Saturday, January 28, 2012

Main Project

  Well never thought it would come to this. Ya know, this is my last semester in college and like most Engineering Colleges we too have a Main Project to submit this semester. It so happens that trying to get this project done we has wandered a lot all over the city and found some places where it could be done.It was hard to find a place cause we were planning on an iPhone project and thought of Android as a backup to it. And well chose a place that was best suited for us. And well it all began so well, the preparations for a grand project. And then even ended up getting a job there, anyway I have written about getting the job in another post, My First Job, if you would like to know how. Anyways joined there in December , and days were spent like thrash, just doing small stuff. Since we were going to work on an already done project and were just going to modify it to our needs, we all expected it to be so simple, why not , even the people there told , it will just take 2 or 3 days to just replace the pictures and stuff in it. So we were like yea whatever its so easy to do.

     Now the time has come, the project leave is all done. Everyone will be ready with their projects now to show the department what they have done. But what have we to show them?? The original date to show the demo to our guide was on 27th of January but well when we went to college last week to meet our guide for the first time she told the dates shifted to 1st of February. Well what should I feel about that some more life eh, but when we tried to do some reverse engineering on our existing software,its like impossible, nothing is making any sense. Even after getting a month to do our project, we still haven't even begun even beyond the point of the original demo. What do we do now? And above all that , there is another confusion that looms around us, is there Series exams in college on 30 n 31? If there is, then what? Seriously I have no memory of even attending any classes this semester. What are going to do now? Two days of exams followed by the rough report submission and demo. And the best part , the project haven't even started yet. Talk of dilemma , well have no clue as to what to do now. Totally blank and dazed. What goes around comes way back around ha.

                   Three days to count, two of them having exams , and the awesome part is having exams during day , two exams per day and then work at night. Hell yeah!!! This is awesome. What has life come onto now? Where am I headed to now? Plus bringing in code optimization effectively from 1st February at work will be like a pain, if I have to redo all that I have done, cause its a mess of a project, yet an interesting one, I mean the one I did over there as part of work.

          Will just leave it to fate now, as I can't even think what to do now.What happens next is unknown, let it come as it is.

Dark World

What you know,
Is not what is known,
What you thought,
Was never what it was

Theres more to it,
Than you ever imagined,
Theres so much to it,
That can't even be spoken of

Who dare to speak,
Everything they know,
Who dare to risk,
The only life they got

What remains untold,
Remains the mystery,
What remains unheard,
Remains deep beneath

There are untold stories,
There are unreal incidents,
That you can never digest,
That you'll never accept

The world as it is,
Ain't known to you,
What lies in the dark,
Will never see light

Thursday, January 26, 2012


This is the part,
Where you get lost,
The maze is same,
The exit unchanged

To left or to right,
The doubt remains,
The decision pending,
To the next step

When your choice,
Can be decisive,
For the moment,
And the future beyond

The mind in a fix,
The time still ticks,
What will you do,
In this dilemma

You have two choices,
But what will you choose,
When both require sacrifices,
When both affects the future

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Broken Once Again

I was bored,
I was alone,
I was feeling sick,
Life moving so slow

You came to my life,
You showed me light,
I tried resisting the feeling,
But you convinced me

I had someone in mind,
That I couldn't forget,
The thoughts flashing,
Over and over again

Then you came,
Like a savior,
To free my life,
From this imprisonment

Days passed by,
So beautiful and happy,
Time ticked like seconds,
That I never felt has passed

Then came that day,
When I opened up,
And you fell apart,
Breaking my heart apart

Why did you love me,
When you did the same,
Why did you leave me,
When all I wanted was you

Now I am left stranded,
Right where I was,
Left broken down,
All over once again

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lost Thoughts

There were thoughts,
In my head,
When I lay down,
To sleep the night

There were tears,
On my cheeks,
When I lay down,
To sleep the day

The lines faded,
The lyrics lost,
I strive to retrieve,
What came but left

Those were the lines,
That struck my mind,
While trying to sleep,
After a tiresome night

The words that flow now,
Ain't even a shadow,
Of what strikes inside,
At a time unfit

Why can't I recall,
Those words of gem,
That once possessed,
My mind within

Friday, January 20, 2012

World Unknown

The world is falling apart,
The souls already split,
Greed is overwhelming,
And hatred growing

