Monday, May 21, 2012


I have lost the words now,
And feel not to speak no more,
No matter what you may try,
No matter what you shall say

The truth will always stay,
The reality can't be hidden anymore,
The pain of suffering can't be ignored,
For its catching all attention now

I can pretend all I want,
That I don't give a damn about it,
But the truth kills me within,
For every moment is a realization

Don't bother no more,
Of this mere presence of life,
Which holds no symbolization,
Of anything but hate and curse

For your ignorance is painful,
Why right now, why together,
Why everyone, why so always,
Let me have all of it right now

Unable to complete this poem,
I search for random words,
Which never make any sense,
When they are all put together

Every time I try to be happy,
I'm left disappointed,
The high hopes that rose sky high,
Fall crashing down like a bullet storm

I wish to be happy all the time,
Its not like I love to be sad,
Every time something good happens,
Its followed by the worst there could be

You never know the pain,
Being singled out all of a sudden,
Being close with quite a lot of friends,
And ignored by all of them together

I feel like running away,
I feel like shutting myself up,
You don't really need me,
Except when you got none else

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