Thursday, March 29, 2012


There was a time,
There was a day,
When I used to believe,
What ever you told

We were in love,
So tightly bound,
That nothing could,
Ever separate us

But then came the time,
When you were exposed,
So cruel and cold,
That broke my heart apart,

You were my love,
You were my life,
Did you ever care,
Did you even know

You left me low,
You left me broke,
Time felt so numb,
That left me like dead

But you showed me light,
You gave me strength,
I've learnt my lessons,
Now its my turn

I shall rise high,
I shall not cry,
You were so dumb,
To leave me behind

The tears that I cried,
Grant me the strength,
The time that was spent,
A valuable class

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I can't feel myself now,
Where has my mind gone,
That I have to search so much,
Just to get it back

The flow is now gone,
And the thoughts lost,
What was it in my mind,
That I intended to do

Why is this insomnia,
That I feel all over,
Why can't break off,
From this gloominess

There seems to be no life,
Any where around me,
The movements have stopped,
Granting way to numbness

The words that urged on,
Are now completely forgotten,
And I'm left staring down,
At this empty blank sheet

This ones small cause I've shrunk,
This ones low cause I'm down,
I need a break from this stress,
I need a time out now

Sunday, March 25, 2012

College Days-IV

It wouldn't take too long,
To come to terms with reality,
To accept the changes taking place,
And the fact that you're alone

This mere illusion's starting to fade,
Giving way to rough reality,
This joyous phase will be over soon,
Leading to a barren run in life

You start listening soft songs,
The ones that leave you heartfelt,
The feelings within left in turmoil,
Leading to an outburst of silent tears

There are those who do what they claim,
There are those who claim to do,
There are ones who do without any claim,
And then then there are one who don't do

Whats left behind ain't four years,
It's foundation of your life,
These are the friends,
For the rest of your lives

Deep down within the scenes,
Are hidden feelings,
That were left unexpressed,
Or unable to be shown

The relationships that bloomed once,
Those special ones that still hold up,
Those that fell apart with time,
And those that never withered

All is left behind this day forth,
To step up for oneself in life,
Crossing another milestone,
Chasing your so called dreams

One last tight hug,
Just this one last time,
To create another memory,
To stitch in this book of life

Saturday, March 17, 2012

College Days - III

Gone are the days,
That we sit in class,
Gone is the time,
That we enjoy life

The curtains fall,
Bringing to an end,
This short journey,
So called College life

Was it yesterday,
When we just met,
The thought looms inside,
Stunned to silence 

We met yesterday,
Just got to know each other,
And today we are parting,
Heading different ways

Life's truly a train,
That's running non-stop,
From your birth on Earth,
Till you reach your final destination 

People board at different phases,
And they leave you behind,
With nothing left to share,
Than traces of memories

But this ones a major station,
Where many get off,
Leaving the room void,
For others to fill

Sunday, March 11, 2012

College Day

Another wonderful day has passed,
It was quite the unexpected,
But it pulled out a leaf,
From the book of life

Another chapter is closing,
The pages that used to turn slowly,
Are turning out rapidly,
As the end is approaching

The fluttering of the pages,
Was the only sound heard,
The last page remains,
As the one thats left unturned

All the dullness took a bow,
All the feelings flew out,
Time stalled a bit,
For the day was ours

The stage was set well,
To contain the excitement,
The atmosphere so vibrant,
That left everyone blooming

The feeling in the air,
Made it so evident,
That all were pretty set,
For bidding farewell

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fly High

I never knew until now,
That I was caged like a bird,
I never knew that,
I always craved to fly

I never knew I could fly,
Cause I was scared,
I never followed any path,
Cause I din't have faith

The real me lay hidden,
Deep down inside my heart,
Overshadowed by silence and darkness,
Like a sleeping forest at prime

The path always existed,
It just was unnoticed,
Cause I was too busy,
Chasing birds flying high

Out of nowhere this sudden rush,
The feeling of the heart thumping inside,
Flying over all limits set unknown,
This feeling evokes an adrenaline rush

The soul cladded with rust,
Is dusted and clean once again,
The will that soars high,
Is free from its heavy chains

The sky is called the limit,
But the truth is that,
The sky has no limits,
And its yours to fly 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Together for Life

We have traveled this path,
That's been more of a drag,
We been together four years,
But three never made any sense

Now as the end approaches,
We seem to be finally glued,
The paths are converging now,
Just to split up once again

The papers once stapled together,
Never detach without leaving the mark,
So is the case with a relation,
Be it in any of its forms

We missed all these days,
We missed all the fun,
Now its too late,
For the days are gone

Time may split us apart,
Life may show different paths,
But all I know is that,
This spirit of friendship shall remain

This bonding should have happened sooner,
Cause now its too late to wish,
Hardly two days left for the end,
Time just flew this semester unlike no other

Hate to say this thou,
But time changed me so,
This feeling inside right now,
Brings nothing but tears