Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dark World

What you know,
Is not what is known,
What you thought,
Was never what it was

Theres more to it,
Than you ever imagined,
Theres so much to it,
That can't even be spoken of

Who dare to speak,
Everything they know,
Who dare to risk,
The only life they got

What remains untold,
Remains the mystery,
What remains unheard,
Remains deep beneath

There are untold stories,
There are unreal incidents,
That you can never digest,
That you'll never accept

The world as it is,
Ain't known to you,
What lies in the dark,
Will never see light


  1. Very philosophical poem.

  2. truly bro :) its more than philosophical :) its deep reality which can't be spoken of :)