Friday, May 13, 2011

Modernisation of life ......

<3 thought i would write something outta nowhere like i always do :) ....
feels so calm so serene :) so lonely :) .... awesomeness :)
i wonder why life is like this ? why are people like this?? :)
if u care for someone they dont :) ..... n people really dont have time to understand anyone :)
they just want their things done :)
Life aint as perfect as you want it to be :)
Be happy with what you got na :)
some say dream :) , n follow your dreams :)
what is it that comes to your mind when you think of your dreams??
money?? job??? marriage?? :)
what do they signify anyway? :)
none of them mean anything to me :)
life has lost its meaning in this present gen world :)
people lost everything from them :)
the feelings are now fading :) n rarely seen in any
people just do stuff for their own gains :)
n they got the words to justify what they do aswell :)
total L.S.D how sad :) ... why ? why does it have t be so ?? :)
life would have been so much better :)
how cruel :) do you ever think of what you are doing? :)
do you ever know or care to know how much ur actions hurt ur near and dear ones?? :)
how will you na? :) u will only understand it when it happens to you too :) its a pity that you dont wish to understand the pain :) n have to learn the really hard way :)
i always wished i could help you out telling you whats right from my experience :) but you dont care :)
u dunt want to listen :)
u make me wanna cry :)
u lead yourself into trouble even after i tried to help you evade it :) i feel so useless then :)
n people are just filled with nothing :)
no feelings , no value or respect for love and care :)
just use and throw :)
what a disposable de-generation :)
modernization they say? is that so ? :)
change is the law :) i admit but this is outrageous :)
a boy use a girl and disposes her off , likewise a girl uses a boy and disposes him off :)
what a world :)
just think :) , if someone does that to your own blood , what would you feel?? :) ^__^
do u think???? do u ever get it?? :)
the pain :) ......
i really dunno where this world is heading to :) ..... to obscurity for certain :)
2012 may be fulfilled after all :) at this rate :D .....
theres way too many things to be written .....
so to be continued...... ^__^