Thursday, April 5, 2012

Right Now

I been sitting for too long,
I been doing nothing so long,
Where did my thoughts go now,
Where is my mind lost now

Why can't I concentrate,
Why can't I hold this tight,
Where is my focus now,
Where is my will gone now

What doesn't hurt you,
Makes you wonder,
If you've gotten stronger,
And not that it was weaker

I'm loosing it right now,
Gonna blow up right now,
Being scolded just now,
For not going there now

What din't matter then,
Makes you cry now,
Cause you din't care then,
And realize its worth just now

But people don't even care now,
They don't even bother,
Just to spend some time now,
To show some love and care now

What din't go to you head then,
Din't mean nothing back then,
But it made you what you're right now,
Begging in the streets now


  1. Really feeling the same!
    What din't matter then,
    Makes you cry now
    SO so true!
    Thanks for posting this!

  2. Aww :) happens to all of us na ? :)
    thanks :)