Friday, March 29, 2013


      Again here I'm with another random thought that just came to me yesterday while talking to someone over twitter. Felt kinda refreshing after talking to her and I ended up thinking stuff or rather quotes when suddenly this came into my mind. I had seen it somewhere before and it's true.

    Sharing it is then, you too must have heard this "that only one who knows what it is like not having will understand the pain of someone else who doesn't have it too"  ain't that so? . My views are the same too but then with a few limits like you can't share everything or rather should not share everything you have in excess right.

     Only one who was poor and rose to become rich will understand the pain and hardships of the poor.  The ones born rich will never do, n since I'm more from a middle class I can only guess how hard it may be for them just cause even we have lots of issues but it will all be actually nothing compared to then though. The rich have excess of money and they could actually share some with the poor and help reduce the poverty of the nation. But who cares huh, who among the rich has the time to share the time or money with the poor. In fact they look down upon then just cause they are born poor and in the slums, and who is actually responsible for this? Some maybe cause of their own fault at misusing and lavishly spending money, but most are cause of the government and the politicians, the taxes and all these, none of them are actually of any aid to the poor and once in a while the government does something for the people to keep their trust do that they can win the next elections and feed on the national treasure which is the hard earned money of the common public and what did the politicians do?  Buy huge mansions of houses and luxury cars to travel around in style when an average man barely manages one days meals.

   I really can't do anything about it anyway so let the government go. Then there's the rich celebrities who could actually bring about change, for they earn so much and has already spent so much on luxuries. I simply just have a simple question for you, what good does it do keeping so much money with you anyway huh  so many houses and cars :/ that too the top of the line, it's Ok still maybe you love them and guess I can't stop you from having what you really desire but will this greed never end or what. I really wish I could make a difference out there,  but with all these loans I'm in no state to do anything, n guess I have no right to complain either do I.

    Then what else can you share? You certainly can share happiness and love right. At least you're not expending anything here are you? So why not show the world some love ha?  At least in these two I can try something and I am doing it for my friends. They sure have taught me a lot. The happiness I feel when I can make them happy knows no bounds. Even helping random strangers and if they thank you with a smile it's one of the best feelings I've ever known. Of course I've been selfish and ignorant at times but the times I've actually helped someone keeps popping up in my mind and really makes me wanna keep continuing to help others. But there is a big issue in this, I've had negative reactions too, maybe cause they feel I'm helping them to get something in return, well taking in general most people help others with something in mind definitely, some favor, but I really don't,  I don't even expect to see them anymore in my life, just go with the belief that if I'm good to others someone somewhere will help me out too just like me. People are pretty cunning you know, in this competitive world guess they have no other choice to survive I guess. So they step over anyone they can to climb up the ladder. But you really can share some of your care and love you know to make people happy. Guess most of us aren't willing to, or rather well tend to say you got no time for such stuff right. I can only request you to help those in need, can't force you you know.

        And then I do have an example of what you shouldn't go about sharing. Secrets are one thing that aren't meant to be shared, if you're sharing what's the big idea of it being a secret huh, and besides someone entrusted it with you and what do you think you are doing to him or her. And also another thing you can't share if at all you've it that is lol, arms :p, if you got a license to keep stuff or that you might as well be responsible enough right, so we'll I know none would but just making a random example of what should not be shared if you got it in excess.  

   So would you actually mind sharing any of these with people who need it. I would be kinda grateful to you if you do it, or rather do it for the sake of humanity. Beggars I don't know what to say if then, some may really be deserving but can't distinguish anymore because most of them beg and at the end of the day spend it on liquor. I don't wanna support such people anyway. But you know where you can find the people right? There are many organizations that work towards the same goal but then corruption does exist in them too. Guess everyone has to be a little selfish at times huh.

