Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just another Sunday evening.....

                      Sundays are how every week ends , the usual holiday for which everyone is waiting all week long.  Some people to choose to sleep all day long , while some do the chores. The same goes in every house. That day Ram woke up a little early compared to his usual wake up time. He got up and freshened up and went to his favorite spot in his room, in front of his PC. The area around it felt warm, he wondered , maybe the computer heated up running all night long. He sat there in front of the PC at the corner and started surfing. He though seemed to be lost in some kind of thought, completely unaware of the music playing through the stereo and of the surroundings, he even seemed not interested in surfing either. He was thinking of the day , Sunday ,  the end of the week , followed by another Monday. He also hated Monday mornings like anyone else.  
                                                    He was thinking what he would do that Sunday, what all he could do before he finally went to sleep. He chalked out lots of plans to rendezvous in the evening, building castles in the sky out of thin air. He was confident that he could do everything he wanted by day fall. And he seemed happy about it and anxious for dusk to break out on him and let him free. The day seemed sluggish for him as the Sun seemed quite stubborn not to go down so easily. He always preferred being alone when he does something so that none disturbs him while he is at it. Likewise he was waiting for nightfall, when everyone else would be gone for shopping and stuff. 

                                                    But he didn't know what was in store for him. As he was going for his regular evening bath. The bath before the prayers , his mom told him that she aint going today. But that dint bother him much, as he felt inside ,"Good , now i can sleep earlier" . He had his bath and went and sat in front of the TV and was scanning through the different music and movie channels hoping to find something nice. Then his dad came and sat there as well , after closing the shop for the day. Then his younger brother Shyam came dressed up  in attire and ready to go. Dad was relaxing and sipping on his hot tea slowly and watching TV , but little one was raring to go. He kept on chanting "Let's go , Let's go", and dad told him to wait for 5 minutes , and he pressed on a key on the TV remote which displayed the time. After sometime he pressed it again , and it was 5 minutes. He started shouting "Its 5 minutes already, Lets go now!!" . And Dad told "wait a bit more" , and he was like " I am not coming !!!". And he ran up to the other room and slammed the door , he then changed his clothes and came and sat in front of the net book. And the mom told Ram to go with his dad. Ram had no choice as none else is going , so he got ready in minute and was ready to go. All the plans he had made for the evening had crashed away like the Titanic which was never meant to sink , yet hit an iceberg and broke into pieces and sunk. 

               Life at times gets messed up , things wont always fall in place and happen as you want it to. Just don't loose faith in yourself and wish yourselves better luck next time and move on........

What i could have done.......

♥ i had so much to say ,
i wanted u to listen,
but u had more to say,
and i always listened

i wanted to see a smile,
but u gave a tear,
i wanted u walk the mile,
but u sat there crying

i had no words to say,
as nothin made any sense,
i had to watch u cry,
as i werent gud enough ♥

Monday, July 18, 2011

Is engineering becoming the basic qualification now???

"What have you studied?" comes the question and the answer comes out as "B.Tech" . This is now the situation everywhere , Engineering used to be a degree of great value a few years back, but now every third person you see is an engineer. What is the reason for this phenomenon ???

Parents are always the main reason for this and in some cases the children also want to be an engineer. But well now days the world has become so competitive that , if one parent sends his child to an engineering the next one will also try doing the same and that too in a better college if possible.

Engineers are found in heaps and most of them are working off the field in which they were supposed to be working in. A few years ago , getting into an engineering college was just a dream , but now anyone can get in into one , as a college can be found around every corner. They have become more common than schools , and most of them are now left with unfilled seats.

Why do we have so many engineering colleges?

These institutions have become more of a business than a place of study. The high donation fees that they squeeze out of parents to give a management seat to their wards are unimaginable and off the charts. The fees are also mind boggling , yet people are willing to spend so much for their children , if its for their sake or is it for the sake of their pride is unknown. Well , the population is increasing and a countless number of engineers are passing out each year with less that half getting placed in a proper company. Half of the rest go into other business and stuff , some of the rest in the remaining half end up as worthless lives.

So do you really need to do engineering for a brighter future is the question ?

Wish ..... u cared ....

♥ i wish to do much more,

i wish to take away ur pain,

i wish , i wish,

but u never care

i wish to see you smile ,

i wish to see u happy,

i wish , i wish ,

but you never care

i wish to be with you,

i wish to console you,

i wish , i wish,

but you never care

i wish to wipe your tears,

i wish to hug you tight,

i wish , i wish,

but you never care ♥

Cellular world.....