Where did you go,
The sense of world,
Where did you go,
The heart of conduct

The young blood,
That once burned,
Seems content now,
Undone by lust

Feelings are unknown,
The known unfelt,
It makes no sense,
How the world changed

Life's a fast lane,
If you don't pace up,
Life goes ahead,
Leaving you behind

Money rules the mind,
Greed takes over,
The rich gets richer,
And the poor, poorer 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bill or Veil

      SOPA : Stop Online Piracy Act. It so seems so that the Government has decided to put an end to the piracy of movies,songs and other copyrighted stuff through the internet. Well it may seem quite like a necessary measure to prevent piracy and reduce the losses caused to the film makers and producers. But is it really the case? By passing this so called Bill , it gives the right to any company to sue any website and get it shut down. Is this some kind of dictatorship?

         Already some sites have been shut down , some that have been exposing the politicians in a cartoon form. What is it that makes the Government go to this extent to take such an action. Is it the fear, the fear of being completely exposed in front of the public? It seems so. Blocking of sites , think of that? What could happen now? The news that should reach the public will never reach them as they may get censored by the board, stating it is defaming news. The truth is that why fear if you aint guilty. But as we all know , all of our so called politicians are corrupt, there maybe a few who aint out there, but with this bill all chances of a corruption free India will be well restricted.

        The Internet is the most widely used media source right now , and Facebook plays a major part in sharing and spreading of news. And not to forget, Google is what we call Internet now, yesterday I saw   a picture showing that 30% people use Google as a search engine and 70% use it to test if their Internet connection is working or not. Ain't that true? If censorship occurs way too many sites will be censored and the links to them through Google will be cut. If the bill is passed, that will be a huge blow for a lot of people and indirectly to the general public who surf the net. And we bloggers should take a stand against it in our own possible ways to show our discontent to this so called SOPA bill. Remember what happened in China, the same could happen to India too , if this ain't stopped now. Wikipedia English won't be available tomorrow, 18th Jan. This action is taken tos top web censorship. And a whole lot more sites won't be available as well. 

       Join the strike against SOPA bill :
Save our web. Save Internet.


Life was a word,
That brought so much stress,
A word that meant,
Nothing but pain

Mile were to be covered,
By steps or by hops,
The path was unknown,
The destination the same

Wherever you go,
Whatever you do,
Nothing makes a difference,
To end we have to face

The good take it hard,
Adjust and tolerate,
The bad hold the reign,
Control and conquer

The date is set,
The path left free,
The decisions you shall take,
The outcome you never shall

The count unknown,
The days unnumbered,
I keep waiting for the count,
To just countdown the end

You reap what you sow,
The sins so grave,
The pain so frail,
Let death reap you apart

Now just waiting,
For the end to come,
To see it all fall,
Crashing down hard

Come now reaper,
Take this life away,
As it longs for,
Nothing but death

Monday, January 16, 2012

Is it me

                      Is it you or is it me was the question. I have no clue. But time has passed quite a lot now. I have only myself to blame for what has happened and what is happening now. Nothing can be done about it now. The past shall never come back again to allow itself to be changed all over again, so better live with the fact that you are responsible for what you did to yourself. Life as a student has never been so good for me, ever since the first time or the only time I switched schools. It changed  me completely from an outgoing and rather friendly kid to a hostile and hidden boy. Maybe it was a little too scary for me since then. Had enough of being bullied so always kept my distance from everyone. The first time I chose to trust someone with something, my trust was broken within minutes. Never again did I feel so secure there. Kept my distance from all. Who ever knew me there, in that school. How close was I to you anyway. What do you remember about me anyway. I guess there can be nothing. You would barely even remember my presence. I hated attention, hated the spotlight. Never wanted to be someone looked upon.
Never wanted to carry the weights of expectations. I became so, thanks to the opening days. I wasn't even worth being a friend was I. I guess not.

