Friday, June 25, 2010

Friends ....whats friendship ?

Seriously :) lolxx

what is friendship?? :)

is it a ship ??
was it meant to b a ship ??
:\ i wish i knew :) , cause out here it really seems like a ship

well ...atlast m writin :\ n i tot today i wasnt in a mood to type something so long :) what a drag :) never mind :)
am on this page :)
really seeing posts from renzo n rina gives sum inspiration to type once again :)
well am not in the perfect mood to look at the typos i may make just cause i love to ignore them :P :)

so well coming back to the point , what was it that i was exactly pointing to ?:O
*scratches head*
gosh its been a long time since i left this post in half way :\ , i dont think any blogger would do anything like i do :P

so how do you define friendship ha? :)
what is it to you ? :)
maybe different people see it in different ways nah :) , that maybe why i always end up as the looser :)
does it look good to loose a friend?? :)
i dont think so ^^
how many have i lost ?
i really dont know :)
but then after 4th standard i dunt remember having any good friend till 11th :)
it was pretty much lonely for me :)
well then atleast i had 1 friend for 2 years :)
but its from then i was kinda into online stuff :)
its actually the school that brought me into all these networking sites :)
not any1s fault :)
from the first online friend i made ie deepika sis to now moni :) ...i remember most of them :)
it may have been over 4 years still :).....i cant forget the good times n sad times :)
people really never realised how imp they are for me :) n never will understand :)
it may all be just a virtual world for them :) let it be :) i dont mind nah :)
but for me ,its much more :)
looking down to the 1st cool community m been in till it got hacked , the i dont care community :)
to the i love my family community )
everythin was awesum :)
i miss my friends , ofcourse they dont n they wont :)
i hope they are all having a happy time :)

of all ppl .......from that distant past .....
only a few been still in touch :)
esp ......sinyo :) .......akki ......n sam siso :)
spl ppl >D<
then m had lota ppl aswell but then they left me nah :)
maybe its due my on fault :) n m sorry :)

i dunno if am right or wrong ....but if you see me wrong you can always correct me , but at times i may still force myslef to go forward cause am darn stubborn na :)
sorry but all i really expect is you to catch me if i fall :)

people change :) aint your fault or my fault :)
its the way of nature :)
but leaving behind................ ???
what exactly do you wanna leave behind yourself as you go ha?
is it your friends??
i dunno how you think n act :)
i dont claim anything :)
am not so great or anything :)
m just a simple person , who just wants to be simple
maybe i think too much.... maybe i get tensed up a lot
n even cry a lot ..but still in the end m still me
i can always try to pull back up if i fall down over small hurdles.....

n faith n trust :) maybe they are same ..or kinda almost same :)
still its needed nah?
in everything :)
be it love or friendship :)

if you choose to trust someone , y get hurt suddenly if your friend does something you never expected??
what if he/she had a reason .....
cant you give em a chance to say their side of the story too?
do you really need to assume or believe in rumours??

for just 1 word you hear from someone you really just met or whom you really dont even know , u doubt your friend whom you've known forever???

is that how it all has to end?? is it so , that you cant forgive em ??
what would you have done if you were in his place ha?
what would you feel if you were in his shoes??
trying to explain to him/her why he had to do it , or trying to prove that he/she never did anythin like that?

will you believe your friend or the stranger???

i know this worlds been cruel :) but still you expect everyone to be the same???
they say if you love the world , the world will love you back :)

i dunno too much to preach on anything :) , imma just a kid :)
everybodys nobody :)
i dont mind being the outcast
u really wont understand how i feel :)
even if i say ... none would believe either :)
m just writing out what i feel , not to make anyone believe anything :)
its just cause i just cant tell anyone anymore cause m got my punishment for telling :)
but still i believe that they will understand me one day :)
one day.......

n as per me a friendship that ends never really existed :)
if you choose me , you should be able to accept me the way i am :) else dont even bother nah :)
cause it may mean nothing to you :) , but it hurts me :)
i will always think of the good times n cry over it :)
so please dont hurt me no more :)

i.........m just...... a........boy..... :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just random

Just copy pasteing what i typed sumwere else:) ^__^

just so that ion loose my krappy words out :)

it takes time to type anh:) ^^
dunt wanna loose moi senses:)^__^

i may not say whats good to hear ^^

but i oly say whats right , or what i feel is right :) as per moi instincts:) ^^

seriously what do i gain huh??

