Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I feel like writing,
But don't know what to,
Theres a feeling inside,
That still urges me to

I have no title,
But I still want to,
I have no idea,
Still I'm trying to

Is it the pain,
Of this ignorance,
Or is it the pain,
Trying to cover it up

Spending my time,
Listening songs randomly,
But those touchy ones,
Creates teardrops on my cheeks

I try to be numb,
But I cant be,
I pretend to be allright,
But I am not

What comes out as words,
Are nothing but feelings,
Which I try to express,
But always fail to


  1. Words express the feeling just fine.. if you write from your heart, the reflection holds true.

  2. meant unexpressed feelings bro :) n thnx :)