                The ones who were close atleast a little bit , kept going farther away with time, maybe cause they found better friends. I shall not blame them for what happened was all because of me and my nature. Silence was my best and only attribute. Used to be known for that only by the teachers. A voice unheard, unfelt, even the presence unknown. I remember the PTA meetings where teachers used to tell dad , "This kid's presence in class is unknown", ah something like that. Well I was pretty happy to hear that thou. Atleast I wasn't disturbing anyone. But well for a child that's pretty much not so natural, but I din't realize that then. It was pretty much a blessing to be mum and not respond to stuff that I shouldn't. it thou led to loneliness. But loneliness was my true teacher, taught me how to observe others, their behavior, and stuff like that. Learnt to be silent and listen to what people are saying, trying to analyze and understand what they mean and the possibilities of what they could've meant.

            Loneliness never hurts when chosen by oneself , but kills when granted by force, ain't that so right. At time people choose to be alone, but I never had much of a choice anyway and I never did feel the need to break out of the loneliness back then. I have changed a bit now anyway, thanks to this college, if it were in any other college I would've change a hell lot more for sure. Ah well , never mind, I brought this onto myself by my own actions , a little bit over confidence and lack of interest got me here. But have I changed so much in my looks that people don't understand me now? Last time well , that was different, I might have been looking different but now? Ah who knows maybe it was just me after all thinking that I still look the same and feeling ignored cause they don't mind me. Maybe I changed that they fail to recognize me now after all its been quite some time. So was it me or was it them after all.......

Sunday, January 15, 2012


                              Every week begins with a Monday. Everyone hates when the day is Monday. Especially cause it comes right after Sunday, the weekend where everyone hangs around and has fun. Monday starts a whole new week. All people irrespective of age, students and the employed , hate Mondays. From their point of view, when a Monday comes you either have to wait till Friday or Saturday to enjoy again, and that's quite a lot of days to pass through to reach there, aint it? And even so , when you reach the weekend, it passes away too quickly and Monday again pops up as the villain.

                             Many a times we might all have wished, that everyday was a Sunday and a week was just the other way round with just two working days and rest as holidays. Mondays are such a fuss, and if you forget it , you are so done for. Imagine having Friday as a holiday as well due to some random reason. Then really , you wouldn't want to go to school or college on a Monday. I used to take these little three day holidays as a mini vacation. How lazy we feel to go to schools and colleges after such a lazy weekend.

                                                                 So now since Sundays are pretty important for me , as told in  Sunday , I look forward to sleeping well on Sundays and be fresh on a Monday. Atleast can keep that up till college reopens on 27th of this month, after which I got no clue as to what I'll do , and how I'll manage both work and college. It was already quite bad during those days when there weren't any proper work to do, atleast could sleep over in the office when felt. But now with quite a small load of work, what happens next is unknown, and the biggest confusion is about the Main Project, which is yet untouched.

                             Mondays got a lot more important with the Project manager in office deciding to set up a team meeting ever Monday at 4:30 pm , well for now its all right. Anyways the work timing was shifted to 6:30 for that day from the usual shift time of 8 as we would otherwise have to wander around and waste two hours of our time. When college reopens, what then? College leaves at 4:20  and I reach home at 5. There's no way I could reach office at 5, the new time set for meeting as per some peoples request as they couldn't make it at 4:30. What awaits is unknown, yet Mondays are disastrous anyway, always been for me anyway. Though Monday is considered to be a good to start something afresh. Mondays : everyone has a reason , good or bad, the day has to come , for future untold.

Friday, January 13, 2012

No Time

It's always the same,
The same old thought,
The same old thing,
The same old me

I try to get over,
But never succeed,
I try to walk over,
But keep falling in

There are people around,
Many in numbers,
But they are just people,
Not the friend I need

Ain't it so true,
That when you need someone,
There's none around,
But otherwise they are

So many dreams,
So many wishes,
But nothing comes real,
Everything stays a wish

I too wish for the same,
To hang around,
To mess around,
And enjoy the day

When you needed my time,
I gave you mine,
When I ask you now,
You haven't a minute to spare

Would it even matter,
If I Ain't around no more,
Would you ever notice,
That I'm long gone 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I feel like writing,
But don't know what to,
Theres a feeling inside,
That still urges me to

I have no title,
But I still want to,
I have no idea,
Still I'm trying to

Is it the pain,
Of this ignorance,
Or is it the pain,
Trying to cover it up

Spending my time,
Listening songs randomly,
But those touchy ones,
Creates teardrops on my cheeks