i got no gains :) ^^
i dunt need none :) , m know very well hw to stay n live alone , kuz that i had faced during moi skool lyf :) , m just tryin to avoid dat fer yew :)
tried bein with yew ppl awll i kud :) , but wat am i fer yew nyway :) nuffin ^^
jus a toy fer tp nah: )
good nah :) , use n throw :) , still ion kare:) ^__^
atleast there was some happie moments that i kan always keep with me :) ^__^

awll r just 2 self centred :) ^__^ wata do :)
thas lyf anh:) - thas wat u will tel me na , ny of yew :)

but thas hw it is now,not hw it was :) ^__^

changes gota be accepted?? - yeh ryt :) keep changing n loose yaself :) , u will fgt wat u wanted n what u had :) , n realise that oh gosh :( i lost it :) ,, n thas lyf na?? :)

they say think practically :) ..lolx ... m i thinkin theoretically??? i hate theory :)
impossible is nothin :) , say except flying :\ or stuff like that :)
what i say aint impossible nah:)
its withiin awl of yew:)
u just dunt wana see it,or u pretend u dunt see it :)
even wen it hurts :)

u prefer to learn the hard way :)

i may not b perfekt or a know it awll , i never klaimed, i got moi flaws:)
i dunno lota things:) i admit :)
still , i care:) that i knw + i dunt wanan prove nythin to ny1 :)
m sayin nt fer ny1s sympathy or feeling :)
its jus fer the sake that what goes unsaid got zero value :)
kuz if i dunt say now :) then u will say , u cuda tol me earlier :)
thas hw ppl are :) ion kawe:) ^^ , even if ion have no value , i atleast know m said this:) , :) so that u wunt say , in the future:) , that now its too late:)

what are frienx ha? ever known ha??? :)

u kna keepin laughin at me :)
call me awll dat yew want :)
.......wateveh :)
ion giv a damn kuz i still blv m was ryt:) , kuz wateveh happnd has proved me ryt always:) ^__^

unfo even if ppl ignore me n turn thier backs on me :)

i jus cant ignore them kuz they hate me or dislike me nah:)
once a fren , always a fren :)
thas hw i see :) i may mean nothin to you :) ,but ion kare :)
kuz u will always b moi fren :) ,......
feelings cant be hidden :)
you can say a million lies :)
but unfo takes more than that .. :) in front of me :)

i always say what i mean wen m in moi senses:) ^^
m always be there for awll moi frenx :) ^__^

no mater what they do to me, ion kare:)
m kan always fgv yew :) ...... :)
n ion lyk to distrb ppl hu dunt like me or like seein me :)
at tyms i do , fer that m sorry , i do that wen m off my proper senses ^^ n tensed n confused:)
sorry fer that :)
no matter what you throw at me :)
i will survive kuz i dunt keep moi pains within me :)
i always tell moi fwens :)
n wen i tell yew, u awll get hurt :)
n yet u keep askin fer it :) y ha??
i dunt wanan hurt ny of yew :)
but then m sharin with you , but are yew???
m i nythin fer yew?:) ^^

best frens dunt keep nythin frm each other:) so i always told yew, but yew ppl dunt :)
that shows anh:) ^__^
ppl have got hurt a lot kuz of me n m sorry:)
n really sowi to "ppl" <3>D< kuz iono wat happnd dint mean to hurt yew:)
n lizy dunt b low :) , atleast if u consider me as wat yew say:) , u got me always, even if u dunt u still got me :)
n poo ....u dunt have 2 pretend to me :) kuz i known yew:) atleast fer sumtym :)
keep hidin n dunt tell if u dunt wana:) hu m i fer yew nyway na?:) ^^
u got bettah fwenx nw nah:)
stay happie :)
i knw dey wunt hurt yew lyk i do by sayin krap :)

gbu awl ^^

Love ? care ? affection ?

