Thursday, April 5, 2012

An Experience Unforgettable


      I've been seeing that post about an awesome experience on IndiBlogger for sometime now and wanted to always share something , but never felt there was any experience worthy to be that awesome to share. But right I feel like writing this up , whatever be , how insignificant it may seem it sure was one hell of an experience  cause the feeling that it brought to me made me reach cloud nine.

            Looking back to Phoenix 2011 , which is Computer Science Department's fest in college. In fact it was the first time that such a fest for our department was held in our college , there were plans to conduct it the previous year but due to some riff-raff between our seniors and super seniors it was called off, and you might be able to guess what could be reason for the little clash, money, always the root of all evil. Now looking at 2011 , we were in our 6th semester and we were conducting the fest, such was the determination. Since our HOD was a bit too strict , there weren't too many programs and there weren't anything cultural either. Well there was a technical quiz though ,which attracted my attention cause it was 'technical'. Thus me and my friend decided to give our names for it. They had prelims cause they had got a lot of entries from participants. And don't know how, but we came out on top when the results were announced , we were like so thrilled cause even we din't expect it.

          On the day of the fest , when we were called on as Team A , cause we were top qualifiers , there was a little bit of fear in me. This was the first time I was ever getting on a stage. The quiz was going pretty ok , but the main flaw was that every round started with us, which actually was a huge disadvantage especially at the game round , where I screwed up cause I din't know a thing about the game and messed up. That  was too critical a fall which eventually proved to be the decisive factor which took the win away from us. But nevertheless we got a 2nd prize , my first ever trophy I guess. That was a moment of joy, having won a trophy the first time I'm on stage.

          Now coming to 2012 , Phoenix was back again , this time we are the seniors and the juniors were conducting the fest, with tiny bits of help from us. And this time around cultural events were allowed and a few technical events were added , a code debugging session and a web designing session. Programming was the reason I took to Computer Science in the first place , so thought to give it a try and since both were being conducted at the same time, left out designing. And also there was a quiz this time as well , me and my friend thought we shall simply try just for fun , it was the final year anyway can't do these stuff anymore right. Both had written prelims, though for code debugging it was individual as it should be. Got selected for both, which was pretty much unexpected especially for code debugging. And for the quiz prelims we topped yet again , but unfortunately last year's winner din't make through the prelims.

      The code debugging was held one day before the fest , well they gave a program split up into two with errors , had to fix them up and join them to get the result , which was a graphics program to show a clock in c++. Well had no idea what to do , and just kept trying random stuff , and due to work experience I got used to commenting stuff rather than deleting them out. So kept trying stuff and when I felt that the rest can be done only after integrating both together , I joined them up. Then again fixed the errors slowly. I never expected to get the output, cause this was something new for me. But well after sometime of random experimentation I suddenly ended up with the clock structure. Suddenly the feeling of seeing light at the other end of the tunnel is what I experienced. Then kept working on it , managed to get the second hand as well but it wasn't moving. Now I was sure there was just a small code thats standing between me and the output. And found it and I was like "OMG , I really got the output and that too first". And when I went to the other room , they were like making fun on me cause of my experimentation which made me add some code , but well I won it and I was feeling so light.

   Next day, the Fest , the stage was set, the events going on smoothly , but well things would've been way better if not for our HOD's speed up attitude. Making the paper presentations end abruptly saying wind  up. And well the Quiz was set after lunch, the lunch was being provided a little bit away from the main auditorium so, we never knew. It was time for the event to start, we hurried on and reached there. And it seemed that the HOD was fuming there and saying hurry up. It spoilt the fun though. He made the event start off with just three teams leaving out the fourth team cause they were late. And when asked how long it will take for the Quiz session , the Quiz master told 30 mins , and HOD asked if it can be done in 20mins , and well thus he was forced to accept it and finish it off in 20mins. The start was pretty good, but after that we weren't able to answer anything , the chances of winning or even finishing second seemed to vanish. Last year the last round , the "Rapid Fire" round was what earned us the runner-up finish. And back then we chose 'Gaming' as our topic. This time the first chance to select was given to the team next to us , and they took 'Gaming'. That suddenly sparked a bit of rage in me cause he took that on purpose but well they couldn't do much though. Well next was our turn , there were quite some choices and well I decided to choose 'Gadgets' , my choice both times were perfect , I chose it knowing our strengths , last year he answered it all, well almost . But this year I guess it was my turn, blew them away, din't even take a second thought to answer the questions. That was the real rapid fire. That took us to the top , victory in sight , and depending on an equal performance from the third and last team to beat our score. Unfortunately they weren't able to do much. Which left us the winners. I felt like I conquered the world (hehe) . That was the way I answered the questions. Winning two trophies this time for the events I took part in, that is really something. The way I felt , I can never express. A feeling of a complete victory , winning two out of two.

      Those moments will be etched in my memories forever. The best days of life. My sole achievements that I could brag about. Never again will I get a chance.

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