  Anyways I'm done with his, if you do spot any typo or mistakes do point it out, this is like the first blog post I'm doing completely from a touch screen phone and the ability to flow actually made me do it. Thanks guys, do enlighten me with any ideas or suggestions you have.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nokia Lumia 920

Well odd isn't it, that I'm actually writing about a phone now. The thing is that, I just can't stand by a let such a smartphone go unnoticed, well the sparkling colours will definitely catch anyones eyes, that aside, people have all shifted to the overrated Samsung Galaxy series of phones. I have now turned more of a Samsung Galaxy hater, but in truth the Galaxy S2 was the best phone that they ever made, and ever since whatever came was overrated and continued to eat up the market. Anyways I'm going to take a walk-through of my life and show you the various phones I've tried in between and finally came back to Nokia.

          Remember a few years ago? When there weren't any android phones around, everyone had a Nokia phone.Rarely could you see people with LG or Samsung phones, and having had at least one LG and a Samsung, the impressions they had on us weren't complimentary.

        The first iPhone was revolutionary, it changed everything. When it came out it was really the best thing that could've happened to smart phones, but it brought about a strange revolution in phones, now everything looks the same, you never get to see those really weird and stylishly shaped phones anymore, even sliders and clamshells are gone, sadly, I loved sliders.

      And taking a closer look at India alone, what Nokia was back then before the rise of Android, everyone knows. Nokia was the brand everyone could trust blindly when buying a phone, no second thoughts when its a Nokia, they would last, they are durable and had the best customer care.

    The twist in life came with the N8, we ran after it for so long, but the AMOLED display shortage kept it out of reach, weeks and weeks of running behind it, finally let me give into some shopkeepers advice that, Sony Ericsson Satio had a better camera. That was the worst ever mistake for me and dad, my friend did warn me that its resistive touch, and guess what I tried the screen of Nokia N900, it was resistive but I didn't know it had the best ever resistive screen that comes closest to capacitive screen. And I expected the same from the SE phone, but it wasn't so, and having Symbian S60 when competition were sporting Android and Symbian os^3 wasn't much more of an inspiration, but the strong side of it, it was the only other phone which sported a 12mp camera and boy it truly had one of the best cameras I've ever seen on a phone,in fact, its top view is reminiscent of a Sony digicam. Now I truly miss that phone for its sheer awesome camera. This as I told was the turning point of it all, dad saw the Xperia Arc at that time, and he loved the screen. For the next phone we went seeking that, same situation, not available anywhere :( , again forcing into an equally similar mistake, the same shop, they showed the LG Optimus 2X, they told you can have a look at it,take it if you like. I had seen the phone, and knew it was the first phone to sport a dual-core processor on-board, and then I simply asked them if Galaxy S2 was available, unfortunately it was out of stock, and they just had Galaxy S, and Nexus S then. I was so damn excited, cause it was a dual core phone, and it was also cheaper than the Arc, so took it, mistake or not, who knew back then, wondered if we would regret again. And I was almost regretting when other phones started rolling out Jellybean updates and here I still hadn't got ICS,but the use of custom roms kept me happy with my phone, it was just what I wanted. And just when all hope was lost, LG finally released ICS sources out for devs out there to build on it, thank God, a new lease of life for my capable phone which was left to rot even by LG. I love it, and when my friends have had broken screens and hardware failures in Samsung devices, I've never had any problem with my phone even after falling on top of it in an accident. Samsung does release software updates and scores over LG there, and their Ui's were pretty much equally bad back then, but in build quality LG had finally delivered. It ain't a paperweight phone made of plastic,it was made to last.

     If you're buying an Android phone, I would only suggest HTC, it packs both software updates and build quality in one, plus it has the best UI of all android phones, its pretty much the easiest to use aswell. Anyway never count the iPhone out, Apple have put so much in it, that we even wonder, if they had put in sandpackets in previous versions of the phone that, now they are adding in more hardware and yet reducing thickness and weight. Apple may not give you many issues, but it too has flaws, the most important are the hardware buttons. They spoil pretty easily and all you can do is get your phone replaced. If you're gifting a phone to your parents or elders, iPhone is the best smartphone you could give, cause it may be a bit hard at first to use, but its the easiest of all smartphones to use, and dad just loves it so much that he wouldn't even let me have his for a day. He says its so easy to use, its true.