Well , .... just like how i usually start :P hehe :)

What is love anyway?:o
can you see it?
can you touch it?
i know not :)
as for me , it just can be felt :) like how most of you might be feeling aswell :)

people say they hate love ,....doesnt make any sense :) ^__^
cause love is everywhere n in everything :)
there will always be something you love nah :) ^__^ , even some who likes to be left alone , likes his or her loneliness :)
somethings are hard to explain :)
love is :) just too hard to say :)
what you feel cannot be expressed in words or actions just as perfectly as you feel :)
Loving aint about saying I love you , or about the kisses and hugs :)
Its about understanding each other :) , accepting each other the way they are :) .
Loving each other for what they are :)
I aint no professor :) , but i have my own views na , n m just wanna say it out :) thats all i intend to do :)
Plus love aint just about a bf-gf relationship :)
There is so much more :)
Like friends and parents :) , never forget them :)
Parents are the only people who have loved you from the time your born till their time here is up :) , infact :) no love can overshadow it :)
I was always happy with my friends :)
i never wanted to be in that so called love , i always wanted 2 be with my parents only :)
i never thought of a life after that :) , i never wanted to love any1 else :)
but i got no choice :)
my dad says he will get me married duh :\
if thats the case :) i would rather choose to be with some one who can accept me the way i am :) than spoil a complete stranger's life , right? ^_^
n i dunno what happens ,whats happening or what will happen :)^^
m just hoping for the best , keeping my faith in this :)
will continue....
as promised :) m continuing ..dunno after how many days: )
cant pick up from where i left anyway :)
I wanted to say something about freinds :) should i write here or make a new post?:O

now considereing that couldnt complete this that day itself makes it a lil hard for me :) so
sorry :) closing here :) ^__^


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Personality profile ??? :O of myn huh :\

well , this is not my finding :)
one of my dearest posted it out there in one community :)

so am just goin to post exactly what i saw there :)

Personality Profile - Sagittarius Nov22-Dec21

Sagittarius is a Mutable Fire sign, ruled by Jupiter. As the ninth sign of the zodiac, the Sagittarius individual is a free spirit who is an easy-going, optimistic, inquisitive, and very straightforward soul who was born to explore, both inwardly and outwardly. Famous and Historical characters sharing the Sagittarius sign include Nostradamus (November 14), Winston Churchill (November 30), Mark Twain (November 30), and Britney Spears (December 2).

Sagittarius is the traveler of the zodiac and considers every day an opportunity for another adventure. This is a cheerful, spontaneous, and idealistic individual with an exceptional sense of humor. Though there is not a malicious bone in his body, Sagittarius often suffers from foot-in-mouth syndrome, giving honest assessments where a little tact might suit the situation better, then dancing merrily away with nary a thought as to how his comments have negatively affected others. Though not considered particularly deep by friends and acquaintances, Sagittarius does think deeply about the big picture, such as why he is here and where he is going, and can often see the end results with almost prophetic accuracy. As a lifelong seeker of knowledge, Sagittarius will likely be quite well-read in a variety of subjects, and will be equipped with a well-developed philosophy in which he maintains unshakable faith. Sagittarians retain almost a child-like quality throughout their lives, always remaining optimistic and never fully accepting the seriousness inherent in day-to-day living. Obviously, this degree of child-like naivety coupled with borderline reckless spontaneity can and does cause problems for some Sagittarius individuals, but if things don't turn out well, they will dust themselves off and cheerfully jump to their next adventure without any serious regrets.

For those with a Sagittarian child, you have a happy-go-lucky kid who is always on the move, and who from a young age will bounce around the house with a skip in his step and a song on his lips. This is an adaptable kid who will accept and even embrace change readily, and who will be the first out the door when the family is planning a trip. He will live his little life with reckless abandon, exploring, discovering, and pushing his boundaries every waking hour, with his exasperated parents always a step behind. Early on, that Sagittarian "mouth faster than brain" trait will show up, and it would behoove parents to watch what they say around him, lest they find him happily spewing family secrets to all the neighbors. Once in school, expect your little Sagittarian to be the class clown, with a lot of admiring little friends. He will certainly not be the most focused kid in the class, but he is smart enough and ambitious enough to do a good job in his studies, especially with gentle guidance. Sagittarius kids will likely be interested in sports while in school, and this is good outlet for them, both to burn off energy and to teach that discipline is not always a bad thing. Sagittarian kids may also show a penchant for the performing arts while still in school, and should be encouraged in this respect, as many a Sagittarian has made his mark in show business.

