Sunday, May 13, 2012

Childhood Nightmares

I'm falling into pieces now,
I'm scattering with the thoughts,
I feel regret in my heart,
For being born in this world

Why did I have to be a human,
Living in this filthy world,
Why weren't I born a caterpillar,
Even if life was way shorter

Where are the morals and ethics,
What are humans doing now,
Their so called capability of reasoning,
Has way gone beyond insanity

The hidden truths shall be exposed,
With the ever flowing passage of time,
Ain't they ashamed of themselves,
For even having such disgusting thoughts

The world is now stained with evil,
The minds with power and lust,
With self satisfaction the only concern,
And the will to do anything to achieve it

I feel condemned living this life,
The life of a damned human,
The name brought upon us by the rest,
Will weigh us down for all eternity

The ones with the heart of purity,
Will never be recognized in light,
And the ones drenched in lust,
Always get stuff the way they want

Just think about yourself for a bit,
And see what you think of most,
You are no different from the rest,
As evil and wretched as those low lives

I'm left with no choice but to despise myself,
For I can do is sulk over this real issue,
Unable to think and act to the situation,
For I know that this world will never change

All of you fail to realize yourself there,
In the same damn situation standing helpless,
Worrying about your own children,
When they are put up with the same

Open your eyes and see the world,
When you abuse an innocent child,
Why can't you think about it,
Happening with your own child

Or have you lost all morals now,
That you don't care about your own,
Just for that moment of self satisfaction,
You expose your baby into a life of hell

Those little ones haven't done any wrong,
To deserve a childhood like this,
Filled with fear of their own elders,
Abusing them physically and mentally

They live in fear of them everyday,
Hoping the day passes by without being hurt,
Waiting to grow older and run away,
Seeking to end this nightmare once and for all

P.S : Child abuse hasn't been all that unnoticed but on a vast scale, its still unknown to most and it feels disgusting to be a part of a society with no morals and ethics so as to differentiate between a child and an adult, in fact its happening with adults and kids alike.  It would seem that its easier for them to prey upon helpless kids who may have it harder to resist, especially if its by their own family members. How will a mom ever be able to send her child to a school or tuition class, if they can't even trust their child with their own relatives. Stop Child Abuse And Get A Life. 

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