Sunday, January 1, 2012

Life at the Edge

     2012 has set in, and just before that the "Thane" cyclone has left a trail of death and debris right through South India. The cyclone has hit Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and Kerala as well has been dealing with heavy rainfall from the past two days. Is this any indication to the beginning of the end?
People are forgetting that the Mullaperiyar dam is nearby. The dam which is already way past its life span and threatening millions of lives is now facing the threat of the cyclone as well. Hopefully the cyclone may not hit the dam but imagine the worst case scenario. An old dam , cracking under old ange and minor earthquakes, when hit by a cyclone which is accompanied by winds blowing over 120km/h, and the end result?

                 Already the capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum is flooded and the masses are well affected as its impossible to travel by roads as the water level is waist high. Some of the houses are flooded, imagine the damage caused by just heavy rain and then think what would be the case if a cyclone hits us by any chance. Why dont' the Government take any action yet. The masses are fighting to save the people and the state, but the government seems least bothered. If the disaster occurs, half of Kerala will be washed away or the damage could be much worse. When will they learn that "Prevention is better than cure" ? What is it thats keeping them from taking any action? How can they pretend as if nothing is going to happen?

                               People so have a mentality to loose first and then repent than take measures beforehand to prevent the disaster. Its always been like that. Just that , in this case, the damage caused will be unimaginable. But imagine the fear of the people living by the dam. They will be the ones who are experiencing real fear. Living with the fear that the dam may explode any time and the water will wash them away or with the hope that the Government will fix the dam before it takes their lives. What are they supposed to believe? Got to give it to them for living there. Life cant get any harder. This is when you can really coin the phrase "Living at the edge".

                          Hoping that no major disaster occurs, praying for the lives of the deceased and hoping that the Governments come to terms and take action quickly.

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