Sagittarius in the workplace is the one with the world map on the wall with push pins in all the places he plans to go. He is self-confident, positive, enthusiastic, and easy-going, and he is likely way ahead of you as far as the company's big picture is concerned. As the sign of the Archer, Sagittarius will aim high at work, resulting in rather spectacular achievements (or sometimes spectacular failures). Fortunately, his successes will usually outweigh his failures, and in general you can count on his hunches to pan out profitably. Sagittarius will get along well with co-workers despite his always present blunt tactlessness, and because of his need to know everything, he will be a fountain of information as far as who is doing what at any given moment. Though he might seem frivolous and you often find yourself wondering if he is doing anything at all, Sagittarius will be the one who pinch hits at the eleventh hour and saves the day. Sagittarius will do best in occupations that allow for a good bit of freedom, and will wilt like a week-old rose in a job that is too restrictive.

If you have found a romantic partner in a Sagittarian, the first thing you need to know is that although he reels in fairly easily, he is likely going to be difficult to land. The Sagittarian mind equates commitment to confinement, and it is just not in his nature to accept confinement without a struggle. Sagittarius is a wanderer and a philosopher who will only accept a partner who understands his need for adventure and excitement. Homebodies need not apply! Your Sagittarian will be a spontaneous, fun, energetic, even-tempered mate most of the time, but if you do something to irritate him, don't be surprised if he unleashes a surprising fiery side that will likely be sprinkled with the unvarnished, unflattering truth as he sees it. The best mate for Sagittarius is one who is strong, self-assured, independent, and adventurous, who is willing to give him the space he needs.

The best matches for Sagittarius for sure are Aries and Leo, but Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Aquarius might work for some individuals. It will likely be tough going for Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces, which are the least compatible signs for Sagittarius.

Sagittarius in any relationship is going to be a fun, exciting, fast-moving ride indeed. Sagittarius possesses a degree of spontaneity not seen in any of the other signs, and will continually surprise you with new adventures in living. Be aware that your Sagittarian friend will at some juncture point out your physical or personality flaws in offhand remarks, never realizing the impact of his observations. Understanding and accepting that this is just part of the deal will go a long way as far as being able to just ignore this particular trait in your Sagittarius friend. In general, your Sagittarian friend will provide you with a lot of laughs and a lot of adventure, going places you've never been and seeing things you've never seen, while simultaneously providing engaging insight and profound commentary along the way.

well wat have you gota say after readin that :) ^__^

some things written are so me :) n i dunno why m so :) ^^ sorry :) but its the way i am nah :) ^__^
i was observant oly :) , n i say what i feel is right :) , but with no intent to hurt anyone , m just saying for your own good :)
i never knew that whateveh i say always hurts all of you :) n my deepest apologies for that :) i cant guarentee that i wont hurt you no more :) so for your own good stay away from me :)
thats my warning to all my dear ones :)
its good that people turned their backs on me n went when i needed them the most :)
life is so :)
m best off left alone :)
n m sorry :) that am so :)
my life, your curse :) ^__^
sorry :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tear drops

Tears ?? what are they ??
its what comes out from our eyes , but y?? :)
what does it really signify??
pain? sorrow? loss? forgiveness? happiness?
i really dunno :)
i do cry a lot :) ,thats all i know :)
wen m sad or upset i cry :)
when m filled with emotion , even when its something that makes me really happie , i cry :)
at times even when i eat sumtyn spicy that burns me :\ tears come out from my eyes
an then even in class room , when the lectures are boring , n when i suppress my yawing , tears come out na but it usually comes cause of a reason :)
thinking of the past always brings it out :)
its the heart that really cries out nah :)
then y not blood?? y as tears ^^
i know m sensitive n weak ^^ thats just how i am :)
in a world where tears dont have any value , y shud i hide my tears :) , but i hide it so that none asks me y :)
and for some coincidence i luv water :)
i relate myslef with Jal :) iono .......i feel so :)
i love rain , i love standing alone in the rain :) feeling the droplets fall on my cheeks :)
getting fully drenched in it :) , walking on the road in the rain is just awesome :)
even if i cry then none will see it either :)
The true fact is that :) people know the right words but not the right feelings :)
so sad :)
is crying good or bad?? :)
i think its good :)
atleast that way the feelings inside will flow out :)
n i know thers so much of crap inside me :(
i wish i could be something for someone :(
atleast be a little useful :((
but am not :( , i feel like am being a curse for all :( , wherever i go i spread only gloom n pain :(
what lies in me goes out in the wrong ways affecting all the people who truly care :(
i feel so darn guilty that i really wish i dont exist no more :(
writing and typing dont mean anything :(
i am jsut as useless as i was meant to be :(
whether i look good or bad iono n ion kare anymore :(
i always wanted to be nice to everyone :(
i just wanted to see only happiness in all
n if ever anyone had any pain i wnated them to share it with me so that i could relive them of half their pains anh :(, i really dont like to see anyone suffer :( but when i try to help them :( i just end up giving them more and more pain :(

