Monday, May 28, 2012

What Makes You Different

What is it that holds you together,
So firm and calm even under the storm,
What gives you this strength,
To hold out through this life

Why can't I be strong like you,
Why do I just have to envy you,
Why can't I hold myself out too,
Am I not a human just like you

There is strength in my mind,
There seems to be faith in my heart,
They why do I crumble in fear,
Why do I end up crushing myself down

What makes you  different,
That you outshine the rest,
With the glow on your face,
That's brighter than the sunlight

What restricts the strength within me,
Which should have known no bounds,
What projects me a weakling,
Who is always lost and upset

What makes you different,
That you have the strength,
To hold your tears within,
And put up with a fake smile

Why can't I do the same,
And pretend to be happy,
Why can't I hide my feelings,
And put up a mask of happiness

What makes you different,
Is the mental strength you possess,
That lets you overcome the pain,
For the sake of you loved ones