Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fairy Tail : Theme Song

Utmost joy flowing within,
Waiting to erupt out bluntly,
Into this forsaken world,
Willing to infect the people around

The happiness knows no bounds,
Breaking thy free will of mind,
The fire within burning bright,
To devour the darkness of the world

All I've is a song that lightens my spirits,
A theme that soothes all the pain,
I see it all bright and clear,
A future that outshines the sun at its best

The sounds keep tingling in my ears,
Even though unheard to the outside world,
Raising the spirits higher than ever in a flash,
Cheering the soul even from utter sorrow

Instilling the tight bonds of friendship,
The value of your own irreplaceable life,
Never to give up hope and quit a fight,
Never to throw life away for someones happiness

Can you sacrificing your life ever bring happiness,
For the ones that you've left behind in pain,
Never even consider yourself as sacrificial,
If you really want someone to be happy, live on

This is what Fairy Tail taught me,
This is the spirit of the theme of Fairy Tail,
What comes to mind listening this theme,
Is everything that I've written above

P.S : Fairy Tail is an anime , n its theme song is just so amazing , and sends the chills down my spine. I can listen to it all day long for the best scenes keep flashing by my mind when I listen to it. This one is for Fairy Tail and all anime lovers, who understand what anime really is, and there are people out there who make fun of us saying , "You still watch cartoons? , Grow up!!", for there is no age barrier to keep us from watching anime.

And for those who are searching for the Fairy Tail Main Theme Song , here is a link where you can download it from. I thought maybe I should let you listen to it as well so that you too understand why I feel the way I feel.

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