Sunday, April 1, 2012

That Last Night

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I tried to write,
An essay again,
But words don't flow out,
Smoother any more

Right now I'm dull,
Listening an yell,
For a mistake undealt,
With a destructive force

Where did we go wrong,
That we left it unseen,
The consequence now,
Is a price paid so high

I feel so guilty,
But was it my fault,
I was so careless,
Cause I put in my faith

Was it the mind that slept,
Or was it distracted,
The directions never entered,
The brain through ears

Last night was another,
That passed by fast,
Leaving behind marks,
That shall be long felt

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  1. Enjoyed the last stanza the most.

  2. 'Where did we go wrong, that we left it unseen' - I liked these lines the best. Good luck for BAT

  3. I read it thrice to go into the agony in the words. and every time it sent in a creepy feeling. Leaving unseen, and the price, just mind boggling. I really admire your choice of word. saying millions of things in so little words.
    hats off.

  4. thanks all of you :) n all the best for you guys too :)
    n sadly i'm having university xams now

  5. I like how it is so open-ended allowing the reader to interpret as he/she pleases.

    All the best for BAT!

  6. Very well written. Touched a chord. Questions like "Where did we go wrong" and "Was it my fault" are some of the hardest questions to answer...

  7. Short but thought provoking. The words are open to be interpreted in their own way. Well-written. All the best.

  8. Ahem! I don't know how to intend it :) My mind kept wandering about what we had been doing to earth. This is too open to interpretations. What did you have in mind?

  9. oops... 'interpret', I meant. LOL.

  10. Liked the way it was written. But I could not really understand what exactly was being talked about. Possibly a note in the end on your own interpretation would have helped.

  11. sorry :) will write something about that soon :) hard to say in a few lines , its over an incident but generalized it cause stuff keep happening all the time :)

  12. I love it so much.. Particularly the last paragraph is too good.. Smiles

  13. good.....expressions felt with the set tonne....liked the ending very much

  14. I second Shilpa's comment. The past is always part of the present. Enjoyed reading this. :)

  15. short, sweet and awesome. . .!
    Well written. .

    ATB for BAT