Sunday, April 15, 2012

How IndiBlogger Helped Me

How did IndiBlogger help me ?

       Let me take a look at the past, most probably 2 years ago , in 2010 when this blog was made , so much of an awesome birthday ha. Why did I start blogging? I think I forgot if I even had a blog back then in 2008. Nevertheless, they say when you feel heartbroken your feelings flow out so well. Maybe thats what actually brought me out into blogging again. All those feelings unexpressed and untold to anyone , they just needed to be poured out somewhere safe and sound. Never showed this to anyone actually , never wanted to show my blog to anyone.

         Back then I used to be online almost all the time and I used have my old phone in my hand all the time , darn I miss my Nokia 6210 Navigator , it was one of those one of a kind phones that I've never seen with anyone else. It used to be on TV ads back then cause of Nokia Maps. Will talk about phones elsewhere or else I'll start diverting like I always do and end up writing what I never intended to. Now now , since I had the phone with me all the time and I loved its keypad , easy to type and I was so in sync with it , slide and type without looking at the keypad. The thing is that since it was easy to type, I used to type all all of those lines that flash by my mind instantly into a note on FaceBook. A few lines a may come by and then I try to complete it with matching words. You can check my old blog posts of 2010 n 2011 to see what I used to write, usually poems , and well none of them have been viewed much either, counts from 0-7 maybe.

        I first found the Indi blogger badge on my bud's blog , well it was cause of her only that I'm writing like this now I guess. It was the India map with a ranking like 73/100. I felt it was cool and registered and got one for myself. And at that time it read in 70's and 80's. But then I never knew about how ranking worked here. Always was confused how they ranked , felt that 80+ rank is so poor and need to improve , cause my friend seemed to have in 70's and she wrote way better than me. You know how kids think na , rank 1 was my aim then. Though I knew there were hell lotta better writers out there. But the badge was quite an asset , made me feel the blog looked quite attractive , some widgets tend to attract me.

       Well since the badge was all I cared then I never knew anything about the site or what was there , dunno if they had IndiVine and forums back then, I never really saw or remember seeing them. And I used to write all those poems in notes in Facebook and then one day when I log in from PC , I would usually copy paste them all over here making the necessary corrections in spellings as I used too much of my well known short hand , among my friends. Still many of the blog posts may not be completely rectified. I shall rather not encourage anyone to read them , as you may find it a bit irritating if you are not used to short hand , but well I corrected most to understandable levels if I'm right.

        Last December brought me back to IndiBlogger , the ranks weren't working on my blog , so came back to get the code and found lot of difference here. Saw so many new features and thought I should see them too. Well it was indeed a good thing , and the contests caught my attention , but never was so sure about how it would work out. And the forums there are pretty interesting and informative as well. Though I don't have a habit of interacting much with people, which is a bad thing, I like the posts there and really wish to interact more over there and make new friends.

        IndiVine definitely has helped in getting my posts being read by a few people at least and for that I'm very thankful to IndiBlogger. For 2 years a blog had just one reader, now seeing new readers is a delight. And comments are always nice and inspiring, positive ones do keep inspiring but really I need to be corrected if I'm to get any better than what I'm now, which I think is necessary to be at least a good blogger. So please do correct or make suggestions, you don't have to worry na , I'm open to all corrections. And well I don't have much of a reading habit but will try to read whenever I can , sorry about having no time.

         I still remember hearing this , "Write to be heard, not to make money and fame" , guess its the truest thing out there for a blogger. Whether to post this on IndiBlogger or not is doubtful question in my mind. Maybe I'll just leave this for just the followers to read. It ain't about getting votes on IndiVine that matters , its just that I really wish someone to read, but having said so, getting 0 votes in IndiVine just means none even saw such a post existed right? Maybe it was cause of the wrong timing I chose to post that blog post.
Well wrote this to show How IndiBlogger helped me be better , in a lot of ways, like writing more to be heard, getting to know more about stuff, reaching out to the people and so  much more. So well I'm so very thankful. And I wish I could do something very useful too one day. 

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