I try to be numb,
But I cant be,
I pretend to be allright,
But I am not

What comes out as words,
Are nothing but feelings,
Which I try to express,
But always fail to

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Use Me

You told you were rude,
I knew you weren't,
You told you were crude,
I knew you weren't

You gave me light,
You changed me inside,
You gave me hope,
You changed  me outside

When you were gloom,
I made you bloom,
Things were so in doom,
But it ended in a boom

I had my faith in you,
That I could cheer you,
I had my hope in you,
That you would change

I changed myself for you,
I let go of what I was,
Just to see you smile,
Just to change you mood

Now you are so happy,
The way you used to be,
I am so glad to see,
That you are back

But where am I,
I see me no where,
Who am I now,
That you just ignore

I may not be good,
But I try not to be bad,
I can't be ignorant,
Even if you ignore me

You were my friend,
That you will be,
Were I a thing,
Which is now useless

You have used me,
But I don't mind,
The time spent was nice,
To cherish for life

Sunday, January 8, 2012


When you were lost,
I was right by your side,
When you were sad,
I cheered you up

It's always been you,
All this time,
You were in pain,
I gave you my word

When the tides changed,
You swapped sides,
I am left lying low,
With nothing to hold on

Was it you ,
Or was it me,
That let me down,
I still wonder

I keep trying,
But end up crying,
Wishing for another rain,
To wash the tears away

Walking down the park,
Thinking where i belong,
Listening Linkin Park,
Somewhere I belong

What was the reality,
Was it virtual reality,
I kept searching,
The answer still unknown

Saturday, January 7, 2012


I feel betrayed,
I feel so used,
I feel like I am thrashed,
I feel like being crushed

We were just friends,
but best friends,
have you forgotten that,
for you to do this now

Was it the help,
was it the cash,
that made you,
stick on me

I've been a joke,
I've been a bait,
that got you,
what you want

Was I a toy,
was I a game,
that you played,
and left for cash

 Love was gone,
are friends too,
that's the question now,
cause thats what happens now

It was so fake,
yet you call me fake,
for what I've done for you,
that you forgot now

The Heat is On

     I joined this job,my first job on December 1st . Well, till 23rd had class in college aswell. But since we dint have much work to do at office then, the only thing that was a concern was sleep. The lack of sleep was a major issue. During those days the daily schedule was like , er where do I start, well say waking up at 7am. Then get ready by 8 am and go to bus stop and wait for my college bus to come. The bus comes between 8:20 and 8:30 usually and reaches college by 9. Then boring lectures, the breaks were meant to be awesome as its the last sem, but I get the hangover of not sleeping and be drowsy all day long, you will see why soon. Then college closes by 4:30 and I get home by 5pm. Then I bathe , eat and again get ready by 6 and go for work. Reach there at 7pm , then working till 4am and get back at 5am. Sleep till 7 and wake up and the cycle continues. So you see the sleep I get is like 2hrs plus a little sleep in car when coming back home, also try to sleep in college bus if I can.

            But it was all ok till now, never had the stress of a job, always was free and what did I use to do when in office, just Facebook and youtube and movies, and also sleep if I felt sleepy. Those days were fun. But starting this month , job new project to complete. Gave me just 2 days telling its a simple project and today is going to be the fourth day with that project. Its starting to get on my nerves now. But its almost like complete just a few more tweaks which seem pretty hard to implement thou.
Will see what happens today, since its my first project , or the first one that I am doing alone I am so not able to cope up with it and also since my friend is having a similar one and when he inches a step closer to the target I just try to bring that up to get mine working and finish off the job but unfortunately it still dint end yet. Besides I shouldn't be dragging it for too long. But now the pressure is on my head, inside me. Just thinking of 27th Jan gives me the creeps. We dint even start with our own college project yet , and the weeks to follow, if I can't adjust with the project stress when I am having holidays, what will be the case when college reopens. Lots of work, lots of pressure and no sleep at all. It could turn out to be a huge disaster. I just hope things work out fine. 