fer that , my perfekyt song :(
Tourniquet :(

I tried to kill the pain :( , but only brought more , so much more :((

i hate myself for that :(
all the people who care gets hurt cause m sensitive n sad all the time :(
n really sorry to all of them :(
i never meant to hurt anyone :(
its just the way i am :(
n i cant change it :(
i always wanted people to stay away from me , or rather hate me :( so that my deeds wont hurt them :(
my behaviour only hurts :( i know that :( yet m still being like that only :(
seriously people shouldnt get so close to me :( if you do :( m sorry :( , only pain awaits you :(
m warning you :( please stay away :( for your own good :( i aint saying this so that you come to me :( or get closer to me :(
please i mean it :( i dunt want you to regret being with me :(
you shouldnt really be wasting time on me :(
how well do you know me nah? :(
my pains will never die :( , when m alone , which is most of the time , all i think of is the past :(
someone also comes to my mind , but the fact that i hurt that sum1 also makes things worse :(
all people should have really stayed away from me :(
am not used to having good friends, n when i got some :( i never wanted to loose them :( unfo people change with time :(
when they realised m of no use to them they left me n went :(
n m scared of that :( always will be :( , whatever i do i think n do when m in my senses , i think many times , but when m taken in the wrong way i get upset :(
sorry :( each n every one of my friends mean a lot to me :)
you will never understand how i feel :)
i have always been far away :) so so far .......
never reachable ........
but i always could do anything for my freinds .....
i could forgive anyone for what they did with me
still it only brought me more n more reasons to cry :)
cause everything i have done seems to be a mistake :) big ones :) n m really sorry :)
i feel so so sad :( how could that someone really bear with me ?:O :((
am being so so dumb ,, n really hurting :(
my dreams were ??? iono :((
1 person to hug n cry when m upset :(
to go hand in hand wherever
to stick together even if the whole world is against us :)
iono how many of my freinds will b with me as time passes:((
most of them will get busy with their own lives n surely will forget me :)
who am i ? who was i anyway? :)
nobody .......

but m guess m lucky to have this special someone who i expect to be with me :) m let go if thats for er happiness :) , all i want is er happiness after awll :) no matter how much it may hurt me :) , atleast she wunt b sad :)
n the greatest luck is to have a few people :)
esp my bro n sis :)
for so long :)
n i believe they will always be :)
as for sis , she will have er restictions after marriage :) nvm :)

they both have always been with me :)
:>D< ^__^


tbc ....................

War to ..... ????

War ,.......
i think i got a split up for it which i just thought of right now :)
W - Worst
A - And
R - Ruthless

y do people fight??? ever wondered? what do u think is the reason???
animals fight aswell :O but then , usually they fight for food or for territory :)
humans are animals :) thats y they fight too i guess , for resources and power :)
command n conqueor duh what a pity :)
What exactly is happening in this world right now?? :O seriously i dunt get it :)
People brought about religions so that they stick together n observe peace and harmony forever :)
but what gives?? people fight on the name of religion :)
lolx , i feel like i just dunno :) pity on all of them :)
whats all these mean anyway??
heaven or hell ?
killing people is a sin :)
what are terrorists??? :O
are they good or bad??
just cause america got nuclear power then can boss out on other minnows??
seriously ,whats the need of an army?? to kill or be killed??
i saw a film yesterday ......many may not like it :) still it had one thing
the main protagonist in it believed that with great power justice can be brought out :) n and only with power , but then he was made to realize that , it aint power but its love that can really change everything :)
Now what is love??
people are just going around saying i love you to others without really knowing what it means, some people say they hate love , but they still fail to realize love is always around them :)
friendship is the purest form of it :) , but now days even the real meaning of friendship is lost :)
its all just a game or time pass for all :)
I always felt i loved a lotta people :) , n it was that kinda love , but now i know , it wasnt :) it was the love of friends that really existed in me for them :)
and i always expected them to leave me behind n go someday :) n most of then disappoint me :) they sure did leave me behind :) without even letting me know y :) , without telling me whats wrong with me , so that i could correct myself :)
I know i aint perfect :) n i accept my mistakes n flaws yet none is willing to really help me out , but m always want to be helpful to others n will always be so :)
thats the basic me :) i am me , n will stay myself :) , there may be lil changes on me on the outside , but deep within me , m always been the same , more knowledge makes me better only :) knowledge is meant to be passed on :) keeping it to oneself aint ever going to help anyone :)
its true people will take away the credit u deserve :) forgive them nah :) , just take it as it just wasnt meant to be :)
you will feel betrayed ?? most prolly so :) but dont give up hope anh :)
u know it was yours , people are looking upto some one else , but if you really wanna claim it as yours go ahead :) your wish :)
even i've felt so nah , but i never could be .....
N even as i type this i still dunno what to entitle this with :)
i am so filled up with thrash that iono what i type , or what i wanted to type , n what i finally typed out :)
it may all be different from what i actually thought of typing na :)
i wade through my feelings,thats all mixed up , sorry :) its all i can say :)


