Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Use Me

You told you were rude,
I knew you weren't,
You told you were crude,
I knew you weren't

You gave me light,
You changed me inside,
You gave me hope,
You changed  me outside

When you were gloom,
I made you bloom,
Things were so in doom,
But it ended in a boom

I had my faith in you,
That I could cheer you,
I had my hope in you,
That you would change

I changed myself for you,
I let go of what I was,
Just to see you smile,
Just to change you mood

Now you are so happy,
The way you used to be,
I am so glad to see,
That you are back

But where am I,
I see me no where,
Who am I now,
That you just ignore

I may not be good,
But I try not to be bad,
I can't be ignorant,
Even if you ignore me

You were my friend,
That you will be,
Were I a thing,
Which is now useless

You have used me,
But I don't mind,
The time spent was nice,
To cherish for life

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