Friday, January 6, 2012


This feeling right now,
that kills me from inside,
I can't take the pain,
I can't hold the tears

I lie on my bed,
face against the pillow,
blanket over my head,
tears wetting the pillow

Lonely, feeling so lonely,
in this tiny world,
growing so slowly,
in this cruel world

What did I do,
that you ignore me now,
wasn't I there always,
when you needed me so

I feel so weak,
I feel so sick,
I shall walk away,
leaving no scars

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mullaperiyar : New dam

From quite a long time the Mullaperiyar dam issue has been going on,with Kerala and Tamil Nadu not coming to terms over the strengthening of the dam, which actually left the lives of the people downstream at high risk and peril. The two Governments were never able to come into terms with each other for strengthening the dam and the Tamil  Nadu Government was bringing irrelevant matters and making unrealistic excuses why the dam needs not be rebuilt like comparing Mullaperiyar dam with the Kallanai Dam and also bringing out the contract signed ages ago.

          The risk kept rising as no progress was found in this matter as both Governments were being contradicting with each other for some time now. And now Kerala Government has decided to put forth a new deal for the lives of the people living there. The CM has decided that they should rather construct a new dam over the river than strengthen the existing one. And also being favorable to Tamil Nadu, he has told that Kerala will construct the dam on their own expense and also that Kerala and Tamil Nadu can share the authority of the dam, ie joint control over the dam.

          Atleast now the TN Government should accept the terms and let the construction begin. Also the other tiny matters can be left for laters, as they can be negotiated or left for the final judgement from the Supreme Court. Hoping that they come to terms with Kerala government now atleast, cause we are more concerned about the lives of the people living downstream than the profit made by the dam. Also there are lots of people living at the border who depend on the water from the dam for their daily lively hood. Hoping that the Mullaperiyar dam controversy comes to an end with this all new deal put forward.

The Response :
     It seems they are not willing to accept the new dam proposal. They still seem to stick with their claims that Mullaperiyar dam is still strong enough and a question of even building a new dam doesn't even arise. Why are they so damn adamant that they will not co-operate with Kerala government , even when given equal power over the dam and all of the water. The conflict continues and both sides are still not able to come to terms, as Kerala tries to somehow come into a compromise, the Tamil Nadu government seems to turn its back on Kerala government. Why can't they just deal with the paperwork later and get on with the work? It feels like they don't understand the situation or they don't care even after knowing.

As per todays newspaper (7/1/12) :
     The Kerala Cm has decided the there will be no joint ownership for the proposed new dam, the dam will be completely owned and run by Kerala government and as for the water supply regulations. There will be a team comprising of engineers from both states and will try to make it an independent unit. There are already dams which follow the same norms between the two states. The CM also mentioned that a dam within a state should be under the control of that state. Well what happens now? Both states seem to hold on to their own views still , Kerala wanting a new dam , and Tamil Nadu opposing the idea and the need for a new dam. The controversy continues, will this be like a never ending argument which will only end when the dam collapses , and then what will both parties do?? 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


                   Sunday , that day of the week which everyone looks forward to and doesn't want to let go. When younger Sunday used to be the day I used to go out to the city with family. It was a fun day altogether. Shopping, wandering around, visiting places and so on. During those times didn't even have cable connection at home , so always looked forward to watching cartoon network at grandparents place.
Sundays used to be so much of a fun day back then. It was like a single shot of nitrous at the end of the week for a perfect end to the week.

                  As I grew older , I stopped going out much cause of various reasons, mainly cause I hated Mondays like almost everyone else out there. Sleep early, watch movies and animes , chat around and lots of other stuff. So Sundays went like that in recent times, and I never go out unless its really that important that I go. So Sundays used to be fun for a while, then it got boring, started hating Sundays cause its just a boring day which is followed by Monday which is like the worst day of the week. Going back to college on Mondays used to give the creeps, always start checking for assignments and works only on Monday morning. That was the main reason why I needed to sleep early on Sunday, which prevented me from going out.

