Monday, May 28, 2012

What Makes You Different

What is it that holds you together,
So firm and calm even under the storm,
What gives you this strength,
To hold out through this life

Why can't I be strong like you,
Why do I just have to envy you,
Why can't I hold myself out too,
Am I not a human just like you

There is strength in my mind,
There seems to be faith in my heart,
They why do I crumble in fear,
Why do I end up crushing myself down

What makes you  different,
That you outshine the rest,
With the glow on your face,
That's brighter than the sunlight

What restricts the strength within me,
Which should have known no bounds,
What projects me a weakling,
Who is always lost and upset

What makes you different,
That you have the strength,
To hold your tears within,
And put up with a fake smile

Why can't I do the same,
And pretend to be happy,
Why can't I hide my feelings,
And put up a mask of happiness

What makes you different,
Is the mental strength you possess,
That lets you overcome the pain,
For the sake of you loved ones

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Utter Gloom

Now I'm totally lost,
And too damn bored,
I'm wandering around,
Searching for things unknown

Is it that I'm always low,
But I never felt so thou,
Even if the words speak out,
For I've always been chasing smiles

Happiness knows no bounds,
Even if it merely lasts a few seconds,
I wouldn't let go of that chance,
To fully enjoy that moment for life

Then why do I portray myself gloomy,
When all I want is to be happy,
Why can't I just stick to being so,
Till the very end of time unknown

I try to bring about a smile on my face,
By dragging out your precious smile,
Which lay hidden deep down in you,
Like a rusted scrap of metal left unused

I don't want you to trip over and fall,
I just wanted to lend you a hand to move on,
As I know myself better than you ever could,
For I feel best when lending a hand to a friend

I feel this urge to write more and more,
But there just ain't the words to pen it down,
I feel so full of emotions and feelings,
But I'm just too empty in words to express

This feeling of loneliness has crept in fast,
Though I know I'm not alone anymore,
But what the heart feels cannot be ignored,
For it makes the judgement that keeps you satisfied

I'm not sad, neither am I happy right now,
But an instance of something can turn the tables,
Thats how my mood swings drag me along,
Be it to happiness or to utter gloom

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sleepless Night

Lying on the bed at night,
Rolling over to and fro,
I still keep wondering,
Why is sleep still evading me

This is just a Sunday night,
After a week of work,
I should be sleeping tight,
After such a week of work

Why ain't I falling asleep,
Why am I still conscious,
Why can't just sleep no more,
When I try to sleep early

Trying to sleep so hard,
The time aint ticking fast,
But I lay there struggling,
To see that its sever hours

Why can't I fall asleep,
These eyes are closing in tightly,
But I am still not asleep,
Neither can I stay awake

Pondering over a million thoughts,
Trying not to think again,
I can't just stop myself,
From eluding the memories again

This was just a sleepless night,
Which forced me to wake up tight,
This is what I did instantly,
Getting up and penning down

Monday, May 21, 2012


I have lost the words now,
And feel not to speak no more,
No matter what you may try,
No matter what you shall say

The truth will always stay,
The reality can't be hidden anymore,
The pain of suffering can't be ignored,
For its catching all attention now

I can pretend all I want,
That I don't give a damn about it,
But the truth kills me within,
For every moment is a realization

Don't bother no more,
Of this mere presence of life,
Which holds no symbolization,
Of anything but hate and curse

For your ignorance is painful,
Why right now, why together,
Why everyone, why so always,
Let me have all of it right now

Unable to complete this poem,
I search for random words,
Which never make any sense,
When they are all put together

Every time I try to be happy,
I'm left disappointed,
The high hopes that rose sky high,
Fall crashing down like a bullet storm

I wish to be happy all the time,
Its not like I love to be sad,
Every time something good happens,
Its followed by the worst there could be

You never know the pain,
Being singled out all of a sudden,
Being close with quite a lot of friends,
And ignored by all of them together

I feel like running away,
I feel like shutting myself up,
You don't really need me,
Except when you got none else

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Life

The past will always be a curse,
Whether it was good or bad,
It still makes you wonder,
Why stuff happened the way it did

To think that life moves slow,
Is really a huge misconception,
The time that passes now,
Will never be yours again

Take a look at the past now,
And you'll see what you've missed,
How you wasted the time then,
And what all you could've done

The thought of not doing the right,
Even if it was a moment ago,
Will always keep haunting you,
As things wouldn't have been the same

