Monday, June 14, 2010

War to ..... ????

War ,.......
i think i got a split up for it which i just thought of right now :)
W - Worst
A - And
R - Ruthless

y do people fight??? ever wondered? what do u think is the reason???
animals fight aswell :O but then , usually they fight for food or for territory :)
humans are animals :) thats y they fight too i guess , for resources and power :)
command n conqueor duh what a pity :)
What exactly is happening in this world right now?? :O seriously i dunt get it :)
People brought about religions so that they stick together n observe peace and harmony forever :)
but what gives?? people fight on the name of religion :)
lolx , i feel like i just dunno :) pity on all of them :)
whats all these mean anyway??
heaven or hell ?
killing people is a sin :)
what are terrorists??? :O
are they good or bad??
just cause america got nuclear power then can boss out on other minnows??
seriously ,whats the need of an army?? to kill or be killed??
i saw a film yesterday ......many may not like it :) still it had one thing
the main protagonist in it believed that with great power justice can be brought out :) n and only with power , but then he was made to realize that , it aint power but its love that can really change everything :)
Now what is love??
people are just going around saying i love you to others without really knowing what it means, some people say they hate love , but they still fail to realize love is always around them :)
friendship is the purest form of it :) , but now days even the real meaning of friendship is lost :)
its all just a game or time pass for all :)
I always felt i loved a lotta people :) , n it was that kinda love , but now i know , it wasnt :) it was the love of friends that really existed in me for them :)
and i always expected them to leave me behind n go someday :) n most of then disappoint me :) they sure did leave me behind :) without even letting me know y :) , without telling me whats wrong with me , so that i could correct myself :)
I know i aint perfect :) n i accept my mistakes n flaws yet none is willing to really help me out , but m always want to be helpful to others n will always be so :)
thats the basic me :) i am me , n will stay myself :) , there may be lil changes on me on the outside , but deep within me , m always been the same , more knowledge makes me better only :) knowledge is meant to be passed on :) keeping it to oneself aint ever going to help anyone :)
its true people will take away the credit u deserve :) forgive them nah :) , just take it as it just wasnt meant to be :)
you will feel betrayed ?? most prolly so :) but dont give up hope anh :)
u know it was yours , people are looking upto some one else , but if you really wanna claim it as yours go ahead :) your wish :)
even i've felt so nah , but i never could be .....
N even as i type this i still dunno what to entitle this with :)
i am so filled up with thrash that iono what i type , or what i wanted to type , n what i finally typed out :)
it may all be different from what i actually thought of typing na :)
i wade through my feelings,thats all mixed up , sorry :) its all i can say :)


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