Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bill or Veil

      SOPA : Stop Online Piracy Act. It so seems so that the Government has decided to put an end to the piracy of movies,songs and other copyrighted stuff through the internet. Well it may seem quite like a necessary measure to prevent piracy and reduce the losses caused to the film makers and producers. But is it really the case? By passing this so called Bill , it gives the right to any company to sue any website and get it shut down. Is this some kind of dictatorship?

         Already some sites have been shut down , some that have been exposing the politicians in a cartoon form. What is it that makes the Government go to this extent to take such an action. Is it the fear, the fear of being completely exposed in front of the public? It seems so. Blocking of sites , think of that? What could happen now? The news that should reach the public will never reach them as they may get censored by the board, stating it is defaming news. The truth is that why fear if you aint guilty. But as we all know , all of our so called politicians are corrupt, there maybe a few who aint out there, but with this bill all chances of a corruption free India will be well restricted.

        The Internet is the most widely used media source right now , and Facebook plays a major part in sharing and spreading of news. And not to forget, Google is what we call Internet now, yesterday I saw   a picture showing that 30% people use Google as a search engine and 70% use it to test if their Internet connection is working or not. Ain't that true? If censorship occurs way too many sites will be censored and the links to them through Google will be cut. If the bill is passed, that will be a huge blow for a lot of people and indirectly to the general public who surf the net. And we bloggers should take a stand against it in our own possible ways to show our discontent to this so called SOPA bill. Remember what happened in China, the same could happen to India too , if this ain't stopped now. Wikipedia English won't be available tomorrow, 18th Jan. This action is taken tos top web censorship. And a whole lot more sites won't be available as well. 

       Join the strike against SOPA bill : http://sopastrike.com/
Save our web. Save Internet.

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