Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 : The beginning

Its a new year once again, after 365 days a brand new year has set its foot in. Its the that time of the year when people try to forget the miseries of the outgoing year and hope to continue with the good fortunes of the past year. People begin the year with new year resolutions, hoping to bring changes to themselves and in the stuff they do, well very few do really stick to their resolutions thou. Well I haven't thought of any yet as I am pretty damn sure that I don't have anything to resolve except maybe my studies which won't happen. Well wishing all the readers a Happy New Year. Hope you have a wonderful year.

      Now now remember the movie 2012 and what it contained, its 2012 now and the signs are showing.
Barely before 2012 set in, South India was hit with the 'Thane' cyclone, which left a trail of death and destruction. And if it weren't enough to convince the people the oncoming of 2012, Japan was hit with an earthquake on New Year's eve. 

A quake of magnitude 7.0 is quite destructive and it left its mark on Japan. Besides Japan has been suffering quite a lot in recent times. You never know what happens next. If the Mayans were right in any way the signs are surely linking up for the destruction. In a way there are many disasters man can prevent, yet they bother least to avoid it and just wait to let it happen and then take action.

Already there is much hassle around the globe and it freaks me out thinking about our own country India , especially the south, where theres been quite a brag on the matter of a dam, sure nothing has happened yet. Even as disasters are occurring almost every single day in quick succession the officials are not wary of the risk which Mullaperiyar dam raises. People live in fear, the Government seems to be mocking the lives of the helpless. Can't they just go and fix it right away and then do the talking,than keep on discussing about it and making terms. Just cause a Raja made an unjust contract of 999years ages ago, that too way before India got its independence, doesn't mean that the people now have to follow it so darn strictly. Besides who follows rules anyway, been seeing the rule imposers breaking the rules themselves. Aren't they human aswell that they don't have to follow the rules that they strictly impose on the common public.

            It won't help at all, for either states to bargain with the lives of millions at stake. Besides whats with the split opinions, we are all Indians and we are supposed to stick together. Theres been even reports that pilgrims from Kerala who went to Sabarimala were pelted with stones and attacked by angry mob. Does that happen in Kerala, no it doesn't . I still see people from Tamil Nadu wandering around all around Kerala and working in many companies over here. Act sensibly people cause we are Indians and forget not our pledge, that "All Indians are my brothers and sisters" and you wouldn't want to hurt them would you?

                  Hoping the year gets better with time and hoping that the New Year incidents are no indication to what is to be expected from the rest of the year. Wishing you all a Happy and prosperous New Year 2012. Paying tribute to the victims of the "Thane" cyclone and prayer for their families. God bless them.

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