One moment of hesitation from you,
And things have all gone unexpected,
It wasn't what you wanted then,
Nor was it anything you imagined

Nobody has the time to wait anymore,
None has the time to listen to you,
The flow of thoughts and understandings,
Have gone beyond misunderstandings

In scattering thoughts I loom now,
Seeking out and trying to connect,
The unbound ties of broken memories,
Those that stitch together "My Life"

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Day To Forget

Waking up to see that its too late,
The clock had already hit eight,
I hadn't slept a bit last night,
The eyelids resist to open now

The night was so long,
I kept rolling over the bed,
Unable to fall into sleep,
Unable to rest even a bit

Brushing up teeth in a hurry,
I hit the gums once again,
Hell was right in front then,
The pain of a sweet spot

Dressed up and got ready,
Staring at watch over and over,
Looking out for a bus to college,
Observing time ticking by

Listening music during the ride,
A thought flashed by my mind,
I searched my bag for it with no luck,
I had forgotten my college id card

Hoping for some luck with cash,
Remembering the words from that day,
Went ahead with faint hope,
That I can still succeed the quest

Denial was what awaited ahead,
Granting me total disapproval,
Making this day bizarre,
Throwing me hay wire inside

This was a day to forget,
And I was still expecting worse,
I wasn't disappointed after all,
I got more dose of it soon

My phone was silent and charging,
Saw a missed call and a message,
There is a meeting at five,
And I saw it with fifteen to five

What could be worse for a day,
Knowing it'll take at least  an hour,
To reach the office like everyday,
With expectations of facing the worst

The day couldn't get any worser,
What happened may happen again,
But I really hope it never does,
Cause a day like this can put me off

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Childhood Nightmares

I'm falling into pieces now,
I'm scattering with the thoughts,
I feel regret in my heart,
For being born in this world

Why did I have to be a human,
Living in this filthy world,
Why weren't I born a caterpillar,
Even if life was way shorter

Where are the morals and ethics,
What are humans doing now,
Their so called capability of reasoning,
Has way gone beyond insanity

The hidden truths shall be exposed,
With the ever flowing passage of time,
Ain't they ashamed of themselves,
For even having such disgusting thoughts

The world is now stained with evil,
The minds with power and lust,
With self satisfaction the only concern,
And the will to do anything to achieve it

I feel condemned living this life,
The life of a damned human,
The name brought upon us by the rest,
Will weigh us down for all eternity

The ones with the heart of purity,
Will never be recognized in light,
And the ones drenched in lust,
Always get stuff the way they want

Just think about yourself for a bit,
And see what you think of most,
You are no different from the rest,
As evil and wretched as those low lives

I'm left with no choice but to despise myself,
For I can do is sulk over this real issue,
Unable to think and act to the situation,
For I know that this world will never change

All of you fail to realize yourself there,
In the same damn situation standing helpless,
Worrying about your own children,
When they are put up with the same

Open your eyes and see the world,
When you abuse an innocent child,
Why can't you think about it,
Happening with your own child

Or have you lost all morals now,
That you don't care about your own,
Just for that moment of self satisfaction,
You expose your baby into a life of hell

Those little ones haven't done any wrong,
To deserve a childhood like this,
Filled with fear of their own elders,
Abusing them physically and mentally

They live in fear of them everyday,
Hoping the day passes by without being hurt,
Waiting to grow older and run away,
Seeking to end this nightmare once and for all

P.S : Child abuse hasn't been all that unnoticed but on a vast scale, its still unknown to most and it feels disgusting to be a part of a society with no morals and ethics so as to differentiate between a child and an adult, in fact its happening with adults and kids alike.  It would seem that its easier for them to prey upon helpless kids who may have it harder to resist, especially if its by their own family members. How will a mom ever be able to send her child to a school or tuition class, if they can't even trust their child with their own relatives. Stop Child Abuse And Get A Life. 

