Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Customize your Holidays

    "Customize your holidays" , well that what I felt when I saw the site first. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you might wanna take a look at it here . Even I came across this well structured site recently, to give a proper review on their new "Create your package tool", and boy it didn't disappoint.

                   The site provides a whole lot of holiday packages, well that wouldn't actually attract too many people cause there definitely will be a whole lot of sites and agencies that provide a fixed holiday package. From my last trip one thing I learned is that fixed packages really miss out on certain spots of personal interest, may not be appealing to majority of the tourists and will be neglected from the main package. So I would suggest you do your part of research too on the places you're gonna visit just so that you could avoid "Oh, I was there and never knew that such a place existed". But of course most tourists would be content with the usual travel/holiday packages. Anyways this site, with this customize option lets you actually customize, or rather hand pick yourself what you wanna do, where (all)  you wanna go, where you'd like to stay ( for you wouldn't wanna be complaining if you end up staying in a hotel that ultimately haven't satisfied or met your expectations), the vehicle you'd like to hire , pick up and drop and all those sort of small but really important details. And yes, all that without even having to consult anyone, cause its all well briefed in the site. It's actually plain simple to use and I haven't run into any crashes or errors in between which has occurred a couple of times on other sites.

                          I would recommend you check out the site yourselves, for I wouldn't want you to miss out on this. Personalizing at its best. For you no longer have to bear with the preset accommodation, be on the lookout for cabs once you arrive at the Railway station or Airport and succumb to their demands. You pay extra and customize, you make the best out of it yourself. A perfect tour package that you've made for yourself. It just doesn't get any better than this does it?

                Well that's about it, a short review on the really impressive feature of "Create your package" functionality available on "Must See India". I loved the idea and I hope you do too. The next time you plan a holiday for yourself or your family, why not handpick places of interest and make your very own holiday package.