Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Heat is On

     I joined this job,my first job on December 1st . Well, till 23rd had class in college aswell. But since we dint have much work to do at office then, the only thing that was a concern was sleep. The lack of sleep was a major issue. During those days the daily schedule was like , er where do I start, well say waking up at 7am. Then get ready by 8 am and go to bus stop and wait for my college bus to come. The bus comes between 8:20 and 8:30 usually and reaches college by 9. Then boring lectures, the breaks were meant to be awesome as its the last sem, but I get the hangover of not sleeping and be drowsy all day long, you will see why soon. Then college closes by 4:30 and I get home by 5pm. Then I bathe , eat and again get ready by 6 and go for work. Reach there at 7pm , then working till 4am and get back at 5am. Sleep till 7 and wake up and the cycle continues. So you see the sleep I get is like 2hrs plus a little sleep in car when coming back home, also try to sleep in college bus if I can.

            But it was all ok till now, never had the stress of a job, always was free and what did I use to do when in office, just Facebook and youtube and movies, and also sleep if I felt sleepy. Those days were fun. But starting this month , job new project to complete. Gave me just 2 days telling its a simple project and today is going to be the fourth day with that project. Its starting to get on my nerves now. But its almost like complete just a few more tweaks which seem pretty hard to implement thou.
Will see what happens today, since its my first project , or the first one that I am doing alone I am so not able to cope up with it and also since my friend is having a similar one and when he inches a step closer to the target I just try to bring that up to get mine working and finish off the job but unfortunately it still dint end yet. Besides I shouldn't be dragging it for too long. But now the pressure is on my head, inside me. Just thinking of 27th Jan gives me the creeps. We dint even start with our own college project yet , and the weeks to follow, if I can't adjust with the project stress when I am having holidays, what will be the case when college reopens. Lots of work, lots of pressure and no sleep at all. It could turn out to be a huge disaster. I just hope things work out fine. 


  1. all the best with the projects and job! work can get stressful, especially if it's an odd timed shift.

    What got me confused is how come you are working and studying at the same time?

  2. thats kinda a long story :) but I've written about how I got it in my post My first job :) read that n u will c :)