Friday, June 25, 2010

Friends ....whats friendship ?

Seriously :) lolxx

what is friendship?? :)

is it a ship ??
was it meant to b a ship ??
:\ i wish i knew :) , cause out here it really seems like a ship

well ...atlast m writin :\ n i tot today i wasnt in a mood to type something so long :) what a drag :) never mind :)
am on this page :)
really seeing posts from renzo n rina gives sum inspiration to type once again :)
well am not in the perfect mood to look at the typos i may make just cause i love to ignore them :P :)

so well coming back to the point , what was it that i was exactly pointing to ?:O
*scratches head*
gosh its been a long time since i left this post in half way :\ , i dont think any blogger would do anything like i do :P

so how do you define friendship ha? :)
what is it to you ? :)
maybe different people see it in different ways nah :) , that maybe why i always end up as the looser :)
does it look good to loose a friend?? :)
i dont think so ^^
how many have i lost ?
i really dont know :)
but then after 4th standard i dunt remember having any good friend till 11th :)
it was pretty much lonely for me :)
well then atleast i had 1 friend for 2 years :)
but its from then i was kinda into online stuff :)
its actually the school that brought me into all these networking sites :)
not any1s fault :)
from the first online friend i made ie deepika sis to now moni :) ...i remember most of them :)
it may have been over 4 years still :).....i cant forget the good times n sad times :)
people really never realised how imp they are for me :) n never will understand :)
it may all be just a virtual world for them :) let it be :) i dont mind nah :)
but for me ,its much more :)
looking down to the 1st cool community m been in till it got hacked , the i dont care community :)
to the i love my family community )
everythin was awesum :)
i miss my friends , ofcourse they dont n they wont :)
i hope they are all having a happy time :)

of all ppl .......from that distant past .....
only a few been still in touch :)
esp ......sinyo :) .......akki ......n sam siso :)
spl ppl >D<
then m had lota ppl aswell but then they left me nah :)
maybe its due my on fault :) n m sorry :)

i dunno if am right or wrong ....but if you see me wrong you can always correct me , but at times i may still force myslef to go forward cause am darn stubborn na :)
sorry but all i really expect is you to catch me if i fall :)

people change :) aint your fault or my fault :)
its the way of nature :)
but leaving behind................ ???
what exactly do you wanna leave behind yourself as you go ha?
is it your friends??
i dunno how you think n act :)
i dont claim anything :)
am not so great or anything :)
m just a simple person , who just wants to be simple
maybe i think too much.... maybe i get tensed up a lot
n even cry a lot ..but still in the end m still me
i can always try to pull back up if i fall down over small hurdles.....

n faith n trust :) maybe they are same ..or kinda almost same :)
still its needed nah?
in everything :)
be it love or friendship :)

if you choose to trust someone , y get hurt suddenly if your friend does something you never expected??
what if he/she had a reason .....
cant you give em a chance to say their side of the story too?
do you really need to assume or believe in rumours??

for just 1 word you hear from someone you really just met or whom you really dont even know , u doubt your friend whom you've known forever???

is that how it all has to end?? is it so , that you cant forgive em ??
what would you have done if you were in his place ha?
what would you feel if you were in his shoes??
trying to explain to him/her why he had to do it , or trying to prove that he/she never did anythin like that?

will you believe your friend or the stranger???

i know this worlds been cruel :) but still you expect everyone to be the same???
they say if you love the world , the world will love you back :)

i dunno too much to preach on anything :) , imma just a kid :)
everybodys nobody :)
i dont mind being the outcast
u really wont understand how i feel :)
even if i say ... none would believe either :)
m just writing out what i feel , not to make anyone believe anything :)
its just cause i just cant tell anyone anymore cause m got my punishment for telling :)
but still i believe that they will understand me one day :)
one day.......

n as per me a friendship that ends never really existed :)
if you choose me , you should be able to accept me the way i am :) else dont even bother nah :)
cause it may mean nothing to you :) , but it hurts me :)
i will always think of the good times n cry over it :)
so please dont hurt me no more :)

i.........m just...... a........boy..... :)


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