Who doesn't have a mobile phone now ? That's the popularity of mobile phones in the present day world

There used to be a time when even land phones were rare , then came the cordless phones which were handy as they dint have wires binding them or the speaker to sit there or stand there while talking and allowed a fair bit of distance to roam around within the range .

Then the cell phones came , it allowed users to carry around a phone with them wherever they went so that they could be contacted whenever anyone wanted and it was such a great invention , at first owning one of them was for the rich only, and there were only a few network providers.

Time progressed newer and improved versions came , the first phones use to have antennas and stuff , the newer ones had them inbuilt within the body in such a way that they dont project out. Initially the phones had functionality to store a few numbers and calling , then messaging facility came.

As time progressed the phones started getting more memory space to store in pictures and ringtone . Then soon camera phones and phones with music players were out. they were all fashionable at those times. Then infrared and bluetooth technologies came for transferring data from 1 phone to the other.

Look at the present generation phones , what do they lack ?? They perform like a mini computer in fact they are more handy and portable. Even the prices are near that of low end PC , technology is moving too fast , who knows what the future will be .....

Social networking it that bad???

Social networking , the world at your fingertips you may say. Internet has been one invention or technology whichever you may call it , that made the world a much smaller place than it used to be. Through it you get to access anything you want , from anywhere in the world .

Social networking is just an advanced type of socializing , making friends from around the globe. The concept was such a hit that there are innumerable number of social networking sites on the internet right now. It all started with ideas like searching for people in other parts of the world with the help of the search engines available , of course Google being the number one in the business.

People of all sorts of age groups can be found on the various sites , usually the popular ones . MySpace used to be the number one site a while ago , now its been outdone by the likes of Orkut and Facebook , and even the micro blogging site twitter which is a huge hit. The teens use them to spend time with their friends , to make new friends from different parts of the world and for their own pleasure. Then some people use these sites to promote their products and companies and so on .And the older people use it just to spend some time relaxing playing on some applications or games with their unknown and known friends.

In a way , social networking is good , as it helps people keep in touch no matter how far apart they are , yet at times it tend to get addictive to the teens who enjoy spending time on the net for hours and hours.

The boy in me....

♥ my eyes are burning,

but em not sleeping,

my heart is bleeding,

my soul is crying

i showed u light,

i left u in dark,

i showed u care,

but dont care

i smiled at you,

just to see your smile,

but you dont smile back,

and my smile fades

I'm just a simple kid,

with not many wishes,

I'm just a boy,

who seeks freedom ♥

The road you use.....

Roads , are the most widely use path of transportation.

As the days are passing , the roads are getting more and more dangerous for the pedestrians as well as the ones driving the vehicles. As the advertisement of Ceat says , "The streets are filled with idiots" , we need to watch out for ourselves.

What has happened to road rules and safety measures , why are there so many accidents reported each day. So many causalities and so many deaths every day due to road accidents. Whose fault is it anyway , the people don't know the road rules or they aint bothered to follow them.Then what are rules and regulations made for ? To be broken??

While being on the roads you not only have to look after your own life , but also of the other people using the road as well. There are lots of places where there aint a proper footpath or proper means to cross a road , these tend to increase the risk of accidents for the pedestrians. As of such most of the pedestrians have no sense that they are on the road , they keep walking on the road even if there is a footpath and show complete negligence to it. They don't seem to think that the footpaths are made for them to walk safely.

And for the ones driving , the care less to indication or signalling while making turns which can be rather way too dangerous , especially for the vehicles following . Accidents occur frequently when a car or bike makes a sudden diversion into a side road with no hand signal or indicators. And then what do they do ? They blame the ones that hit them , asking "can't you see ??? " . Is this their way of escaping the conviction of the accident which they literally caused by their own ignorance.

Nowadays the trend is to switch to the oncoming traffic when they want to make a turn to side road on the right side. Plus whenever they enter into the main road from a branch road , they just pop out without even looking left or right for ant vehicles speeding through the lane. How can an accident be avoided in such cases ?? And people find it thrilling to cut through traffic signals as well. And the passengers in the buses , tend to jump out while the bus is slowing down , even if its in the middle of the road. And the motor cycle riders who always keep on pushing forward even if there is actually no space , will definitely try to get ahead of the bus even through the left side. Now both of the people are careless and yet another accident has occurred due to carelessness.

While on the road always watch out for others for your own safety.

Real or virtual is what you make of it.....

Love , either in real or virtual is real if the people involved in it care as much , otherwise its just a time pass .

And the people go about saying virtual relationships are unreal and will never work out , but if a person takes a relation like a time pass in virtual world , he or she is sure as hell going to take a real life commitment as a joke as well.