               But now, Sunday is the most important day of the week. It is like a pivot to the rest of the week. How I spend my Sunday is the key to the week. With this job, everyday is a working day in the week, since I got night shift I am actually working every single day in the except Sundays on second and fourth weeks. So how well I sleep on Sunday night decides the rest of the week. If I don't sleep well or go out on a Sunday I'll be so tired and dizzy the next day or say night, but if I sleep well then I can stay awake the entire night without feeling sleepy at all. Now looking back at the last three Sundays, the first of them was before college closed and that Sunday I had to go out with mom, I had to drive the car at night which was really strainful for my eyes and that killed my Monday. Infact it killed the entire week, left me so tired and sleepless. The second was pretty good, I was at home and so slept well and that week went well as I was full of energy at the work place. And the last one, well I had to go out aswell cause uncle was here so had to meet him, so got back home pretty late , so getting a hangover this week now. Feels like I din't sleep well at all even now.

        So how important is a Sunday to you?? I know that there will be lot of people who hate Sunday cause it is too boring for them, and lot of others who are just waiting for a Sunday to come. Nevertheless a Sunday is now really important to me.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Blogging : Tribute I

       So we are all bloggers, atleast can claim to be so cause we all blog. 
I still remember my friend in school during school days telling me, "You should Blog", well at that time I was like, "Blog?? , What for??". Atleast I used to think like that. Never had any idea what to write or for what to write on. Teachers used to say my language was good, maybe cause I didn't do so well in the literature part, which dealt with studying Shakespeare. I never gave much of a thought to blogging then anyway. 

          But then out of nowhere and when I was too jobless to do anything else, I made a blog and started writing out some of those bad experiences I had, maybe to be self content that somewhere out there someone may read my blog. And during that time blogs were like getting famous, simple people's blogs were gaining popularity so I thought I too can share my little experiences through my blog. Well since I wasn't so serious about this I rarely wrote and updated stuff. And it was not until I met a friend through the social network Orkut that I started reading blogs. Then cause of her I read her blogs, she writes pretty well you know. I thought I should show her my random piece of work. And she was so supportive and kept encouraging me to write more. Thanks to her I started writing a bit more. With her as the sole reader and the evaluator I kept writing and she used to read and give comments. And from her blog only I found the Indirank widget, so I signed up on that site and added the widget on m page. At that time I felt that lower rank was better and had a rank around 85 or so, not to mention it all happened almost a year ago. Later on cause of college, and other random stuff there wasn't much time to blog around. But I used to write up random poems as statuses and notes in my Fb account when some lyric pops up in my mind. Usually it all was done through my phone, now I kind of miss that phone too. A Nokia 6210, a prefect blend of slide and keypad with quite large buttons which made it easy to type. Now its a touch gen world and typing on a phone is hell lot harder with chances of typos rising higher than ever before and auto corrections make it harder. And so whenever I used to log in on PC, I used to copy paste all the poems from my Fb into my blog. The way I type on Facebook is quite different you know so I din't bother much to correct all the spellings though, which is why I haven't posted most of them on Indivine for reviews. I know it may be a little irritating for you guys but if your interested to still read, please take a look at them.

   Now now I haven't had the Indirank widget on my blog for quite some time after I changed the template of the blog. Its been just two or three weeks since I got back to blogging, and that too all because of her. She won an HTC Wildfire, and I was like OMG, if a blog can get you awards why not, I am wasting time doing nothing anyway, I can get back to blogging and see how good I am at the least. Went back to Indiblogger after ages, my blog wasn't even added there, I just had an account there. And felt awesome when I saw that people read my posts when I submitted them. I am very thankful to all of them for reading my blog and giving me inspiration to write more. And from one of those blogs I found some nice features which I put on mine as well(though mine still doesn't look half as good as that blog). 

So this blog is rather much of my thanks giving to my friend for her support and to Indiblogger for being such an awesome network for connecting Indian bloggers all over the world. Feels good to be blogging, though I still have ways to go. And all of these numbers fascinate me. Thank you all for your support. 

Monday, January 2, 2012


Sometimes I'm lost,
Sometimes I'm scared,
Sometimes I fall,
Right on my face

I've always been waiting,
Just for that day,
When I can tell,
What I've to say

I've been afraid,
I've felt refrained,
But I've got to say,
What needs to be said

I got so close,
But got thrown away,
I tried crawling up,
Still fell down the hill

Should I back out,
Should I walk away,
It's easy to quit,
Than try again

2012 : The beginning

Its a new year once again, after 365 days a brand new year has set its foot in. Its the that time of the year when people try to forget the miseries of the outgoing year and hope to continue with the good fortunes of the past year. People begin the year with new year resolutions, hoping to bring changes to themselves and in the stuff they do, well very few do really stick to their resolutions thou. Well I haven't thought of any yet as I am pretty damn sure that I don't have anything to resolve except maybe my studies which won't happen. Well wishing all the readers a Happy New Year. Hope you have a wonderful year.

