Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Blogging : Tribute I

       So we are all bloggers, atleast can claim to be so cause we all blog. 
I still remember my friend in school during school days telling me, "You should Blog", well at that time I was like, "Blog?? , What for??". Atleast I used to think like that. Never had any idea what to write or for what to write on. Teachers used to say my language was good, maybe cause I didn't do so well in the literature part, which dealt with studying Shakespeare. I never gave much of a thought to blogging then anyway. 

          But then out of nowhere and when I was too jobless to do anything else, I made a blog and started writing out some of those bad experiences I had, maybe to be self content that somewhere out there someone may read my blog. And during that time blogs were like getting famous, simple people's blogs were gaining popularity so I thought I too can share my little experiences through my blog. Well since I wasn't so serious about this I rarely wrote and updated stuff. And it was not until I met a friend through the social network Orkut that I started reading blogs. Then cause of her I read her blogs, she writes pretty well you know. I thought I should show her my random piece of work. And she was so supportive and kept encouraging me to write more. Thanks to her I started writing a bit more. With her as the sole reader and the evaluator I kept writing and she used to read and give comments. And from her blog only I found the Indirank widget, so I signed up on that site and added the widget on m page. At that time I felt that lower rank was better and had a rank around 85 or so, not to mention it all happened almost a year ago. Later on cause of college, and other random stuff there wasn't much time to blog around. But I used to write up random poems as statuses and notes in my Fb account when some lyric pops up in my mind. Usually it all was done through my phone, now I kind of miss that phone too. A Nokia 6210, a prefect blend of slide and keypad with quite large buttons which made it easy to type. Now its a touch gen world and typing on a phone is hell lot harder with chances of typos rising higher than ever before and auto corrections make it harder. And so whenever I used to log in on PC, I used to copy paste all the poems from my Fb into my blog. The way I type on Facebook is quite different you know so I din't bother much to correct all the spellings though, which is why I haven't posted most of them on Indivine for reviews. I know it may be a little irritating for you guys but if your interested to still read, please take a look at them.

   Now now I haven't had the Indirank widget on my blog for quite some time after I changed the template of the blog. Its been just two or three weeks since I got back to blogging, and that too all because of her. She won an HTC Wildfire, and I was like OMG, if a blog can get you awards why not, I am wasting time doing nothing anyway, I can get back to blogging and see how good I am at the least. Went back to Indiblogger after ages, my blog wasn't even added there, I just had an account there. And felt awesome when I saw that people read my posts when I submitted them. I am very thankful to all of them for reading my blog and giving me inspiration to write more. And from one of those blogs I found some nice features which I put on mine as well(though mine still doesn't look half as good as that blog). 

So this blog is rather much of my thanks giving to my friend for her support and to Indiblogger for being such an awesome network for connecting Indian bloggers all over the world. Feels good to be blogging, though I still have ways to go. And all of these numbers fascinate me. Thank you all for your support. 


  1. Wish you a very Happy New Year Sankar:)
    Linked to your blog in my post Fan Speaks... Do check it out :)

  2. Sure thank you :) but where do i check it? :(

  3. Thats a sweet post :) I'm glad I was able to inspire someone to blog...& I read all of your posts on mobile...so you'd see why I haven't commented much.. :P
    Wish you happy blogging for 2012 & always remember, blog for yourself, to be heard not just to win any contest or Indiblogger rank or get more comments..Goodluck!

  4. lol shadap :P :D ^^ I wont win anything :P cause theres too many good bloggers out there :P besides I can aim for something now na :p than keep aimlessly writing ^__^ to be heard is something :) maybe someday :) ^__^ Happy new year ^__^ :)