Losing Innocence

Alas, its been lost,
Once and for all,
Never again shall you,
Recover what you lost

Once its left you,
You shall never reclaim,
Its gone with the wind,
Never to be your again

You were the kid,
Around the block,
The one with the smile,
That outshone the sun

You're no longer that kid,
With the innocent smile,
That blossomed the flowers,
With the everlasting glow

The innocence you possessed,
Was stronger than the wind,
That it put a smile on the face,
That gazed upon your smile

That innocence is now lost,
With that step you took,
Which leads to maturity,
That you wished to achieve 

Life Without Internet

            Internet you say , what is it? The word Internet itself was pretty much unknown to most people around. There were no Internet Cafes during those times. Only very few people had a net connection , that too those living in the big cities. Being able to even browse net was a mere privilege back then. I still remember the first time we got a net connection at home, in fact that old modem is still there somewhere hidden in the mess within the house. Still dial-up modems were fun. Especially cause it used the land line , I can remember hearing people taking over the phone while trying to connect to net with that modem, though not so clearly.

            Where do we stand now? Dial-up ?? What is it? Its the generation of 3G n 4G. When you don't even need a modem at home to connect to the Internet. All you need is a good mobile phone and a service provider which supports data packet transfer. 3G is fast catching up all across our country now, though the developed nations are progressing into 4G territory. How fast technology has progressed. You don't need to sit in front of a computer anymore to listen to your favorite song or watch your favorite video , you can send and check your mails at anytime. You get to search for anything at any instant. There was a time when Internet wasn't Google, when Gmail wasn't the mail that everyone used to use. What has Google become now, even to check if internet is working you go to

                   The times when Nokia was the only phone people used to use, the ones with antennas. Everything has changed now, the Symbian era brought out the best of smart phones, cause the iPhone was just too out of reach. Blackberrys were a rich boys play toy. And now Android has taken over the world by storm bringing out the best right to your fingertips. What can you not do with one of them? Internet surely has been a blessing, the different ways it can be used.

               On a serious note, what do you use Internet for basically? If you're a 90's kid then definitely Social Networking. How useful it really has been, none can express. Its like some sort of necessary evil now. You can't live without it nor is everything right in it. Connecting with people is the best, making new friends and connections are truly awesome. But there are even evil sides to it. Getting addicted to it can lead to so many problems. It can rid you off your innocence, can leave you broken as well. "No net , no life" , that's the best suited motto for this current generation.

                    Social networks are actually more useful for our elders than for us, cause the way we use it and the way they use are different. using Facebook they get to connect with their old friends with whom they haven't had any contact in years. Whereas we use it for chatting every single day, and surely spend a hefty amount of our time daily in front of the PC on a networking site. We tend to waste our time endlessly staring at the screen , usually waiting to see a notification pop up, but for them , it gives them a hell lot of joy finding their old buds after such a huge span of years. That is what connecting is all about. When you go far from your loved ones, the ability to still stay in touch , to see them , to hear them like they were right in front of you is what internet has brought to us. Skype has surely gained popularity for its services, Yahoo messenger surely has fallen through,and I don't even know why.

              How many kids or you readers can stay off Facebook for a single day? The count will be pretty less, I'm sure. And mobiles have made it all the more addictive. Simple case , me , myself , what all I do with my phone. That people keep asking what the hell are you doing, and recently been saying keep the phone away and you are always pressing on your phone. Though I'm not always on Facebook , even Whats App and Foursquare keeps me busy , touching all over my phones touch screen. Anyways all of them need Internet. In fact , to use and iPhone or an Android device, Internet is a must, else there is no point having them. Everything you do is connected with the net, sharing photos, locations , videos, songs , anything. The Internet makes the world a very small place, which connects every single corner of it. Blessed, ain't we?

          Just as much as fun as it is, make sure you don't let it get the better of you. Stay safe, cause I've known just way too many stuff that's happened over the net, cause people fall prey to the fakers. But on the bright side of it, it gets large masses of people together who think alike and share the same views, the best example is the blogging nation brought together by sites like Indiblogger and BlogAdda, just to name a few. If you want to spread news fast, over a long reach , the Internet is the best way to do it now.

  Connect , life free and enjoy life.

This ones for the contest Internet is fun on Vodafone. Visit the link below if your interested in sharing your own experiences as well.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Real Me

Is it really true,
Was it the truth,
That hid beneath,
The veils of my smile

Is it the real me,
That you fail to see,
The me that I made up,
For me to live on

The fear that restricts me,
The fear of failure,
The fear that holds me low,
The fear of rejection

The wings of mine,
Meant to fly high,
Have been cut apart,
Leaving me a crawler

This is me as of now,
The world in my eyes,
Is nothing of worth,
Where I should be me

The thoughts have won,
Over my mind and body,
The reactions have changed,
With the flow of time

The reflections show me,
As a different person,
The truth shall unfold,
In front of the mirror