Saturday, April 14, 2012


Guess what happened again,
I think I foresaw the future,
It's all coming back to me now,
Is this really whats in store?

The same old me standing,
In the same old situation,
Facing the same problems,
That once led to the detachment

Guess what I learned from it,
People are too darn selfish,
That they'll do anything,
To get what the really desire

They just set the target,
Take any path to achieve,
Then walk on ahead happily,
Forgetting the path they used

I believe in promises,
I know what you desire,
So will I be just thrown away,
Just like back then

What happens now resides with you,
The decisions are yours,
What happens to me now,
Is left for you to choose

I shall hold on to my faith,
Till the very end,
With belief that,
You ain't like the rest

May this not be what I think it is,
Just another recurrence,
Of the dreadful relationships,
That need to be long left behind

The refections that you see,
Reflect your past out loud,
The recurrence of the past,
Might just be inevitable

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