          Here we are, back to Lumia, and why? Dad saw the Lumia 920 and loved it. Spec wise even I thought it would be a good buy and since he wanted a phone with a big screen to watch movies, it would be perfect. The reasons for going back to Nokia? Its pretty simple actually, of all Nokia phones we have ever had, only my 6210 Navigator had issues, that too the display strip and quick draining battery. Uncle gave me an N95 8Gb like way back in 2008 beginning, and guess what its still running well, and for a slider phone, no issues with the strip or the battery, its still got a pretty good standby time. And then dad had a 5800, which is also still here, and everyone knows whats the 5800 known best for, yeah, its speakers and sound quality is unmatched, and that phone too never caused any issues. So when you look at durability, Nokia wins leaving all competition behind. I did love the Lumia 800 on first sight, its design and smooth interface was comparable to the iPhone's. But with Lumia 920, its gone a level up, sporting ultra sensitive touch for the first time on a phone. It really is sensitive, unless your nail tip is pointed :p, like a needle that is. And if you're buying Lumia, do go for the ones with Windows Phone 8, Wp 7.8 is more or less a dead end and you can't move up to 8 anyway. One of my Windows dev buds told me the architectures are completely different and so WP 7.5 apps won't run in Wp 8, well thats a shame.

           Windows 8 may not have been much of a hit, mainly because of its user interface which doesn't actually suit desktop PC's unless you got a touchpad or a touchscreen monitor. But Wp 8 is superb, from my experience I can say that. It's just growing, apps are coming in slowly and it has the potential to outdo the competition too.And sporting a Carl Zeiss lens, you know what that means, I'm sure it will take better pictures than the new smartphones coming out with 12 or 13 Mp ratings. Low light photography is just mind blowing, without flash it even outdoes my Sony Digicam, thanks to optical image stabilisation,which is also pretty exclusive.

               Good apps are on its way, and there are a couple of good ones out there too, plus the Xbox app features a lot of awesome games too. If you had Saavn on your iPhone or Android, you'll know just how good it is right? For atleast one year after purchasing your Lumia, you wouldn't need any app at all, thanks to the awesome Nokia Music app, which has it all, any song you want, the option to listen to radio mixes, to create your own mixes or even download your favourite songs, and its all in one app. Thats like, Saavn, Tunein Radio and an mp3 downloader, all in one. The camera is awesome by itself and with the lenses feature, gives you a lot much more. Instagram is missed thou, Nokia is trying every bit from their part to get the devs to develop one for WP 8 too, not that there ain't apps which let you apply all these effects.

         So do you understand why switch to Lumia? You are all missing out a lot due to the overrated Samsung phones which took over the market overnight when Nokia were stuck with Symbian, remember Symbian was once vouched for by all of you.

    And finally, my deepest respect to Nokia, for choosing it the hard way, by choosing a sinking WP OS into their own Titanic and managing to steady the ship once again. For they could've just chosen Android and beat all competition in a flash, but they didn't. I hope to see Nokia back on top once again, and in Lumia 920 is a bright future ahead for both Nokia and Microsoft.

       Thanks for reading through all this, its all my own views and your views may differ, I didn't mean to hurt anyone,especially the Galaxy users. If you are happy with it, why give a damn, but please do check out a Lumia phone, cause Nokia still has it in them to make the best phones around. I believe in Nokia.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


What do you want,
You want love,
What do you got,
You got love

Then why do you cry,
Like you lost love,
For you still've got,
The needed love

What have you lost,
Just some love,
Why do you care,
For useless love

What do you got,
You got love,
What do you have,
You got me

Dedicated to my besty Kittu.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How safe are you?


            "How safe are you?" What would you answer, if I ask you this question? Have you ever wondered or asked yourself "How safe am I?" anytime in the past couple of months? If you are a girl you surely must, taking into consideration all the events that has been going on in our country for some time now.

