Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Life

The past will always be a curse,
Whether it was good or bad,
It still makes you wonder,
Why stuff happened the way it did

To think that life moves slow,
Is really a huge misconception,
The time that passes now,
Will never be yours again

Take a look at the past now,
And you'll see what you've missed,
How you wasted the time then,
And what all you could've done

The thought of not doing the right,
Even if it was a moment ago,
Will always keep haunting you,
As things wouldn't have been the same

One moment of hesitation from you,
And things have all gone unexpected,
It wasn't what you wanted then,
Nor was it anything you imagined

Nobody has the time to wait anymore,
None has the time to listen to you,
The flow of thoughts and understandings,
Have gone beyond misunderstandings

In scattering thoughts I loom now,
Seeking out and trying to connect,
The unbound ties of broken memories,
Those that stitch together "My Life"


  1. If the past is a curse like your poem says, I'll be glad to not look back at it if I can. I'll recollect happy memories.. whatever I do have!

  2. thanks bro :) I try to look out for them , but I dont actually find any :)