Sunday, January 15, 2012


                              Every week begins with a Monday. Everyone hates when the day is Monday. Especially cause it comes right after Sunday, the weekend where everyone hangs around and has fun. Monday starts a whole new week. All people irrespective of age, students and the employed , hate Mondays. From their point of view, when a Monday comes you either have to wait till Friday or Saturday to enjoy again, and that's quite a lot of days to pass through to reach there, aint it? And even so , when you reach the weekend, it passes away too quickly and Monday again pops up as the villain.

                             Many a times we might all have wished, that everyday was a Sunday and a week was just the other way round with just two working days and rest as holidays. Mondays are such a fuss, and if you forget it , you are so done for. Imagine having Friday as a holiday as well due to some random reason. Then really , you wouldn't want to go to school or college on a Monday. I used to take these little three day holidays as a mini vacation. How lazy we feel to go to schools and colleges after such a lazy weekend.

                                                                 So now since Sundays are pretty important for me , as told in  Sunday , I look forward to sleeping well on Sundays and be fresh on a Monday. Atleast can keep that up till college reopens on 27th of this month, after which I got no clue as to what I'll do , and how I'll manage both work and college. It was already quite bad during those days when there weren't any proper work to do, atleast could sleep over in the office when felt. But now with quite a small load of work, what happens next is unknown, and the biggest confusion is about the Main Project, which is yet untouched.

                             Mondays got a lot more important with the Project manager in office deciding to set up a team meeting ever Monday at 4:30 pm , well for now its all right. Anyways the work timing was shifted to 6:30 for that day from the usual shift time of 8 as we would otherwise have to wander around and waste two hours of our time. When college reopens, what then? College leaves at 4:20  and I reach home at 5. There's no way I could reach office at 5, the new time set for meeting as per some peoples request as they couldn't make it at 4:30. What awaits is unknown, yet Mondays are disastrous anyway, always been for me anyway. Though Monday is considered to be a good to start something afresh. Mondays : everyone has a reason , good or bad, the day has to come , for future untold.