               I do ask myself why I keep writing on this topic over and over again, haven't I had enough of this already, as you can clearly see that nothing has changed since then, seems like everyone forgot it ever happened or maybe its cause it didn't happen to them that they should be so worried about it. One or two days of public show to show they care? How different am I from all of you I wonder..... I didn't show no protest, nor did I take part in any of those public shows, all I do is sit and think, and if I get time to write it down I pen em down, nothing more. Of course you share your sympathies with the victims and their families, but you still seem to be missing the point. You are all more focused on your rat race to outdo your competition and earn more money, but for whom? Yourself?, you can't take the money you make with you when you die. Your family?, you are ignoring their safety trying to make money and if you end up loosing them, then what? You can claim to be optimistic and talk of moving on by marrying again, for your life or for the sake of your children, but how safe are your children now? These vile animals are not differentiating between babies and grannies and preying on them alike.

         What could be the reason for this nature? The rise in crimes all of a sudden is prominently because the government ain't taking any action against the criminals for the crimes they have committed, but then again this was going on behind the scenes for a long time, just that the rate was much lower. Is there no way to stop it, or at least bring it down?

            Nobody has any time for this, do they? And then you can "Bloggers have all the time in the world to keep writing shit about the rest, what do you know about how hard it is for us trying make both ends meet". Is that an excuse for not being socially responsible? I am not that much of a good blogger, nor do I get time to write down most of what crosses my mind, but when something important comes I do try to make time to write it down, cause you people are not really bothered or rather give it way too less importance in your daily lives.

         You can think when you read or hear the news, "Poor girl how could it happen to her? Why ain't they being punished?". You seem to be forgetting one thing, India is a democratic country, we do have our rights and we chose our leaders. Why let them rule over us, if they can't even ensure our security, let aside making millions of bucks while in power. They have so much money, and they want even more, how cynical, the rich keeps getting richer and the poor, poorer. Let them have the money, but can't they do something for the public? If the people aren't themselves willing to change, you got to force it on them for the welfare of the entire society.

           I live in fear, that one day if I get married, how can I ever leave peacefully? Have to look after my wife and my kids, who else can ensure their security? The law enforcers are themselves being convicted of crimes, how can I entrust the security of my family to such people? You can argue that I'm  thinking too much or looking way farfetched, its true, it may not happen to you or me, but you never know what life has in store for you, do you?

                      Another shocking fact is the unwillingness of people to tend to the victims, of the Delhi incident, when they were lying on the road. None bothered to get them to a hospital, why? And the next day they were protesting with candles held in hands? Hippocrates ain't they?, they could've helped but stood watching and then they vouch for them the next day? Maybe its not their fault, that they stood there watching the victims cry out in pain like mere spectators. Maybe the thought of helping them might have crossed their minds but they couldn't cause if they took em to a hospital, they might have had to bear all the expenses, and worse the case could be hammered onto them instead. Who knows how the system works, the victim gets turned into the convict, then how can anyone take up courage to help them. The system needs to be fixed first, why do you have a hospital? To make money or to serve the people? The former makes more sense now, that you'll have to follow all the procedures of the hospital and pay the money first even if the patient is about to die. Talk about social responsibility and commitment.

              Then looking at a rather less significant side,the dressing style, although your sense of dressing and style may not have anything to do with what happens to you, cause if you were targeted, no matter what you were, they will hunt you down. But dressing does in a small way change perceptions. Why do we wear clothes in the first place? Its for protecting ourselves right? or wasn't that what it actually was made to serve as. The change in trend and fashion may have enticed you to shed more clothes and look more attractive than some other girl, or in front of someone special to you. It can all be understood, but don't you think your dressing has an impact on the viewers mind too. I have no clue as to what a girl feels when dressing up awkwardly trying to impress someone, sacrificing a lot in the process, its more of a prestige issue for them I guess. Their ego is way above their sense of security. Everyone has their preferences and likes, and their dressing holds a key to what they get judged as, just as a well dressed boy going in for an interview creates a good impression.

     I had more to say, but it may go well above my standards to even mention it, so I'm letting that pass for now. For all I wanted was to make you think of your life and how safe it is right now, in this country where law and order is out of order. So how safe are you?