Monday, June 14, 2010

Tear drops

Tears ?? what are they ??
its what comes out from our eyes , but y?? :)
what does it really signify??
pain? sorrow? loss? forgiveness? happiness?
i really dunno :)
i do cry a lot :) ,thats all i know :)
wen m sad or upset i cry :)
when m filled with emotion , even when its something that makes me really happie , i cry :)
at times even when i eat sumtyn spicy that burns me :\ tears come out from my eyes
an then even in class room , when the lectures are boring , n when i suppress my yawing , tears come out na but it usually comes cause of a reason :)
thinking of the past always brings it out :)
its the heart that really cries out nah :)
then y not blood?? y as tears ^^
i know m sensitive n weak ^^ thats just how i am :)
in a world where tears dont have any value , y shud i hide my tears :) , but i hide it so that none asks me y :)
and for some coincidence i luv water :)
i relate myslef with Jal :) iono .......i feel so :)
i love rain , i love standing alone in the rain :) feeling the droplets fall on my cheeks :)
getting fully drenched in it :) , walking on the road in the rain is just awesome :)
even if i cry then none will see it either :)
The true fact is that :) people know the right words but not the right feelings :)
so sad :)
is crying good or bad?? :)
i think its good :)
atleast that way the feelings inside will flow out :)
n i know thers so much of crap inside me :(
i wish i could be something for someone :(
atleast be a little useful :((
but am not :( , i feel like am being a curse for all :( , wherever i go i spread only gloom n pain :(
what lies in me goes out in the wrong ways affecting all the people who truly care :(
i feel so darn guilty that i really wish i dont exist no more :(
writing and typing dont mean anything :(
i am jsut as useless as i was meant to be :(
whether i look good or bad iono n ion kare anymore :(
i always wanted to be nice to everyone :(
i just wanted to see only happiness in all
n if ever anyone had any pain i wnated them to share it with me so that i could relive them of half their pains anh :(, i really dont like to see anyone suffer :( but when i try to help them :( i just end up giving them more and more pain :(

fer that , my perfekyt song :(
Tourniquet :(

I tried to kill the pain :( , but only brought more , so much more :((

i hate myself for that :(
all the people who care gets hurt cause m sensitive n sad all the time :(
n really sorry to all of them :(
i never meant to hurt anyone :(
its just the way i am :(
n i cant change it :(
i always wanted people to stay away from me , or rather hate me :( so that my deeds wont hurt them :(
my behaviour only hurts :( i know that :( yet m still being like that only :(
seriously people shouldnt get so close to me :( if you do :( m sorry :( , only pain awaits you :(
m warning you :( please stay away :( for your own good :( i aint saying this so that you come to me :( or get closer to me :(
please i mean it :( i dunt want you to regret being with me :(
you shouldnt really be wasting time on me :(
how well do you know me nah? :(
my pains will never die :( , when m alone , which is most of the time , all i think of is the past :(
someone also comes to my mind , but the fact that i hurt that sum1 also makes things worse :(
all people should have really stayed away from me :(
am not used to having good friends, n when i got some :( i never wanted to loose them :( unfo people change with time :(
when they realised m of no use to them they left me n went :(
n m scared of that :( always will be :( , whatever i do i think n do when m in my senses , i think many times , but when m taken in the wrong way i get upset :(
sorry :( each n every one of my friends mean a lot to me :)
you will never understand how i feel :)
i have always been far away :) so so far .......
never reachable ........
but i always could do anything for my freinds .....
i could forgive anyone for what they did with me
still it only brought me more n more reasons to cry :)
cause everything i have done seems to be a mistake :) big ones :) n m really sorry :)
i feel so so sad :( how could that someone really bear with me ?:O :((
am being so so dumb ,, n really hurting :(
my dreams were ??? iono :((
1 person to hug n cry when m upset :(
to go hand in hand wherever
to stick together even if the whole world is against us :)
iono how many of my freinds will b with me as time passes:((
most of them will get busy with their own lives n surely will forget me :)
who am i ? who was i anyway? :)
nobody .......

but m guess m lucky to have this special someone who i expect to be with me :) m let go if thats for er happiness :) , all i want is er happiness after awll :) no matter how much it may hurt me :) , atleast she wunt b sad :)
n the greatest luck is to have a few people :)
esp my bro n sis :)
for so long :)
n i believe they will always be :)
as for sis , she will have er restictions after marriage :) nvm :)

they both have always been with me :)
:>D< ^__^


tbc ....................

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