      Now now remember the movie 2012 and what it contained, its 2012 now and the signs are showing.
Barely before 2012 set in, South India was hit with the 'Thane' cyclone, which left a trail of death and destruction. And if it weren't enough to convince the people the oncoming of 2012, Japan was hit with an earthquake on New Year's eve. 

A quake of magnitude 7.0 is quite destructive and it left its mark on Japan. Besides Japan has been suffering quite a lot in recent times. You never know what happens next. If the Mayans were right in any way the signs are surely linking up for the destruction. In a way there are many disasters man can prevent, yet they bother least to avoid it and just wait to let it happen and then take action.

Already there is much hassle around the globe and it freaks me out thinking about our own country India , especially the south, where theres been quite a brag on the matter of a dam, sure nothing has happened yet. Even as disasters are occurring almost every single day in quick succession the officials are not wary of the risk which Mullaperiyar dam raises. People live in fear, the Government seems to be mocking the lives of the helpless. Can't they just go and fix it right away and then do the talking,than keep on discussing about it and making terms. Just cause a Raja made an unjust contract of 999years ages ago, that too way before India got its independence, doesn't mean that the people now have to follow it so darn strictly. Besides who follows rules anyway, been seeing the rule imposers breaking the rules themselves. Aren't they human aswell that they don't have to follow the rules that they strictly impose on the common public.

            It won't help at all, for either states to bargain with the lives of millions at stake. Besides whats with the split opinions, we are all Indians and we are supposed to stick together. Theres been even reports that pilgrims from Kerala who went to Sabarimala were pelted with stones and attacked by angry mob. Does that happen in Kerala, no it doesn't . I still see people from Tamil Nadu wandering around all around Kerala and working in many companies over here. Act sensibly people cause we are Indians and forget not our pledge, that "All Indians are my brothers and sisters" and you wouldn't want to hurt them would you?

                  Hoping the year gets better with time and hoping that the New Year incidents are no indication to what is to be expected from the rest of the year. Wishing you all a Happy and prosperous New Year 2012. Paying tribute to the victims of the "Thane" cyclone and prayer for their families. God bless them.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Life at the Edge

     2012 has set in, and just before that the "Thane" cyclone has left a trail of death and debris right through South India. The cyclone has hit Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and Kerala as well has been dealing with heavy rainfall from the past two days. Is this any indication to the beginning of the end?
People are forgetting that the Mullaperiyar dam is nearby. The dam which is already way past its life span and threatening millions of lives is now facing the threat of the cyclone as well. Hopefully the cyclone may not hit the dam but imagine the worst case scenario. An old dam , cracking under old ange and minor earthquakes, when hit by a cyclone which is accompanied by winds blowing over 120km/h, and the end result?

                 Already the capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum is flooded and the masses are well affected as its impossible to travel by roads as the water level is waist high. Some of the houses are flooded, imagine the damage caused by just heavy rain and then think what would be the case if a cyclone hits us by any chance. Why dont' the Government take any action yet. The masses are fighting to save the people and the state, but the government seems least bothered. If the disaster occurs, half of Kerala will be washed away or the damage could be much worse. When will they learn that "Prevention is better than cure" ? What is it thats keeping them from taking any action? How can they pretend as if nothing is going to happen?

                               People so have a mentality to loose first and then repent than take measures beforehand to prevent the disaster. Its always been like that. Just that , in this case, the damage caused will be unimaginable. But imagine the fear of the people living by the dam. They will be the ones who are experiencing real fear. Living with the fear that the dam may explode any time and the water will wash them away or with the hope that the Government will fix the dam before it takes their lives. What are they supposed to believe? Got to give it to them for living there. Life cant get any harder. This is when you can really coin the phrase "Living at the edge".

                          Hoping that no major disaster occurs, praying for the lives of the deceased and hoping that the Governments come to terms and take action quickly.