Thursday, March 29, 2012


There was a time,
There was a day,
When I used to believe,
What ever you told

We were in love,
So tightly bound,
That nothing could,
Ever separate us

But then came the time,
When you were exposed,
So cruel and cold,
That broke my heart apart,

You were my love,
You were my life,
Did you ever care,
Did you even know

You left me low,
You left me broke,
Time felt so numb,
That left me like dead

But you showed me light,
You gave me strength,
I've learnt my lessons,
Now its my turn

I shall rise high,
I shall not cry,
You were so dumb,
To leave me behind

The tears that I cried,
Grant me the strength,
The time that was spent,
A valuable class

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