Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sleepless Night

Lying on the bed at night,
Rolling over to and fro,
I still keep wondering,
Why is sleep still evading me

This is just a Sunday night,
After a week of work,
I should be sleeping tight,
After such a week of work

Why ain't I falling asleep,
Why am I still conscious,
Why can't just sleep no more,
When I try to sleep early

Trying to sleep so hard,
The time aint ticking fast,
But I lay there struggling,
To see that its sever hours

Why can't I fall asleep,
These eyes are closing in tightly,
But I am still not asleep,
Neither can I stay awake

Pondering over a million thoughts,
Trying not to think again,
I can't just stop myself,
From eluding the memories again

This was just a sleepless night,
Which forced me to wake up tight,
This is what I did instantly,
Getting up and penning down

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