Whats in being Veg or Non Veg??

Well well :) ...wats in it anyway?:) ^^
If you blame some for being non beg , being beg is also equally bad ,,,atleast thats what i think n feel :) ^__^
They say eating animals is cruel .... aha :) true that :)
if you see them being slaughtered , you will never feel like eating them :)
U sure will feel bad , when you hear their desperate cry for mercy :( , too bad , they aint spared ..
their long long cries of pain and suffering will touch you if you got feelings n then never feel like feeding on them again ^^
But then ..wat of plants?? they dunt suffer?? they provide us with fruits nah :) n yet they get killed too :)
unfo they cant express their pain ^^ , n well we are stealing thier food that the made all by themselves ^^ hw cruel are we then ha?? ^__^
just cause they cant express it , we think its ours :) ^^
what are humans anyway??? we aint rulers or meant to be :)
we dont have right to take the lives of other living things nah :)
now technology is going so so fast that :\
one day there may not be any tree left :\ n ppl will produce oxygen syntetically :)
n generations down they will see trees and animals only in textbooks :O
imagine that?? :O
Humans got brains n thinks for themselves only :) soon :) when there aint anything left :) what will they do ???

am so so diverting off what i meant to type :) but well it started with it lemme just go on :) ^^
think of all the resources ....renewable n non renewable

m leavin this here as a base of thought :) ^__^

tbc ............. \m/

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The way i am

Well wat do i say of meh ? i really dunnow :) ^__^

i really dunt know how i act or react to stuff ...n really thoughts are wandering as always :) cause thas how i am :)
N as for the readers , infact ion xpect ny1 to read excpet for rina :) ,so apologies for my typing in this one post coz m nt in a mood to type in proper lingo :) , hope you understand awll the crap i write in this ,just in case you read this :) ^__^

is it a mistake? m i a mistake? m i a curse? m i bad luck to awll ?

m really starting to wonder all this nowdays , cause i see that m being a reason for pain for a hell lotta people out there , n ion think m been useful for even my dear parents n all other people who love me nah
my deepest apologies :( , i am so me :( always will be so i guess :(

I cant understnd why i am so ^^ , its really pointless being so :)
y do i spend my time thinking of all the stuff around me ,instead of thinkin about myself n the people who i should care most about?? :( m sorry to all :(
i tend to think too much of the rest of the world i guess
why the hell should i care about world peace when m jus a lil kid who can do nothin to stop the wars?
why should i care about the lost culture in europe n america?
why should i care what people deserve ??
i really dunt know
but these are some of the things that i spend my time thinkin on , n i dunt know y ??? :(
at tyms i can justify it by saying , one tiny step by me ,is the 1st step required for this to happen :)
maybe someday ^^
all i can do is keep on hoping for that ryt ? :\

We are all dumb watching european n american films n then trying to imitate what they do ^^
copying everything from there ^^
what are we??? ^^
copying their style ^^
is that anything to b proud of of???
sacrificing or looking down upon our tradition n culture ^^
ok somethings can be ^^ but not everything anh ^^
wth does marriage mean to them?
its just nuthin to them
1 day marry ,next day divorce , then nxt day marry sum1 else n so on ^^
is that how it is in india, so rather say was in india?? ^^
things are changin ^^
n it aint fer the better :)
going from bad to worse ,....n wat do they call it??? development ^^
wah wah
n do we really lack nythin in india?? ^^
its our scientists who work out there in diff countries n acheive the real stuff ^^
n they progress ^^
y cant they do it here???
money???? is that it???
for me money is just a peice of paper ^^
ohryt i agree i dunt have ny value fer it kuz my dad n mum luks afta me ^^
n ion carry money arnd with me most of the time , n m aint greedy fer it either ^^
ion rember buyin nythin fer me by myslef ^^
everythin dat i got is given by sum1 or the other ^__^
u can say m nt on my feet yet ^^ , actually i dunt wannabe ^^

