Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Broken Once Again

I was bored,
I was alone,
I was feeling sick,
Life moving so slow

You came to my life,
You showed me light,
I tried resisting the feeling,
But you convinced me

I had someone in mind,
That I couldn't forget,
The thoughts flashing,
Over and over again

Then you came,
Like a savior,
To free my life,
From this imprisonment

Days passed by,
So beautiful and happy,
Time ticked like seconds,
That I never felt has passed

Then came that day,
When I opened up,
And you fell apart,
Breaking my heart apart

Why did you love me,
When you did the same,
Why did you leave me,
When all I wanted was you

Now I am left stranded,
Right where I was,
Left broken down,
All over once again