Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The way i am

Well wat do i say of meh ? i really dunnow :) ^__^

i really dunt know how i act or react to stuff ...n really thoughts are wandering as always :) cause thas how i am :)
N as for the readers , infact ion xpect ny1 to read excpet for rina :) ,so apologies for my typing in this one post coz m nt in a mood to type in proper lingo :) , hope you understand awll the crap i write in this ,just in case you read this :) ^__^

is it a mistake? m i a mistake? m i a curse? m i bad luck to awll ?

m really starting to wonder all this nowdays , cause i see that m being a reason for pain for a hell lotta people out there , n ion think m been useful for even my dear parents n all other people who love me nah
my deepest apologies :( , i am so me :( always will be so i guess :(

I cant understnd why i am so ^^ , its really pointless being so :)
y do i spend my time thinking of all the stuff around me ,instead of thinkin about myself n the people who i should care most about?? :( m sorry to all :(
i tend to think too much of the rest of the world i guess
why the hell should i care about world peace when m jus a lil kid who can do nothin to stop the wars?
why should i care about the lost culture in europe n america?
why should i care what people deserve ??
i really dunt know
but these are some of the things that i spend my time thinkin on , n i dunt know y ??? :(
at tyms i can justify it by saying , one tiny step by me ,is the 1st step required for this to happen :)
maybe someday ^^
all i can do is keep on hoping for that ryt ? :\

We are all dumb watching european n american films n then trying to imitate what they do ^^
copying everything from there ^^
what are we??? ^^
copying their style ^^
is that anything to b proud of of???
sacrificing or looking down upon our tradition n culture ^^
ok somethings can be ^^ but not everything anh ^^
wth does marriage mean to them?
its just nuthin to them
1 day marry ,next day divorce , then nxt day marry sum1 else n so on ^^
is that how it is in india, so rather say was in india?? ^^
things are changin ^^
n it aint fer the better :)
going from bad to worse ,....n wat do they call it??? development ^^
wah wah
n do we really lack nythin in india?? ^^
its our scientists who work out there in diff countries n acheive the real stuff ^^
n they progress ^^
y cant they do it here???
money???? is that it???
for me money is just a peice of paper ^^
ohryt i agree i dunt have ny value fer it kuz my dad n mum luks afta me ^^
n ion carry money arnd with me most of the time , n m aint greedy fer it either ^^
ion rember buyin nythin fer me by myslef ^^
everythin dat i got is given by sum1 or the other ^__^
u can say m nt on my feet yet ^^ , actually i dunt wannabe ^^

yeh the wrst thoughts i got are like this
terrorists are really saving the planet ^^ \m/
by killing ppl :) , they maybe innocent ^^ , but theres too much ppl in earth now ^^
resources are so low ^^
n keep on reducing :) ^__^
the depletion rate is faster than growth rate a considerable tyms more ^^
at this rate nuffin will last ^__^
m heard sumwere ^^ dat ....we shud grow n keep stuff fer the future n nt fer our own use :) ^__^
fer eg a tree ^^ may nt bear a fruit in our lifetime but the future can njoi the fruits of it anh :) ^^

n really i like being different ^^
in every single way ^^
but in the whole m just like u :) ^^ a dumb lil human ^__^

n wenever i do sumtyn i always think a lota tyms abt it ^^
wata do diffrnt ways ^^
in diff angles , xcpt wen m upset,sad or hyper ^^ ..else m always really put a thought to what i do before i act ^^
i always think what would be the best choice n act ^^
maybe best fer me , not for awll ^^

but look at this ^^

think ..... if you are in a situation ^^ ,just imagine ^^
if you are in that place begging for some mercy to sum1 else , what do u expect? u want mercy nah ^^
n if u dnt get wat wud yew feel? ^^
i always think from their point of view n do stuff ^^ ....
maybe m wrong , maybe m ryt , iono ^^
but i have always been denied , so i dunt wanta do dat to others ^__^
kuz i know hw it feels :)
wat wud i gain by hurting othres ?? :) ^__^
if they really will change if given a chance wont it b really good?? :) ^^
they may not change but if they do ^^ :) ...just think ^^
thas y i am like this ^^ :)
m being too linient? ^^ maybe :)
but everyone deserves a chance ^^
you will only know the value of it wen u urslef seek 1 :) ^__^
till then yew will treat awll like ufff ...he/she is so n so ^^ buzz off ^^
n wen sum1 tellx yew to buzz off yew will know that pain ^__^

n as for the people in other parts of the world ^^ i cant do anything for these poor americans ^__^
i feel pity :)

i got 1 big question ^^
answer me if you can ^^

what do we really need? :) ^^
please do state yer views ^^
cause yer views will b really educative for me :) ^__^

an as for things ^^
do i live or do i exist?
-> i barely exist ^__^

i try being nice to all , at times even i get mad na :) m sowei ^__^
rudeness is not wat i mean ^__^

i kinda at tyms expect people to think like me n understnd wat i really mean ^^ unfo they awll take it in the wrong way :) ^^
n i gup sum wrds to type out faster , expecting ppl to understnd ^^ unfo , at tyms meanings change i guess n then they dunt understnad nythin anh
m sorry for all such mistakes from my side ^__^

m not perfekt ^^ but i really wanna be wat i wanted to be :) ^^
wat i neveh wanted ppl to experince ^^ :) .......
even i dunno wat i mean :)

i speak sense at times n non sense the rest of the time ^^
this post may be considerd as crap ^__^
but still , i was really hurt :) so i just wrote out wateveh came to my mind now ^__^
jus like pukin it out all of a sudden ^^ :)
n sorry for awll the typos ^__^
i really dint care much to correct them ^^

let peace prevail ^__^

the question that i m a curse or not will always remain unanswered :)
cause ^^ when people meet me , they think i am so nice ^__^ ...n awll the good things ^^
but i know m not
n in the end they find out m bad ^^
or say rather way too sensitive or emo ^^
its not my fault ^^
keep yaw distance from meh :) ^__^
it will be for your awn gud :) ^^
m always warned ^^ my fwenx that they can never stand meh :) .....they deny , but in the end its always the same ^__^

n a tribute to faye :) ^__^ wereveh yer dea :) i hope yer happie :) , n hope your hubby is looking after you well ^__^
u will always be remeberd :) ^__^
atleast u always considered me as your best friend when we knew each other nah :) ^__^
its not distance that matters ^^ its the heart ^^


[to be.............................]

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