Saturday, February 16, 2013


I have looked,
Under the boulder,
And I have looked,
Over the fence

There existed no passion,
While looking under the boulder,
Nor did passion exist,
When I looked over the fence

I keep questioning myself,
Whats wrong with me,
And I keep asking myself,
What I'm missing in me

I had no answers to it,
Nor justifications to show,
I was blank inside,
Like a balloon filled with air

I kept following you,
Hoping you would take me,
Where I was destined,
Just to feel betrayed

Everyday I woke up,
With a new dream,
Instilling some home,
Of a happy future

Every path I take crumbles,
When I reach halfway,
Leaving me clueless,
Whether to take a step,
In the path I was on,
To explore unknown lands,
Or take the known path back,
To where it began,
Where I'd be comfy again

I kept seeking for answers,
I kept asking myself,
Why I can't take the course,
And reach the destination,
Why I've to quit halfway,
And return to nothingness

Is it the lack of passion,
If it is then I wish I knew more,
Starting with the very definition,
To finding out what mine is,
For if I don't know my passion anymore,
My life's gonna come to a standstill