Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why i warned you.

♥ i tried pushin u away,
bt u kept pulling me in,
i tried warning u again,
u still kept pullin me in

u swore on my life,
i chose to break the seal,
now that u know,
u dun wana know nymore

now u keep pushin me away,
i dun even wana resist,
i knew dis was to come,
cuz u r awl so d same ♥


ion need naffinn,
lost in d dilemma,
d question keep poppin,
d answers unchoosable,
y do i care,
d question repeats,
wid no answer to say,
i still ponder,
wen i luk fer reasons,
i c nothin ,
wen i wish ta end it awll,
i c sumtyn ,
wish to break down,
wish to let it out,
but i jus cant ,
ders 2 much within,
to let go now,
d fear of xplodin,
keeps poppin up,
lukin fer d emptiness,
i see d green,
lukin fer sum hope,
i c awl balck ,
thers no rhyme,
ders no life,
nothin was meant to be,
d way it is now,
never meanta be

You, my friend

♥ my wish my way.
i knw u dun care ,
m i so bad,
i always felt so

but u all show it ,
u all prove it,
thanks for showin me,
how i am for yew

but i'm not u,
never will b,
i dont care wat u think,
coz u my friend anywy ♥

If things were..

♥ things cuda been different,
if i wanted it to be,
things cuda been better,
if only i wished

wishing is only one side,
acting is hell bent,
power ceases to exist,
the will hath faded

the thoughts seem dead,
the flow nullified,
the heart still beats,
the feelings benumbed ♥

Fading within

wen i say,
its a joke ,
wen i dun say,
its a secret

when u ask for answer,
i give it to yew,
but then u say,
shut up already

u expect me to share,
bt u dunt wana listen,
u keep complaining,
yet u dunt care

u blame people,
cause they dunt care,
as thou i care,
when even u dunt

ion mind if u do or not,
ion care if u giv a damn,
i knew my way,
i will find it again

i saw a glow in u,
that wanted to preserve,
what do i have in me,
that u walk away

am i the sin,
that u scared of,
am i the pain,
u wish to kill


♥ whats pain..
I got no idea...
Whats pain...
I got no clue..

I see u low,
I see u cry,
I see u broken,
I see u shattered

Why do u cry,
Why cant u stop,
Is it really worth,
All ur time? ♥

Where will you go??

♥ when the dark of the low hits you ,
you r gone ,
you r lost,
just a question looms,
where will u go,
theres nowhere left to hide,
theres no one left to hold,
where will u go now,
u cant escape,
neither do u want to ,
u cant escape,
even if u wanted to ♥

Why care?

♥ y do i even care, 
y do i even fear ,
wats in it for me,
wat will happen to me nyway

y shud i even think,
y shud i even feel,
wats ma gain ,
other than d pain nyway

y shud i even try,
y shud i even cry,
wats gonna happen,
wats gonna change nyway ?? ♥


♥ Reasons to cry....
Reasons to die...
Y do i care...
Y do i try...
Wen u dunt care..
Wen u dun mind...
Harder to try...
Harder to smile...
Wer do i go...
Wer do i hide..
Reasons to cry....
Reasons to die... ♥

No more pain

♥ be lost ,
be gone ,
from yer sight,
from your thoughts

be silent,
be unseen,
from everywhere,
from everything

no more shall u see,
no more shall u suffer,
this unwelcome pain,
the pain of me ♥


♥ the routines disrupted,
the actions forgotten,
the duties undone,
the memories faded

the faith lost,
the questions unanswered,
the problems unsolved,
the chores still undone

where am i lost,
what happened to me,
that times outa my hands,
that i cant keep it wid me ♥

Do i feel lost???

walkin through the side,
crossing through the tide,
lending a hand forward,
to let u move upward

we were standing there,
watchin the time change,
we were holding arms,
believing in ourselves

remembering all the joy and fun,
bringin tears rolling down,
rememberin all the sorrow and anger,
puttin up lil smiles on your face

why did u have to be the same,
when u promised u were different,
why did u have to change,
when u told u never will

the memories keep poppin up,
like photos in an album,
the hollow void u left,
will remain unfilled forever


♥ wherever i am,
whatever i am ,
however i am ,
i will be the same

whatever i do,
however i do,
it will not be the same,
cause i will be the same

i aint like you,
i cant do like you,
cause all i know is that,
em just a misfit ♥

Look at yourself

♥ at times i look at yew n wonder , 
what have u not got dat u r like dis,
what more do u need ,
till yew are satisfied 

what r u gona get by awl dis,
wat ju think u gain by this,
the more u hurt people,
the more people will hurt you

no use crying,
no use trying,
the pain u caused,
will b awll yours ♥

Change in you

meanings change,
thoughts change,
surroundings change,
situations change

life changes,
do feelings as well??

what u said yesterday,
has become the past of today,
what u said u mean,
is now meaningless,
what u made me feel then,
u dont wanna no more

what did i do ,
for u to change like this,
did i make a mistake,
seein myself with u

not then ,
not now ,
but from then ,
till the end

i saw people ,
but they were just people,
but when i saw u,
i felt something different

i dint know it at first,
but soon realized,
i put myself in u,
for you to look after

i see my smiles in the mirror,
i see the memories,
i feel the joy,
i feel my heart

but not anymore,
where am i ,
where did it go,
i feel no more

was it a dream,
or a nightmare,
i cant let it go,
i cant feel u now

i still see you,
right in front of my eyes,
i still keep you,
right inside my heart

i keep begging,
don't let me go,
i keep crying,
please don't go

u keep taunting,
you let me go,
u keep shouting,
you need me not

life is so messed now,
dunno what to do,
living hurts me now,
when its without u 

The turn around....

♥ when existence hurts more than life,
why would u wanna live,
when ignorance is all u get,
n tears are all u can shed,
smile has becum an expression of d past,
happiness is now hi-s-tory

what do u need,
when u got love,
what do u seek,
when u got trust

why do u cry,
when u got love,
why do u hide,
when u got friends

the saying goes around,
what goes around,
comes back around,
way back around ♥

when it all began

when it awl began,
i was so scared,
when it awl began
i had nothing to say,
when it awl began,
i cant believe i dint fall ryt away,
when it awl began
i had no faith,
u kept walking away,
and in time,
u kept coming back
as time passed away,
i was getting the reality,
the feelings coming to me,
that u were d 1 for me
where did i go wrong,
that i lost your faith,
why am i so alone now,
that i feel so lost ryt now
the time spent together,
being cursed memories,
the happy times spent,
hurtin like a bullet in my head
why do u not understand,
that i need u so much,
why do u not feel that,
i need u as much as u need me
where did i go wrong,
that i lost my life,
i wanna know now,
how to save my life

Free fall.

♥ the question is lost ,
d answer unknown,
where was i,
wen awl of dese happend

the heart seeks solace,
the eyes some rest,
the tears got dried up,
waitin ta be wiped up

the mind seeks answers,
for questions profound,
sanity at d edge,
cruisin down a vertical drop ♥