Sunday, May 13, 2012

Life Without Internet

            Internet you say , what is it? The word Internet itself was pretty much unknown to most people around. There were no Internet Cafes during those times. Only very few people had a net connection , that too those living in the big cities. Being able to even browse net was a mere privilege back then. I still remember the first time we got a net connection at home, in fact that old modem is still there somewhere hidden in the mess within the house. Still dial-up modems were fun. Especially cause it used the land line , I can remember hearing people taking over the phone while trying to connect to net with that modem, though not so clearly.

            Where do we stand now? Dial-up ?? What is it? Its the generation of 3G n 4G. When you don't even need a modem at home to connect to the Internet. All you need is a good mobile phone and a service provider which supports data packet transfer. 3G is fast catching up all across our country now, though the developed nations are progressing into 4G territory. How fast technology has progressed. You don't need to sit in front of a computer anymore to listen to your favorite song or watch your favorite video , you can send and check your mails at anytime. You get to search for anything at any instant. There was a time when Internet wasn't Google, when Gmail wasn't the mail that everyone used to use. What has Google become now, even to check if internet is working you go to

                   The times when Nokia was the only phone people used to use, the ones with antennas. Everything has changed now, the Symbian era brought out the best of smart phones, cause the iPhone was just too out of reach. Blackberrys were a rich boys play toy. And now Android has taken over the world by storm bringing out the best right to your fingertips. What can you not do with one of them? Internet surely has been a blessing, the different ways it can be used.

               On a serious note, what do you use Internet for basically? If you're a 90's kid then definitely Social Networking. How useful it really has been, none can express. Its like some sort of necessary evil now. You can't live without it nor is everything right in it. Connecting with people is the best, making new friends and connections are truly awesome. But there are even evil sides to it. Getting addicted to it can lead to so many problems. It can rid you off your innocence, can leave you broken as well. "No net , no life" , that's the best suited motto for this current generation.

                    Social networks are actually more useful for our elders than for us, cause the way we use it and the way they use are different. using Facebook they get to connect with their old friends with whom they haven't had any contact in years. Whereas we use it for chatting every single day, and surely spend a hefty amount of our time daily in front of the PC on a networking site. We tend to waste our time endlessly staring at the screen , usually waiting to see a notification pop up, but for them , it gives them a hell lot of joy finding their old buds after such a huge span of years. That is what connecting is all about. When you go far from your loved ones, the ability to still stay in touch , to see them , to hear them like they were right in front of you is what internet has brought to us. Skype has surely gained popularity for its services, Yahoo messenger surely has fallen through,and I don't even know why.

              How many kids or you readers can stay off Facebook for a single day? The count will be pretty less, I'm sure. And mobiles have made it all the more addictive. Simple case , me , myself , what all I do with my phone. That people keep asking what the hell are you doing, and recently been saying keep the phone away and you are always pressing on your phone. Though I'm not always on Facebook , even Whats App and Foursquare keeps me busy , touching all over my phones touch screen. Anyways all of them need Internet. In fact , to use and iPhone or an Android device, Internet is a must, else there is no point having them. Everything you do is connected with the net, sharing photos, locations , videos, songs , anything. The Internet makes the world a very small place, which connects every single corner of it. Blessed, ain't we?

          Just as much as fun as it is, make sure you don't let it get the better of you. Stay safe, cause I've known just way too many stuff that's happened over the net, cause people fall prey to the fakers. But on the bright side of it, it gets large masses of people together who think alike and share the same views, the best example is the blogging nation brought together by sites like Indiblogger and BlogAdda, just to name a few. If you want to spread news fast, over a long reach , the Internet is the best way to do it now.

  Connect , life free and enjoy life.

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