Thursday, August 29, 2013

Internet Life

                  Internet Life ? What kind of life is that? What do you mean by that? The fact that you're reading this is proof enough that you've an internet life, how else would you ever come across this article that I've posted and of course me not being on the upper echelons of the blogging world would also mean that very few people ever pass by what I blog on. Nevertheless I write, though I didn't start out to impress others cause when there were no readers there was no burden of "what will they think?" or that sort of questions. But as time passed, it became more or less to get them to like it than what actually flowed out. I'm definitely better off writing without thinking much and this post I hope goes the way its meant to be.

                                        Internet as you know has become life itself or in fact even took over the actual life you live. And with the arrival or smartphones it only blossomed more, especially since having an Android phone or an iPhone without an internet connection is pretty much useless. You really can't utilize all the features that they provide and if you don't wanna, then you're better off with a Nokia Asha phone or a low end Blackberry. As if that's ever gonna happen anymore, cause even 5 year olds seem to demand for an iPad nowadays. Where is the future headed to? Smartphones and tablets have to a great extent killed the Laptop market. Why buy a laptop when almost everything you want can be done in your palms and can be carried in your pocket right?

                        Internet is one of the best creations of man and I doubt very few will deny that. But are you actually using it in the best possible way? Do you really know what all can be done through the net? The possibilities are endless. From gaming to social networking to finding jobs and matchmaking , to finding solution to any problem you face, learning anything you want with video tutorials and assistance, audio and video chatting with your loved ones across the globe and much more. And obviously the dark sides are there too, after all every coin has two sides.

                   Most of us have spent a whole lot of time on the internet or our internet life and by now you realize what all can be done if you utilize this properly. In fact the answers to any problem can be found on the internet.

            Here is what I made this post for, its one of the ways in which I recharge my phone online and that too free of cost - Amulyam. And yes they're offering me quite a recharge amount for this which I can't resist after all, that amount can even last a year for me.
And you could also help me out by joining Amulyam using the following link :  and you in turn can invite your friends too. After all people would do anything for a free recharge and that is why Hike and Zomato grew popular after all.

    Since I've written this on internet life, here's a few tips for you people if you're searching for something online.

-       Programmers and Developers might as well go search stackoverflow first and you'll most probably find your answers there or you can ask your own questions and people there will definitely help you out.
-           If you are searching for online video tutorials and if you don't mind spending on it, then Lynda is the site for you. You'll find almost tutorials on anything you want over there and yeah of course if you want free there's always YouTube.

-           I don't need to mention anything about social life do I?  Anyone reading this will obviously be having a Facebook id or something of that sort. And if you want more specific social sites there's OMGpop which is more gaming based, there's Indiblogger which is by far the best I've seen for bloggers all over the world, there are many more like this.

    So my dear netizens, if you've any question please do ask, if I've the answer to it I shall definitely give it to you.