Friday, January 13, 2012

No Time

It's always the same,
The same old thought,
The same old thing,
The same old me

I try to get over,
But never succeed,
I try to walk over,
But keep falling in

There are people around,
Many in numbers,
But they are just people,
Not the friend I need

Ain't it so true,
That when you need someone,
There's none around,
But otherwise they are

So many dreams,
So many wishes,
But nothing comes real,
Everything stays a wish

I too wish for the same,
To hang around,
To mess around,
And enjoy the day

When you needed my time,
I gave you mine,
When I ask you now,
You haven't a minute to spare

Would it even matter,
If I Ain't around no more,
Would you ever notice,
That I'm long gone 

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  1. The thoughts are indeed complimentary to the click above..