Wednesday, January 4, 2012


                   Sunday , that day of the week which everyone looks forward to and doesn't want to let go. When younger Sunday used to be the day I used to go out to the city with family. It was a fun day altogether. Shopping, wandering around, visiting places and so on. During those times didn't even have cable connection at home , so always looked forward to watching cartoon network at grandparents place.
Sundays used to be so much of a fun day back then. It was like a single shot of nitrous at the end of the week for a perfect end to the week.

                  As I grew older , I stopped going out much cause of various reasons, mainly cause I hated Mondays like almost everyone else out there. Sleep early, watch movies and animes , chat around and lots of other stuff. So Sundays went like that in recent times, and I never go out unless its really that important that I go. So Sundays used to be fun for a while, then it got boring, started hating Sundays cause its just a boring day which is followed by Monday which is like the worst day of the week. Going back to college on Mondays used to give the creeps, always start checking for assignments and works only on Monday morning. That was the main reason why I needed to sleep early on Sunday, which prevented me from going out.

               But now, Sunday is the most important day of the week. It is like a pivot to the rest of the week. How I spend my Sunday is the key to the week. With this job, everyday is a working day in the week, since I got night shift I am actually working every single day in the except Sundays on second and fourth weeks. So how well I sleep on Sunday night decides the rest of the week. If I don't sleep well or go out on a Sunday I'll be so tired and dizzy the next day or say night, but if I sleep well then I can stay awake the entire night without feeling sleepy at all. Now looking back at the last three Sundays, the first of them was before college closed and that Sunday I had to go out with mom, I had to drive the car at night which was really strainful for my eyes and that killed my Monday. Infact it killed the entire week, left me so tired and sleepless. The second was pretty good, I was at home and so slept well and that week went well as I was full of energy at the work place. And the last one, well I had to go out aswell cause uncle was here so had to meet him, so got back home pretty late , so getting a hangover this week now. Feels like I din't sleep well at all even now.

        So how important is a Sunday to you?? I know that there will be lot of people who hate Sunday cause it is too boring for them, and lot of others who are just waiting for a Sunday to come. Nevertheless a Sunday is now really important to me.

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  1. Sunday is very important for recharging the batteries after working for rest of the week!!