Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Experience it......

♥ what seemed so real once ,

was rubbed away like an illusuion ,

the visions i had of life ,

was nothing more than a dream,

from which i woke up now,

but i wish i never woke up

u can deceive me ,

u can fake at me,

u may hurt me,

u may break me,

but remember one thing,

it can happen to u too,

that is when u will experience,

the pain i felt,

the pain that never died,

just cause u dint care,

to listen or understand ,

what i had to tell u ♥

Rise up......

♥my dream is to fly ,

ova d rainbow so high,

my dream is to fly,

with u by my side

rise up from the fall,

n be urslf again ,

break free from the pain,

n show urslf again

ur dream is to fly,

but u tend to cry,

ur dream is to fly,

but u dunt wana try ♥

The you in you that you dont see.....

♥ u hav money,

u wil hav lota frnds ,

u wil hav a luv,

u hav lota tym ta waste,

u hav ntn to worry,

u liv in a palace ,

n u drive a ferrari

when its gone ,

u r on ur own,

u will loose awl d fake frnds,

u will loose ur money luvin lover,

u wil have no tym to even think,

u dont know wat to do,

u live in the streets,

n u dont even have a cycle,

bt u wil hav a friend with u,

n u had always ignored dat person♥

Cheer up......

♥ look at u ,

u r so lost,

look around u,

u aint as lost u thnk

look at d sky ,

look hw d starx shine 4 u,

look at ur mum,

luk hw she smiles at u

smiles n tears r urx,

bt watx urs is myn,

u dnt knw y? ,

we r friends na

cant u smile 4 me,

cant u cheer up ,

look at ur friends,

they r wid u na ♥

Growing up......

♥ there was a man,

he had a baby once ,

he lukd afta d baby lyk his own ,

he wantd to protct his baby ,

but the baby was naughty n neva lisnd to him ,

but the baby was sweet en kyute ,

er smile meant the world to him ,

her voice was d sweetest in the world ,

N he luved er a lot ,

time passed n the baby grew up ,

the baby spread er wings n left with er new found love,

leaving him there awl alone,

he first cried n then smiled,

he knew the baby wil always b hapie ,

kuz she was his baby ,

n he belived the baby's choice ryt,

kuz d baby went 4 her hapines ♥