Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Day To Forget

Waking up to see that its too late,
The clock had already hit eight,
I hadn't slept a bit last night,
The eyelids resist to open now

The night was so long,
I kept rolling over the bed,
Unable to fall into sleep,
Unable to rest even a bit

Brushing up teeth in a hurry,
I hit the gums once again,
Hell was right in front then,
The pain of a sweet spot

Dressed up and got ready,
Staring at watch over and over,
Looking out for a bus to college,
Observing time ticking by

Listening music during the ride,
A thought flashed by my mind,
I searched my bag for it with no luck,
I had forgotten my college id card

Hoping for some luck with cash,
Remembering the words from that day,
Went ahead with faint hope,
That I can still succeed the quest

Denial was what awaited ahead,
Granting me total disapproval,
Making this day bizarre,
Throwing me hay wire inside

This was a day to forget,
And I was still expecting worse,
I wasn't disappointed after all,
I got more dose of it soon

My phone was silent and charging,
Saw a missed call and a message,
There is a meeting at five,
And I saw it with fifteen to five

What could be worse for a day,
Knowing it'll take at least  an hour,
To reach the office like everyday,
With expectations of facing the worst

The day couldn't get any worser,
What happened may happen again,
But I really hope it never does,
Cause a day like this can put me off

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