Sunday, April 15, 2012

Anything for a Friend

               Well what can you possibly do , when you are just too darn confused and lost with everything that's going on around you. You are just left with thoughts or confusion about what as to what you should do. But then again you really wish you did something that was pretty useful for you and all that are concerned. Still people are selfish and just think only about their needs and requirements, its always been like that. I can't even claim to say I haven't been that selfish either, but usually when I think on a matter I try not to be cause I usually think how others feel first. Which maybe the biggest mistake I make in my life cause none has anytime to listen or hear out anyone nowadays.

       Something engraved deep inside me doesn't let me ignore my friends. It may sound funny to some people how friends you made over the net could be of so much importance to you. But well if you take a look at it , it can be stupid if you think net is just for time-pass and fun , and on the other hand if you believe that there are people like you out there who aren't here just for killing their time, you actually end up with pretty close bonds. Over time I have made a whole lot of friends , some of them are still there with me , which is a proof enough for me to believe that all aren't the same. You never know who gets to be your close friend and who doesn't , it ain't like we are choosing close friends when we meet someone. Relations take a bit of trust , indeed trust is all thats required for a strong relationship. It grows as time passes. And you realize your friends when you are in a real crisis. Thats when they show the reality , who stands by you and who doesn't.

      I always took everything in a way thinking I have nothing to loose in trusting someone, thou some have had the will to exploit it to the fullest, I've got friends who will be there if I need. Since I haven't made much of a great bonding with friends I've actually seen or met , there are a lot of people who know me better out there in this world, who haven't even seen me once. Is that a good or bad thing? I just don't know. But I hate it when people don't take up advices which I give for their own good (I guess) but then again that doesn't mean I ditch them for not listening. I try convincing them not to do , but in the end I end up supporting them for a cause which I don't believe in. But then there is a saying like, "I don't oppose my friend , but his/her actions" so guess I'm left with no other choice but to support.

          It's real bad when friends fail to understand you , after all the time you've spent with them , listening to everything they had to say , and doing whatever you can for them. When you need someone to just understand the state of mind you are in , theres just none there or rather the one who should be understand doesn't understand , cause that person is obsessed with their own needs. Now when I think of it, doesn't it make me sound selfish as well , (bah , this sucks :/). But I keep withering in the mood that I'm in, which I guess is a bad thing. In a pleasant mood , I'm so much of an optimist , but when low I turn out to be more of a pessimist.

        When the bond is so strong you can do anything for a friend na, that maybe just what I did. But I don't even know how to feel about it. Whether that person reads this or not is a big deal, if he/she reads I just want them to understand just how important you are and how much of trust I've placed in you. Giving out passwords of things which are pretty important to you believing in them is trust na. You can do it if there ain't anything in there that you wouldn't want anyone else to see. But then if there is? Would you give it to anyone unless you really trust them to stick to  their words? And still if they think otherwise what can you do?

           Experience has shown me different kinds of friends as well , I've written on them too , but guess none really saw it as from Indi vine cause I think I posted it at some unearthly hour. And just in case you wanna read it. Then here is the link to it , Friend You Say , and also do comment if you feel like, doesn't have to be appraisals you know, I'm trying to improve myself and without help from any of you my dear fellow bloggers I can't. So feel free to point out any mistake you see and suggest anything you feel like. I'd be more than happy to be enlightened with new ideas. I'm not even sure if I wrote what I came to write on , but this should be enough. All or nothing , its all for a friend (in general) , one that fails to understand what they mean to me, and overlooks my trust in them just cause of the situation they are left to face with.

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