing, the walk in the park at night and so on, every Indian has a right, they seem to be stepping on it harshly. 

            I found too many articles about whats going on around India, right about now. The Delhi victim died, and I'm glad she doesn't have to bear this pain no longer. I can only pray that such incidents no longer occur, but I didn't realise that inspite of all this ruckus such incidents are going on all around even now. How shameless are they anyway? Do they have any moral senses or what, I doubt. Maybe they just take bribe from the accused and try to suppress the case or turn the case on its head against the victims, and this has been happening all over India for a long time now, turning the victim into the accused. 

              How can we change this trend of rapes from taking place? One thing is for sure, thats none of the accused in such crimes are afraid of the aftermath of the incident cause they know they can get away with what they do. Earlier when you misbehave badly to a girl or woman, we could ask them how they would feel it happened with their sisters or mothers, but alas , times have changed, even sisters and relatives aren't safe in their own houses anymore. 

        The picture I've posted is a banner stuck outside one of the companies in the IT park I work in. They took a resolve to do something about this, and am I glad to see it. See the response they have received, but a signature won't mean anything, there are lots of petitions filed, but seems like nothing is having any effect on the deaf ears of the Government. 

   If people really feel it from the heart, then we can surely bring about a change, for a change is needed to ensure the safety of the womenfolk in our country henceforth. If no action is taken, from here on we can expect newspapers to be filled with only rape reports daily and eventually the society will turn immune to rape and accept it as a necessary social evil. So I urge all of you to think about it and raise your voices, let yourself be heard, if not for your sake, atleast for the sake of your future child. 

 Nothing ever changes if you stay quiet and do nothing about it.
 Nothing ever changes if you think that it didn't happen to you, for you maybe next.