Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Life was a word,
That brought so much stress,
A word that meant,
Nothing but pain

Mile were to be covered,
By steps or by hops,
The path was unknown,
The destination the same

Wherever you go,
Whatever you do,
Nothing makes a difference,
To end we have to face

The good take it hard,
Adjust and tolerate,
The bad hold the reign,
Control and conquer

The date is set,
The path left free,
The decisions you shall take,
The outcome you never shall

The count unknown,
The days unnumbered,
I keep waiting for the count,
To just countdown the end

You reap what you sow,
The sins so grave,
The pain so frail,
Let death reap you apart

Now just waiting,
For the end to come,
To see it all fall,
Crashing down hard

Come now reaper,
Take this life away,
As it longs for,
Nothing but death

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