yeh the wrst thoughts i got are like this
terrorists are really saving the planet ^^ \m/
by killing ppl :) , they maybe innocent ^^ , but theres too much ppl in earth now ^^
resources are so low ^^
n keep on reducing :) ^__^
the depletion rate is faster than growth rate a considerable tyms more ^^
at this rate nuffin will last ^__^
m heard sumwere ^^ dat ....we shud grow n keep stuff fer the future n nt fer our own use :) ^__^
fer eg a tree ^^ may nt bear a fruit in our lifetime but the future can njoi the fruits of it anh :) ^^

n really i like being different ^^
in every single way ^^
but in the whole m just like u :) ^^ a dumb lil human ^__^

n wenever i do sumtyn i always think a lota tyms abt it ^^
wata do diffrnt ways ^^
in diff angles , xcpt wen m upset,sad or hyper ^^ ..else m always really put a thought to what i do before i act ^^
i always think what would be the best choice n act ^^
maybe best fer me , not for awll ^^

but look at this ^^

think ..... if you are in a situation ^^ ,just imagine ^^
if you are in that place begging for some mercy to sum1 else , what do u expect? u want mercy nah ^^
n if u dnt get wat wud yew feel? ^^
i always think from their point of view n do stuff ^^ ....
maybe m wrong , maybe m ryt , iono ^^
but i have always been denied , so i dunt wanta do dat to others ^__^
kuz i know hw it feels :)
wat wud i gain by hurting othres ?? :) ^__^
if they really will change if given a chance wont it b really good?? :) ^^
they may not change but if they do ^^ :) ...just think ^^
thas y i am like this ^^ :)
m being too linient? ^^ maybe :)
but everyone deserves a chance ^^
you will only know the value of it wen u urslef seek 1 :) ^__^
till then yew will treat awll like ufff ...he/she is so n so ^^ buzz off ^^
n wen sum1 tellx yew to buzz off yew will know that pain ^__^

n as for the people in other parts of the world ^^ i cant do anything for these poor americans ^__^
i feel pity :)

i got 1 big question ^^
answer me if you can ^^

what do we really need? :) ^^
please do state yer views ^^
cause yer views will b really educative for me :) ^__^

an as for things ^^
do i live or do i exist?
-> i barely exist ^__^

i try being nice to all , at times even i get mad na :) m sowei ^__^
rudeness is not wat i mean ^__^

i kinda at tyms expect people to think like me n understnd wat i really mean ^^ unfo they awll take it in the wrong way :) ^^
n i gup sum wrds to type out faster , expecting ppl to understnd ^^ unfo , at tyms meanings change i guess n then they dunt understnad nythin anh
m sorry for all such mistakes from my side ^__^

m not perfekt ^^ but i really wanna be wat i wanted to be :) ^^
wat i neveh wanted ppl to experince ^^ :) .......
even i dunno wat i mean :)

i speak sense at times n non sense the rest of the time ^^
this post may be considerd as crap ^__^
but still , i was really hurt :) so i just wrote out wateveh came to my mind now ^__^
jus like pukin it out all of a sudden ^^ :)
n sorry for awll the typos ^__^
i really dint care much to correct them ^^

let peace prevail ^__^

the question that i m a curse or not will always remain unanswered :)
cause ^^ when people meet me , they think i am so nice ^__^ ...n awll the good things ^^
but i know m not
n in the end they find out m bad ^^
or say rather way too sensitive or emo ^^
its not my fault ^^
keep yaw distance from meh :) ^__^
it will be for your awn gud :) ^^
m always warned ^^ my fwenx that they can never stand meh :) .....they deny , but in the end its always the same ^__^

n a tribute to faye :) ^__^ wereveh yer dea :) i hope yer happie :) , n hope your hubby is looking after you well ^__^
u will always be remeberd :) ^__^
atleast u always considered me as your best friend when we knew each other nah :) ^__^
its not distance that matters ^^ its the heart ^^


[to be.............................]