Love is love anyway and it has got no limits if your determination is that high. Love is unknown and cannot be completely explained , everyone has a different experience and a different view to it. And each of them are true in their own ways as they got different pieces of love. But lucky are the ones who are happy with what they got.

Adjustment is one important factor , if you cant then just leave it without even bothering to spoil someones life. It always the needs that stand out in this present generation world. The need for pleasure , the need for money. People choose any means necessary to reach their goals even if that means faking love to someone who may actually be loving them. Look how cruel the world can get now. Both boys and girls are the same , but since the population ratio favors the boys , boys hurt the girls in most of the cases. They leave the girls in utmost pain from which most of them hardly recover , but ever wondered why a boy turned out so ?

People turn bad with experiences and because of their bad company , they just believe their friends and use the others as tools for their own entertainment. Most of the boys who get hurt by a girl will be out to seek revenge , and in turn will go about hurting lots of girls and the girls will be left in pain. But there are girls also who do the same , and its because of such girls that such boys are formed and lots of girls are left in pain.

And talking of love , if you have faith in your love , you will succeed and if you have your doubts then the pieces will start falling apart and you will never be able to put them back the way they were before , its like a shattered glass , some pieces maybe able to put back but not everything , things will never be the same again. Faith is all that matters , but then due to various customs there will always be conflicts based on religion , caste etc from the family side. If you are not strong enough to face that pressure from your parents , you should never have loved in the first place . Love , to love always , else dont love , dont give someone dreams and shatter it in the end. After all , you will have to pay for what you do in this life itself.

Love is divine , it is eternal , a word so often misused , twisted and played with. The real meaning is lost from this world. Yet some cherish it so deeply. Love , be it through net or in person should be considered in equal stature , if you cant accept it leave it so.

Alternate Fuels......

The exhaustible fuels are almost exhausted , we need to switch over to the alternatives if we have to use the machines that run on fuel.

The fossil fuels are almost over , soon there wont be anymore oil avalilable . The elders taught us not to use up all of the natural and non renewable resources. But well who cares , we always go forward with the easy and shortest paths to our destination regardless of the damage we cause.

But now people have started realising that they cant depend on the traditional fuels anymore and are experimenting with the other resources available , especially on the renewable ones. Electricity has become the first choice alternative for powering cars and bikes now days . Solar powered cars are used aswell , but they are less practical as they need solar energy to run , so can only run during day time when the sun is shining brightly.

And electric power is on the rise only and imporvements are under way , so till they are completely usable for long distances , hybrids are available , which use more than one fuel at a time so that the fuels can be swirched over when necessary. Plus the alternate fuels are safer to use , more eco freindly as the cause low emissions or no emissions at all keep the environment cleaner , and they are more economical .

The more souces we have , the better , as all the these renewable souces are dependant on something or the other like wind , sunlight or hydel energy . When one is at a low , they alternatives must be available .

Alternate fuels are the future of powering the machines , they are not only cheaper , but also more efficient and eco friendly.

The Trees around us.....

Trees are plants that grow a bit more than out oridinary garden plants. They grow so tall and so strong.

They do so much in the nature yet humans go about cutting them down. For all they do for preserving the balance in earth the gift we give them is cutting them down ruthlessely. What harm did they do to us , that they deserve this punishment??

Trees produce the oxygen that we breathe to survive , they absorb the useless carbon dioxide that we exhale. If not for them , how would life on earth be even possible ?? Then why are we people cutting them down , its equal to suicide , or even murder of your own future generations as they will suffer the aftermath of the actions of the present generation.

Ever wondered why dense forests always get rain ?? Its cause of the presence of the trees , trees are the reason for rain , they manage to hold rain clouds blown across by the winds and get rain. Trees hold the natural balance in earth , but we are cutting them down for our own personal reasons. But none ever bothers to plant back another.

Trees have more strenght than the houses , they hold onto the soil where they are planted and prevent soil erosion. They keep the soil intact and prevent it from being washed away in rains. They give us the much needed shade , which people forget about . No shed can ever feel as cool as when standing under the shade of a tree. nad there are people cutting down down trees in their compounds as the find the dry leaves on their backyard as too much of a nuisance.

people just dont realise that trees were the reason for a cooler surrounding. They keep blaming the rise in global temperature , without realising that they are the reason for it.

What i deserve.....

♥ broken in the emptiness,

i feel so blank,

broken down right within,

i see it all black,

the songs scream out loud,

right to reach the heart,

the hands so near ,

yet goes right through,

falling pitch black,

in the pit of destiny,

i saw u there,

reaching out for me,

why could i reach u,

where i meanta fall,

was it what i deserved,

was is my life? ♥